Google announces 70 new apps that integrate with Google Now


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Google Now is consistently one of the best features of Android. It can help you answer questions, schedule things, set alarms, and it will even notify you of things before you need them. Recently 3rd-party apps have started integrating with Google Now, making the feature infinitely more amazing. Today Google has announced 70(!) new partners with even more Now cards.

Google doesn’t list all of the new apps, but they mention Zipcar, Spotify, ABC News, Circa, Feedly, Eat24, Allrecipes, Runkeeper, Jawbone, Adidas, and OpenTable in the announcement post. For example, when you rent a Zipcar, you can see the return time and directions to the drop-off location in Google Now. All of the app partners can be found on this page.

Do you use Google Now a lot? Do your favorite apps and services integrate with Google Now?

[via Google]

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  1. It’s a start. I don’t use 95% of those apps though.

  2. I’m at like 1% of those apps….at least its heading in the right direction tho!

  3. I love how they just put icons up there without listing the app names… like we’re supposed to inherently know what all of those are.

    1. I know! I scrolled a bit and then just gave up. If I’m already using them I guess I’ll find out eventually if it works.

  4. I’m wondering how the few apps I use on that list actually interact with Google now. Walgreen already linked through email so app integration is superfluous. Pandora(is it just the setting this as default media player, because that’s existed forever, or the stupid notifications Pandora pops up every once in a while)? Shazam(isn’t this covered by Google’s what song is this)? It seems Google has fine the best job with travel related stuff, but most of us rarely use those on a daily basis

    1. Pandora may be able to send recommendations to Google Now instead of a notification(assuming that it does send recommendations as notifications[I don’t use Pandora])?

      These are just some thoughts. This could be a way to move apps from the Notification bar to Google Now. That way your notifications aren’t cluttered.

      Also, what about cases where the app sign in is different from your Google Now email? Some people just have a gmail explicitly for Android backup and it’s not their main account.

  5. Do i have to enable this or do i have to wait for an update?

  6. Now if they could integrate them with Android Wear, that would be very nice.

  7. Google Now is the main reason I can’t seriously consider a switch back to iOS. It’s such a huge game changer, and probably the reason Apple hasn’t been able to turn around their constantly decreasing market share.

    1. Google Now is on iOS too.

      1. It’s on iOS in the same way that they have McDonalds in Europe.

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