First photos of the alleged LG G4 Note leaked in the wild, complete with fancy new stylus


LG G4 Note leak

An XDA member has leaked, what appear to be photos of the the upcoming LG G4 Note. At least that’s what he’s calling it. The photos show a phone unlike previous LG devices we’ve seen, mainly the fact that it’s now got, what the leaker claims is a Galaxy Note-like stylus up on top.

It’s entirely possible LG repurposed what would normally be an antenna slot on Korean handsets with a stylus for the US version. That, or it’s an purely dedicated slot like on the LG G3 Stylus which LG announced last year. Running what that, we do know LG recently trademarked the “G Pen,” let alone the name G4 Note makes it easy to assume LG is gunning for Samsung’s Galaxy Note line.

LG G4 Note leak 2

He also goes on to mention that he’s currently testing the device on T-Mobile’s network (you can see their 4G LTE icon in the status bar) and that the phone has received several software updates and is still very buggy.

Hopefully he’ll be answering more questions in the thread on XDA. In the meantime, we’re going to continue scanning these photos for any more clues. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: After people started telling him the phone in his possession was a Korean model with an antenna, the OP set the record straight and added a photo of the pull-out stylus.

LG G4 Note stylus leak

[XDA Developers]

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  1. That’s an antenna for he Korean varients. Go check the F400 and F460 ( LG G3 Korean versions)

    1. Yeah, that’s what I initially assumed as well. But then the leaker — who is actually in possession of the phone — claimed it’s a stylus, not an antenna. *shrugs*

      1. But didn’t show any pictures with the stylus out of its cubby…seems super legit Chris…

          1. HEY! One of us has to be!

          2. Seems like the radii of the front & back don’t quite match up.

            Even if this “leak” is B.S.,I’d say we’re still gonna see a G Note,w/stylus,sometime this year.

          3. So the stylus is just a di.. finger replacement type? Lame.

          4. This is what needed to be posted in the article. Followed the link to the xda thread and didn’t see any stylus pics. Thx for sharing

          5. That’s just a removable antenna, come on.

      2. I have to agree, that’s in the same spot as the Korean antenna sits. I doubt it’s a stylus

        1. If you look at teardowns for the US models (I believe it was the G3), you can still find the slot for the antenna still intact.

          I’m just thinking outloud here, but maybe they repurposed it to hold an actual stylus for the US version? That, or it’s solely dedicated to the stylus, like what LG did with the G3 Stylus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xkq_e9fld0

          1. I mean, anything is possible but we’re so far away from a US release that I doubt they have even begun production of it yet. Just like the LG G Flex, they always release the Korean version first

      3. It very well could be, however it appears to have a smaller footprint than the LG G3 Stylus so that’s why I assumed it was the antenna. I had the F400S and F460S and it looked identical to it however I hope they change things for the better.

  2. Can they put speakers on the front already. Still not a deal killer for me but just saying

  3. Side bezel much? G2 and g3 are much smaller. What gives?

    1. My thoughts exactly. If the bezels weren’t so atrocious, and the battery was removable, it’d likely be my next (from a note3 with a home button I hate).

      (My ideal phone would be a 5.8″ Nexus 6-ish looking phone with sub-2mm side bezels, an easily removable battery back plate, SD card, and front facing speakers.)

    2. Metal back. The G3 had larger bezels than the G2 (despite the actual display having smaller bezels), because of the removable battery. You need to create space in the body for that. People being chagrined over the lack of a metal body are pushing LG backwards in design. I liked the plastic better because it makes the overall design and form factor much nicer. I wouldn’t even mind a sealed battery if they could fit a 3500mAh in a 5.3′ screen phone.

      1. I didn’t mind the slightly larger bezels on the G3 versus the G2 because it brought a removable battery, microSD slot and a larger screen to the FF.

        1. I liked the form factor of the G2 better. The G3 was just a touch too big. They’re both still manageable, but I like the feel of the G2’s size better. I’d rather a larger sealed battery compared to a smaller removable one, but yeah I wish I had a side-mounted SD card on my G2.

    3. The stylus got me excited then after looking at the bezel longer I’d have to agree with you. G3 did it right with the bezel.

