Samsung prepping two bendable/foldable smartphones for early 2017


We’ve known for a while that Samsung may release the Galaxy X with its foldable display in 2017, but a new report from Bloomberg claims that Samsung may be working on a second device which will also use its flexible AMOLED display technology. While the report didn’t mention the Samsung Galaxy X by name, people familiar with the matter did confirm that one of Samsung’s flexible display devices will “folds in half like a cosmetic compact.” The second device will be different, featuring a 5-inch display which will unfurl to a tablet-sized 8-inch form factor. 

Both devices are referenced with codenamed “Project Valley.” No information was shared regarding retail launch dates, but one or two devices could make their first public debut at Mobile World Congress in February of 2017.

A foldable or expandable smartphone may sound farfetched, but Samsung has been working on the technology for years. Do you think these first generation devices will live up to their promise and usher us into a new era dominated by flexible electronics? 

Nick Gray
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