SwiftKey’s 5.10 update is all about speed, percentage breakdown included


SwiftKey faster update

An update to SwiftKey in the Google Play Store today is bringing a much needed performance boost to the world’s best prediction keyboard. Back in June SwiftKey went full-on free, dropping their original pricing in favor of an all new theme store hoping to entice buyers looking to customize the look of their keyboard.

At some point during all these updates, SwiftKey’s performance fell to the wayside but today’s update (5.10.60) SwiftKey looks to finally address the lag some of you were experiencing with the keyboard for awhile now.

According to SwiftKey, the keyboard is quicker to launch by as much as 20% faster than previous versions, while closing the keyboard comes in at around 30% faster. More importantly, actual typing has also gotten a boost, with typing up to 18% more responsive than before. Of course, a lot of this is dependent on the hardware capabilities of your device, so your mileage may vary.

SwiftKey 5.1 update speed

In addition to fixing other weirdness (like correction of capitalization), SwiftKey has also made available an additional 12 new Indian languages, including:

  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Nepali
  • Sinhala

While emoji prediction arrives for 14 additional languages with Bulgarian, Finnish, Romanian and Ukrainian naming a few. It’s a pretty big update, and one that was badly needed. Have to admit, it’s always nice to see the folks at SwiftKey never resting on their laurels, instead continually improving their already phenomenal keyboard app.

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  1. Just uninstalled after updatimg my N5 to Lollipop. Might have to give it another shot. I love its features, but couldn’t stand the lag and freezes.

    1. Wait, you updated your N5 to Lollipop? Aren’t there still bugs in it?

  2. I can’t really tell a difference in speed with the update but I never really thought it was slow either.

  3. I think it is faster but I have to use it for a while to decide, it has/had some pretty serious lag issues randomly on me.

  4. It is noticeably faster opening and closing on my G2. Definitely the best keyboard out there. I’ve tried Google Keyboard, Fleksy, Swype, and the stock LG keyboard. I always go back to Swiftkey.

  5. Seems to be faster than stated for me but the true test will come after a while of it being turned on as it’s always been quicker when first turned on.

  6. been using it on Note 4 for a few weeks, don’t see a difference since update, never had any lag.

  7. Definitely seems faster to open and less laggy on my GS5

  8. If they haven’t added a way to turn off the automatic insertion of spaces after words, I’ll sit this one out. Come on, guys. Get it together and give the option 10k+ people clamoring for.

  9. The improvement is noticeable on my s3 mini.

  10. typo on the version # above I believe. I think the latest is not 5.10.60.

  11. I wish they would update the one in the amazon marketplace

    1. I had the free purchased one through amazon too, but if u uninstall it and install through Google Play now since it’s free, you get the same thing and you still get the theme pack bundle for being an old user…

      1. Thanks man. That’s all I mostly wanted was the theme pack bundle lol

  12. Is the issue fixed where you can’t type when remoting into a PC? This and the lag is why I quit using it. And not to mention Google Keyboard has gotten way better.

  13. “According to SwiftKey, the keyboard is quicker to launch by as much as
    20% faster than previous versions, while closing the keyboard comes in
    at around 30% faster.”

    Wake me up when they are 20000% faster. Now it will be worth considering.

  14. using it from years. faster performance in lagy devices, especially in samsung:-P

  15. Since the version before last, this has been really clogging up on my G3… to the point of being unusable at times. The latest update is no better. Not sure what has happened.

  16. I like the Google keyboard, it just feels native

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