T-Mobile is adding extra data to their affordable Walmart Family Mobile plans


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For those looking for wireless service on the cheap, T-Mobile has long offered one of the best values in mobile with unlimited voice/texting plans exclusive to Walmart starting at just $30. T-Mobile announced today that they’ll be giving these postpaid plans a 500MB bump in data, bringing that $30 plan up to 1GB of high-speed 4G LTE data, and 3GB for the $40 plan.

TMobile Walmart Family Mobile plans

The bump goes into effect tomorrow, April 18th and, as usual, is contract free and doesn’t require auto-pay or anything like that to gain a discount. However, T-Mobile will give customers a $5 discount for every line they add, so there’s that. You can find Walmart’s Family Mobile plans (powered by T-Mobile) linked below.

[Walmart Family Mobile]

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  1. Got me the 5GB plan with unlimited text and 100 minute talk time. I text more anyway.

    1. How much is that one?

      1. It’s $30, but is part of T-Mobile’s Pay-In-Advance plan, not Wal-Mart Family Mobile. It’s exclusive to Wal-Mart, can’t even get it in a corporate store. Source: I’m a carrier rep for T-Mobile.

        1. I have had this plan for a long time now and I set it up online. I knew you could do it at Walmart too but I just did it online and ordered the sim card.

          1. Certainly can. Order from the site and handle business yourself, or come in and have someone set it up for you. Whatever your convenience! It’s one of the most unique plans out there. Can’t get that much data at that price anywhere.

      2. $30 also.

  2. I’ll go ahead and keep the 5GB LTE at $30/month plan. In fact, I would get a data-only plan, were it available. Hangouts + Google Voice works well enough — I just need a dumb pipe.

  3. Really T-Mo….500 MB? I guess free is always good regardless of how small the amount.

  4. I’d like to see a reversal in regards to the “once you change from the $30 5GB LTE to whatever other plan you cannot go back” policy! It was a great start-up plan when I first purchase my N5, but after having to govern my 5GB every month and getting throttled 2 too many times, I changed to the $80 Truly Unlimited plan…and although it’s a little pricey, its nice being able to download and stream to my hearts content and not have to worry about being throttled! T-Mo takes that term to a whole new level and if anyone out there has experienced it first hand then you know exactly what I’m talking about! Super slow!

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