Sony’s upcoming 4K Ultra HDTVs powered by Android TV available for pre-order, launching this May


Sony Bravia Android TV DSC07656

Sony is officially announcing pricing and availability of their upcoming 4K Ultra HD televisions powered by Android TV. We got a look at one of these models — the X900C — during CES 2015 a few months back with its ultra-thin profile. It was definitely slim up at the top, but not the bottom half where all the television’s components were. Still, we were mostly impressed by what we saw (even if Android TV didn’t take advantage of all those pixels).

All of the 2015 televisions come equipped with Sony’s new “4K Processor X1” on the computing side of things and although they run Android TV, Sony has added some of their own software features on top. The TVs also include future compatibility with PlayStation Now for the streaming of select PlayStation 3 games using a DualShock 4 controller for input.

There are 6 total new 4K Ultra HDTV models, but only 4 of them going up for pre-order starting today. Here’s what we’re looking at:

Sony 4K Ultra HDTV

X830C (May)

  • 43-inch: $1,300
  • 49-inch: $1,600

X850C (May)

  • 55-inch: $2,200
  • 65-inch: $3,500
  • 75-inch: $5,000

X930C (May)

  • 65-inch: $4,500

X940 (May)

  • 75-inch: $8,000

X900C (this summer)

  • 55-inch: TBA
  • 65-inch: TBA

X910C (this summer)

  • 75-inch: TBA

Once again, the Sony’s new 4K Android TV-powered televisions — along with their 2K TVs as well (R510C, W800C, W850C) — are up for pre-order starting today, with the exception of the X900C and X910C. Should you feel like waiting a bit, you’ll be able to purchase the televisions online in May at the Sony Store, Amazon, Best Buy or other authorized dealers across the country.

Keep in mind if you opt for one of Sony’s lower resolution 2K televisions, only the W850C and W800C series feature Android TV, the R510C does not. Check out our hands-on of the X900C down below.


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  1. 49inch @ $1,600 seems reasonable…

    1. You might as well save cash and go the 1080p route, anything under 60 and its hard to tell the difference with 4k. I had my 55 inch 1080p panasonic plasma right next to my 65 inch Vizio 4k, with one blasting 4k and the other 1080p (some content) tough to discern the difference.

  2. Damn those are expensive. I’m glad I jumped on the new Vizio line last week. My 65″ 4K will be here on Wednesday and ran me $1499. I’ll be adding a Shield Android TV to it ASAP. That should do nicely.

    1. You, Sir, have the right idea.

    2. Not when u want the 75″.. My theatre room will accept nothing less.. May go Vizio myself..

    3. Is Vizio a reliable brand?

    4. Had the 4k Vizio, 65 inch, returned it after a week. I watch plenty of sports, and I couldn’t stand the motion judder. Im coming from a plasma, so its tough to beat. 4K content looks great, just regular tv looked somewhat standard to me. Kept the plasma, will wait for a reasonably priced 4k OLED (probably 2 years away). Good luck with your purchase.

  3. These are pretty reasonable prices.

  4. As I understand it, only the X930C and X940C will support HDR, and they won’t get until a firmware update comes out later in the year.

    Until HDR is standard in the lower price points, I’ll stick with what I have.

  5. Vizio is not on par at all trust me they have bad HDMI problems from the get go

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