You can no longer buy the 16GB OnePlus 2 in the US and Europe


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OnePlus has decided to ditch the cheapest model of the OnePlus 2. You can no longer buy the $329 16GB version in the US or Europe. You may be wondering why they would remove the easiest to afford model. According to OnePlus, it wasn’t selling well. They’ve seen much greater interest in the 64GB model. The 16GB model will only be available in markets such as India.

This move is one of the stranger things we’ve seen from OnePlus. It makes sense to focus on the more popular model, but why remove the choice entirely? The 64GB model is $60 more than the 16GB model, which might turn off potential customers. If you really want a cheap phone from OnePlus, the OnePlus X is available only in 16GB and costs $285. The bad news is you’ll need an invite to buy it.

The OnePlus 2 hasn’t been the hit that we saw with the original OnePlus One. The marketing and hype machine lost a lot of its power the second time around. All the problems with the original phone turned off many customers. You can buy the OnePlus 2 right now without waiting for an invite.

[via Techradar]

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