The Mophie Juice Pack Moto Mod is coming later this month


Motorola and Lenovo looked to shake the market up after seeing the LG G5 flop. The Moto Z lineup is an interesting take on modularity, as you don’t actually disassemble your device. Instead, you are provided with various Moto Mods that attach to the rear of the device via magnets.


The Moto Z lineup launched with an array of different Moto Mods to be used with the devices, but now Mophie is jumping on the train. The new Mophie Juice Pack Moto Mod is packed with an 3,000mAh battery which will provide “more than 60 percent extra battery”. Best of all, the new Mophie Moto Mod is compatible with the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and the new Moto Z Play.

Currently, Verizon’s website has the new Mophie Moto Mod available for pre-order for $80, with shipping to commence on November 28th. This new power pack is not yet available through any other means, but if you really want to get your hands on this new one, you can head over to Verizon’s page via the button below.

Pre-order from Verizon


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