  4. Looks really similar to the OPO from the front

    1. I thought the same,only difference is it’s mirrored.
      I’m guessing the info could be faked by editing the build.prop?………

  5. I said it last year, but if the G3 had an integrated wacom digitizer, but same form factor, I would’ve moved away from the Note line and upgraded to that as my dedicated phone. That said, definitely keeping my eye out on this. Rumors of the folding phones being pushed back to 2016 potential commercial availability (as supposed to the 2015 projection last year), has me looking at potential upgrades in fall. Good thing my Note 3 is still holding up strong.

  6. If that’s it then the Note 5 has nothing to worry about. That stylus though…

  7. #BEZEL

  8. People like to give Samsung flack for their skin, but I think LG has the ugliest skin. That settings screen is fugly.

    1. LG’s isnt pretty, but Samsung’s is still worse.

    2. Hardware baby. If you’ve got a powerful engine you can always change the paint job later. No fuss. That’s what’s great about Android.

  9. Note 5 Edge

  10. The metal back looks decent… but it makes the front look ugly, boxy and creates larger bezels. The G2’s plastic design was virtually perfect. If they can just take that and improve it somehow… ugh

  11. I’ll be lining LG’s pocket it seems.

  12. Fugly

  13. All they needed to do was update the internals and screen and move the speakers to the side, front or bottom, just get it off the back, and that would be enough to make me buy

    1. I’ve got a stylus, and I’ve got a phone… =P

    2. effing awesome hahaha

    3. Sorry to disappoint but it looks like a capcitive stylus and not a wacom, like those 5 dollar ones you can buy on ebay.

    4. Here is the image edited, look at the tip of the pen

      1. The size of the tip is promising, may prove to work more accurately than the larger ones you’d see at best buy. Let’s wait and hear from LG and see how this thing would work in practice. At this point we’re only left with speculation. The fact that it exist is wonderful. If it turns out to be no better than any other standard stylus so be it. At least this one is built in.


        Thanks for trying to help with your editing but Chris’ photo he posted above is a much clearer look at this stylus. Did you see it?

        1. I did see the image Chris posted but that was the lg G3 variant , this clearly isn’t the same device, it’s a new mid range device. Capacitive pens have no pressure sensitivity, the Wacom pen on the note 4 has 2048 different levels. Capacitive pens are like using a finger.

          1. The sizes from the G3 variant and this one look practically the same so the comparison is fair. I believe most folks who frequent sites like this one are fully aware of the differences in performance between stylus’ that are capacitive and non-capacitive.

            Regardless of this one being more like a standard stylus it’s still great to see that it’s built in. Much easier to use and manage than just having something lying around that you’d have to carry separately.

  14. If this bears any resemblance to the regular G4, I’ll pass. It looks cheap, boxy, and, and, and those bezels!

  15. it´s definitely a mid-ranger and not the g4!

    look at the baseband version. the part where it says “…m8936…”. this confirms the snapdragon 610 series.

    and i don´t think that the g4 will keep one:)

    1. Good catch. I would hope you are correct. This looks “cheaper” than the G3 and the bezels are larger. I doubt they would do that on their flagship especially as much as they tout the slim bezels.

  16. I LOOOOOVE LG’s. The G2 and G3 were amazing phones. But those bezels?? Looks thicker than I was expecting….and that rear speaker. Why do they think that is the way to go?? when you listen to music, do you want that music firing away from you? Or towards you?

  17. That sh!t is ugly…..just call it what it is ppl.

  18. What are these OEMs doing this year? First HTC and now LG with this fugly design…?? Am I going to have to buy a Samsung just to get a decent flagship?? This XDA member has GOT to be pulling a fast one on us.

    1. That’s the same design as the G3 and the G2 and they both look nice. So…?

  19. I need to see a side-by-side of this device next to the G3. This looks like the same device. Apparently it’s noticeably different. Clearly I’m not seeing what others are seeing because I don’t see the hideousness that everyone else is seeing. ._.

  20. I hope that’s a wacom pen, cause it kind of looks like a capacitive pen. I need to switch from the Note 3. The Note 3 was great at first but its been nearly a year since the release of lollipop and Still no update (Not even news of a upcoming update from Verizon), on top of that the bootloader is locked and the only version on of the Note line receiving support on XDA is the Dev version.

    1. It… it hasn’t even been 5 months since Lollipop came out. What do you consider nearly a year?

  21. Why are people so naive. This isn´t the LG G4 or G4 Note. It looks more like an sucessor from the mid-ranger LG G3 Stylus. You shouldn´t always believe this fake leaks.

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