Google News update will now aggregate news from your local sources


Google News is a great source for those who want to keep track of all major news stories using just one service, but it’s been missing one feature: local news. There are times that a big news source covers something from your hometown, but that news piece may not touch on the local ramifications for what’s going on. Starting today, Google News will start aggregating news from your local sources to bring you a more personalized experience.


When reading the news, it’s important to notice the context of the article and there are times, even in local news, that the context and perception gets swayed in an unintended direction. With Google News providing local sources, you will now get the news the way you want it, from people in your area, versus reading it from someone who lives on the opposite side of the country.

Here’s the example that Google used in the blog post explaining why local news sources are so important:

A great example of hyperlocal news is 9-year-old reporter Hilde Lysiak. Hilde made headlines when she reported on the story of a murder in her hometown which she published on her own local news site — Orange Street News (AMP-enabled to load really fast on mobile). Her reporting attracted the attention of major newspapers and morning shows like Good Morning America after she was criticized for being too young to cover hard news. It was one reason we invited Hilde to visit the Googleplex on World Press Freedom Day 2016. And just like Hilde, at Google News we are committed to connecting people to the news that matters most to them — be that local, national or international.

This feature has already been rolled out and you will be able to identify the local news sources by seeing a section tagged with your current location and local news sources provided.

[via Google News Blog]


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