LG G4 could launch on June 2nd according to an official (now deleted) tweet



LG and T-Mobile are teaming up to take the recently announced — but still unavailable stateside — LG G4 on a tour bus, hitting up multiple cities across the good ‘ol US of A. This cross country tour even has its own dedicated Twitter account run by T-Mobile (@G4Preview) which basically announces where they’re headed next, and tweets out photos of lucky G4 winners.

While neither LG or T-Mobile are willing to provide a launch date, the aforementioned G4 Preview Tour Twitter account may have revealed its expected launch date. In response to an inquiry from one Twitter user, the T-Mobile account said that the LG G4 will be in stores Tuesday, June 2nd.

The tweet has since been deleted, and it’s interesting that the response was to someone asking about AT&T availability — not T-Mobile. Although all major US carriers have committed to offering the LG G4 on the network when it does launch, nobody is offering up any details outside of preregistering for the device.


Chris Chavez
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  1. You can also try to catch them at a location in your city as they have a tour going on. For example, they are in San Diego next week. T-Mobile is hitting it HARD for the G4. I might try to go check it out and make sure it is all I hope that it is so I can order on day #1 of Verizon release.

    Anyway, if you look at when their tour ends, June 3rd in Seattle, the 2nd seems pretty legit.

    1. Don’t go chasing any vans down! ;)

      1. Its a more noble cause then chasing ambulances! :D

  2. With a later release date, LG should lose some sales.

    1. Oh yeah.. IMHO, they blew it with the announcement, and then 30+- days later, “maybe” a USA release. Since that time, we have heard rumors of coming Z4, Note, Nexus, S6 Active + maybe 1 or 2 from China (.e.g, Huawei and maybe Oppo?). They should have announced and captured people ASAP.

      I still intend to buy this as my next phone, and I am pumped, but many people on the fence or jonesing to buy now now now – the lag and waiting just gives them incentive to wait a little longer to see what others are about to announce in Q2 – or just buy the S6 or M9 now and get on with life.

      1. I am actually pleased to see the G4 isn’t a clear heads and shoulder better device than the S6 Edge so that way it wouldn’t feel like a bad purchase. The M9 was for people. I saw some on sale for like $480-$500 on Swappa. Talk about mediocrity?

        Can you deal with the ugly UI though? What about having an 808 vs the 810 for paying a flagship price? I only like the camera on the G4. I don’t like LCDs or their SoC as much.

  3. For ui, no biggie I use Nova prime.. Ui customization is why we love android.. Ur not stuck with lg’s.. 810 vs 808,well plenty on that on Google.. The 810 throttles back after a minute of heavy use making it more lackluster than the 808.. Nothing wrong with the 808..well optimized here

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