HTC Re discounted to $150 for Mother’s Day, comes with $60 in free accessories



If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day, the HTC Re portable camera is just as good a gift as any. The go-anwhere camera is seeing a $50 discount, dropping from $200 to only $150 for a limited time. While that’s not the lowest we’ve price we’ve seen the camera listed for (Best Buy was recently selling them for $100), HTC’s deal does come with $60 in free accessories.

It’s nothing too crazy, just a protection pack, bar mount (for bikes and whatnot), and clip mount (backpacks) — but it’s enough that it’ll make a complete gift. Or, pick up an HTC Re for yourself. Don’t worry, we wont tell anyone. We were wary at first, but fell in love with ours during our recent trip to Barcelona. You’d better hurry, the deal is only available until May 10th. Link provided below.

[HTC Re Deal]

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  1. As if you would give your mother one of these for goodness sake…. Great marketing as per usual?

    1. was thinking the same thing, what mother wouldn’t want this??

  2. Returned this after a few weeks to best buy. Video quality was decent but not great. The pics were awful. Might be with that price tho.

  3. Who buys this? HTC is best known for making the worst camera’s in the entire world.

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