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    Advent Amico Listings Arrive for £129.99, Doesn’t make me forget the Vega

    While some of you are still trying to secure an Advent Vega tablet, the Advent Amico is just about ready to strut its stuff all over the web. It’s a 7-inch tablet with Android 2.1 and has been spotted on PC World – the first retailer to list the device since it was announced with […]

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    Advent Vega & Amico Tablets Hit UK For Holidays

    The Parent Company of PC World is launching a pair of Android Tablets called the Advent Vega and Advent Amico exclusively in the UK. The company – Dixon Retail – sees tablets as a hot holiday gift and obviously they want in on the affordable end, offering the Vega for £249.99 and the Amico for […]