Could Google WiFi be getting an 8MP camera upgrade for home security?


Google WiFi debuted almost 6 months ago and we really haven’t heard much from it since then. With Google I/O kicking off tomorrow, a new web page tucked deep inside the official Google WiFi landing page has us scratching our heads. At first glace, it’s just a detailed list of Google WiFi’s hardware, with the inclusion of an odd spec not actually found on the current version of the wireless router: an 8MP camera.

Now, it could very well be a simple typo (we imagine it most likely is), but the odd hardware spec really got us thinking. What if Google was planning to update Google WiFi’s hardware with some sort of security monitoring webcam? It doesn’t sound too far fetched, not considering Google WiFi is aimed at expanding coverage of your home’s wireless network by placing satellite routers in several rooms of your home to create a wireless networking mesh. Adding a camera to the hardware for home security purposes could be a logical evolution of the hardware, even if it’s just a separate, more expensive model giving consumers a little more choice.

It wasn’t too long ago Google bought Dropcam for $555 million and while that’s being operated as a separate entity under the Alphabet’s umbrella, it’s possible some of Dropcam’s knowledge could have aided in the creation of such a product. With Google I/O kicking off tomorrow, anything is possible. If nothing else, add it to the list of far fetched things we’d love to see announced. We’ve already reached out to Google for comment and will update this post if or when we receive it.

[Google WiFi > Product Overview]

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