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If you don’t have cable and want to watch HBO you were probably excited to hear about HBO Now. That excitement was probably killed when you heard it would only work with the Apple TV. Users without an Apple TV will have to wait until July before they can access the service. What’s an Android user to do?

One workaround that has been working for Android users is PlayOn. If you’re unfamiliar with PlayOn it’s a subscription service that lets you stream content from Netflix, Hulu, NBC, TBS, and others. PlayOn works through your PC and then slings content to your devices, such as Android and Chromecast. The service now includes HBO Now.
Here’s what you need to do to get HBO Now on your Android device. You will need to have access to an iDevice or someone who owns one.

  1. Buy the three-month subscription from PlayOn for $9.99
  2. Install the client on your Windows PC (sorry, no Mac support)
  3. Use you our your friend’s iDevice to sign up for the HBO Now trial
  4. Go into the PlayOn settings and click the Channels tab
  5. Scroll down to HBO Now and enter your username and password
  6. That’s all there is to it! You’ll need the PlayOn app on whichever device you’d like to watch HBO

After the trial month ends you’ll be charged $15 per month. After the three-month PlayOn subscription ends the Apple exclusivity period will be over. Then you should be able to get HBO Now on more devices without this workaround. Good luck!

[via CNET]

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  1. You know there are other ways to watch hob shows that doesn’t reward them for choosing apple exclusivity. Just saying.

    1. please share

      1. Just google your favorite TV show with key words like “watch” “free”. You can find them. I’m not going to share links on this page as it may affect them. Of course you can always bittorent them too but use a vpn.

      2. Not sure if David is being ironic about “share” or just doesn’t get it.

        1. i was saying if he knows a way to get HBO now working on android thats not mentioned, please share. I know how to find the shows on other sites and what not. wasnt being a smartass or anything. just curious.

          1. I think the ironic part was that you can get the shows when other people “share” them (i.e. torrents, etc.). He wasn’t sure which meaning of “share” you meant…

      3. Xbmc and the 1 channel plugin, for starters.

  2. Thank God for Plex/Sickbeard/Usenet so I don’t have to deal with such silly workarounds.

    1. ummm…Plex/Sickbeard/Usenet is also a “silly workaround” so there’s that.

  3. I could buy a HD cable TV subscription online that includes HBO for the cost of one month of HBO GO…

    1. You can get cable with HBO for $10/month?

      … where? How? Who’s your provider?

      1. no but dish has 250 channels for 19.99 for two years

        1. That’s the first year, the second year goes up to close to $100.

  4. TPB & VPN.

    1. Can you recommend vpn? Most have terrible reviews. Thanks

      1. I just use a proxy and have never had issues. Dirtcheapproxies works just fine for me. $5 a month. There might be a subscription, but i just get the month when I need to hide my tracks.

        Or, you can just go to couchtuner and watch all your shows there. That’s another option I use.

        1. A proxy can leak your IP though, with a VPN it’s much less likely.

      2. privateinternetaccess 40 for a year

      3. PIA works great for me, tons of servers a huge bandwidth. They have a yearly cost sale sometimes which is what I did.

      4. PIA for me

        1. ditto for me. PIA seems to stand out. Simple and cheap.

  5. Can the writer of this article use you our your spell check while he is at it?

    1. Lol @ your incorrect spelling!

  6. It is also available on Sling TV which has an android app.

  7. Or you can say F you and your BS exclusivity deals HBO and Apple. There are other ways to watch HBO shows until it is available on Android WITH Chromecast support.

  8. Try HBO Now outside USA – see this simple guide, way more HQ content than Netflix

  9. Wait…are HBO go and HBO Now 2 different things? Or am I just being an idiot?

    1. The only real difference is HBO Go requires you have cable or satellite with an HBO subscription, while HBO Now can be subscribed to on its own. The content itself is mostly (if not entirely) the same.

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