Google is rolling out a ‘show installed apps’ toggle in the Play Store


Google Play Store show installed apps toggle

Although a shinning example of how Material Design should look and behave on Android, the Google Play Store could still benefit from adding a few extra usability features. It’s not list of paid apps and games we’ve really been wanting, but it appears Google is testing a new kind of filtering option for some users on Google Play.

The toggle is called “show installed apps” and when turned off, the Play Store will hide applications you already have on your device — simple as that. It seems to only appear at the top of app lists, but nowhere else. There’s also a slightly tweaked Top Charts layout, with a trending section that apparently updates daily.

Still up in the air is whether or not this is a slow rollout, or just Google experimenting with the new feature before eventually scrapping it. It’s possible we could see it in more places too, like the All tab in “My apps & games” or maybe, just maybe a toggle for “hide free apps” so we can browse through old purchases we made in the past. Hey, a guy can dream.

[Google Play]

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