NVIDIA spills the beans on HTC-made Nexus 9 in court documents



If there was any question Google was planning on launching a Nexus 9 later this year, a new discovery from the boys at Bright Side of News all but confirms it. A leaked court documents from NVIDIA in which they claim Qualcomm and Samsung are infringing on their GPU patents not only makes mention of a Nexus 9, but reveals the manufacturer Google will be partnering with: HTC.

NVIDIA PDF Legal Doc HTC Nexus 9

This HTC-made Nexus 9 will feature an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor and according to the docs, is expected to launch during Q3 of this year. Given we’re already fast into September, it shouldn’t be much longer before this 9-inch Nexus tablet is officially announced along with specs and pricing. Are you guys ready for it?


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how powerful it performs in day to day performance. My Nexus 7 2012 is painfully slow. Definitely due for an upgrade.

    1. Same here..I have the 2012..its much less performable than when new. I no longer use it for games..I use it for reading books, music streaming, and alarm clock.

      1. Blame Asus for that crappy Ram. Lets hope HTC doesn’t skimp.

        1. You are right for a tablet.. It should of had a better ram and more of it.

          1. That was good standard for 2012…

        2. No it was Nvidia’s processor.

          1. cpu/gpu also needs good ram to go with it. Lots of folks get a good cpu and lots of ram but the ram is slow and they end up with a not quite optimal system

    2. From what I gather, it was fixed with the 2013 (Current) version. I skipped out on it though because of money and when it became feasible I reasoned with myself that I may as well wait the 7 months till the 2014 one dropped. I’m kinda glad I waited, but my 2012 is painful. Once I get an app running I need to make sure that I’m not trying to multitask. Netflix, TV Portal, and DL’d movies are about all it’s good for right now. Games and other apps including email, I just use the N5. Sure it’s smaller, but damn, it’s still just as quick as it was on day 1.

      1. Yeah, if oems don’t smarten up, I can see myself going back to a nexus device. I have an Xperia Z2 currently, and as great as it is, it has some little bits of lag stutters occasionally that made me switch to a custom rom. Although I think I’ll be going back to Sony’s stock rom because it cuts my screen on time from around 6-7 hours to around 4 hours.

    3. I have the 2012 and it was getting really slow, did a factory data reset, and it’s much quicker now, almost like when it was new. But yeah I am thinking of getting an upgrade soon as well.

      1. Yeah, factory rests often help, but the point is that you shouldn’t have to do a reset to keep it performing optimally.

    4. I owned the 2012, it was horrible performance wise last year which is why I opted for the 2013 edition. Thankfully that model is still rocking when it comes to performance. The old Tegra SoC was just a major junker.

      1. I thought with the introduction of KitKat it might have helped performance because of trim support, but if I’m being honest, it feels like it’s worse then it was before hand.

  2. Its probably been said already but.. My body is ready

    1. Yes it’s been said already but at least now you’re offering it for a decent price

  3. I’m perma-passing on tablets now. I have no use for the screen size. I don’t need a slightly bigger (less capable because no data) phone.

    1. I need your phone. I didn’t know there was a phone out that has a cpu that is better than the i7 or that has 4GB of ram. Have you not heard of LTE enabled tablets?

  4. October would be right on time with Nexus releases.


  6. Give me now! I’ll mount my 2013 in the car and get one of these :)

    1. So apparently the Nexus 1st Gen was just the right length to be wedged in my car radio slot. I had it in a case. Yes I did suffer from some bleed on the sides. I didn’t really care. I felt cool driving with this. LoL!! Bluetooth to my radio underneath. I just left the slot open and the radio sat in the hole. So there was a little opening in the top. The radio sat behind a groove, so it didn’t slide out.

      Yes this was a ghetto setup, but looked lovely at night.

  7. Whose developing the Nexus 6 though? Motorola ?

    1. I think HTC should make all Nexus devices going forward… lol.

      1. I’m not sure about that, they make quality devices no doubt but their phones aren’t exactly compact. Those front speakers take up way too much real estate.

        1. I know its a ONE kinda feature. They dont have to put it on EVERY phone they make.

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