The translucent HTC U11 Plus just got leaked in a hands-on video


The HTC U11 Plus is fixin’ to become official real soon. HTC already has already scheduled a big unveiling event for this Thursday, where they’ll finally be taking the wraps off the phone, but it appears a few people may have gotten a hold of the device a bit early.

A video on Facebook popped up this morning, showing off the new phone in all its glory — including that rumored “translucent” color option. It seems the video wasn’t supposed to be made public and once word spread on Reddit, the video was quickly taken down. But because this is the internet, someone was able to download the video and upload elsewhere. Here’s your first look:

For our English speakers, the fella in the video confirms many of the HTC U11 Plus’ features, even pricing. You have 6-inch display on the front with respectable bezels (although they don’t appear as small as what we’ve seen from other manufacturers).

As seen in the teaser, the phone will have wireless charging, a rotary dial software feature for quick shortcuts, water resistance, and contextually away Edge Sense features. The battery is apparently close to 4,000mAh and the phone will come in a 128GB storage option. Pricing is set at around $730€ (around $850) when it launches later this year.

Another new smartphone HTC plans to announce at the event, is the HTC U11 Life, something that was leaked almost in its entirety just earlier today. The U11 Life will feature much more modest specs — and likely a price tag to match — than the U11 Plus. Both devices will be made official on Thursday, so we wont have to hold our breath for too much longer.

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