Help wanted: Samsung is looking for designers to fill Galaxy Theme Store with new content


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Themes DSC09223

Samsung’s Theme Store is probably one of the better things that was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The ability to completely change up the look of your device’s user interface — app icons, wallpapers, settings, menus, etc. — was a breath of fresh air and something Android users have been asking for ages now. The only problem: there aren’t all that many themes to choose from at present.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Themes

But Samsung is looking to change that. Instead of allowing just any ‘ol Galaxy users to submit their own theme into the store, Samsung is looking for qualified designers looking to create themes for their Galaxy Theme Store via a new landing page. Samsung asks all potential candidates submit a portfolio of their work, along with a brief introduction, to [email protected].

This is in stark contrast to the way HTC runs their theme store on the One M9, which essentially allows any user to submit their own theme for others to download. Samsung’s method is better for quality control and should keep the Theme Store filled with only the highest caliber themes. Let’s hope they’ll update the Theme Store with categories and some kind of search function in the near future as well.

So, if you’re an Android themer looking to possibly make a little extra side money (paid themes aren’t available yet, but should be coming soon), drop Samsung an email.

[Samsung Galaxy Themes]

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  1. The theme store is a nightmare to navigate.

    1. It’s a nightmare? There is currently 14 themes in the store, how freaking hard is that?

      1. Actually, there’s over 25 but good luck finding them all. This is exactly what he’s talking about.

        1. Lol

        2. Oh Jimmy…. you try to slam someone for slight * idiotness* but only end up proving THEIR point! Priceless! Way to point it out Chris

  2. Pay for a theme…. bwaaa ha haaa LOL

    yeah NOT

    1. You don’t even wanna know how much money I’ve shelled out for icon packs on the Google Play Store. :/

      1. Ignore him Chris.

      2. You…geesh….I’ve financed small countries with my purchases. LOL

  3. A stock theme

    1. The only theme I’d be willing to pay for.

    2. Still crossing my fingers for a stock 1.6 Donut theme. O_o

  4. Stock theme for sure….but also..Michale Jordan Theme : D

  5. Imagine if they just put a stock Android them on. Nah that would be too perfect.

  6. Nah, I like the way HTC does it. I’ve submitted 2 themes and people have liked them. ^_^

  7. they need to find a designer that can do front facing speakers and all day battery life.

  8. Is anyone else having trouble downloading and installing the themes?

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