This render of the LG V20 inside a clear rugged case looks really convincing


LG V20 case leak 1

Case makers often times receive generic 3D images and dimensions of smartphones before they’re released, giving them ample time to manufacturer accessories in time for launch. This can occasionally lead to smartphone designs leaking ahead of their intended unveiling, with the LG V20 possibly being another example of this.

An electronics accessories distributor has posted photos of a clear rugged case for the upcoming LG V20, with the phone nestled inside. The render of the LG V20 lines up perfectly with previous leaks we’ve seen of the phone (like that fully 3D render from a few weeks back). You’ll notice the speaker grill, secondary display, and camera shutter button (or is that the module release button?) are all where they should be.

Also worth noting, although it appears the back of the phone has a perforated look to it (like the original Galaxy S5), that’s actually from the case — not the phone itself. We’re still trying to figure out what’s going on with the bottom bezel area but if rumors hold true, it can be detached to make way for a handful of modular accessories that will presumably launch alongside the phone (just like we saw with the LG G5).

Now, we’re not saying this is for sure the phone we’ll see unveiled on Sept 6th in San Francisco, but it seems convincing enough. What do you guys think?


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