HTC One Remix said to launch this Friday July 24th on Verizon Wireless [RUMOR]


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HTC unveiled the HTC One Mini 2 way back in May, but we’ve been waiting for word on exactly what the Taiwanese manufacturer had in store for the device here in the states. With HTC and Verizon getting all buddy-buddy for the launch of the M8, it only makes sense they’ll do it again for the One Mini 2.

As revealed by @evleaks,it appears the HTC One Mini 2/HTC One Remix is scheduled to launch this Friday, July 24th on Verizon, only a few short days time. The phone has been the subject of almost countless leaks these past few months, discovered in a recent FCC filing and even Verizon Wireless’ own YouTube channel after the carrier inadvertently posted the phone a bit early on their account showing a 4.5-inch display and “cutting edge features. Guess it’s no surprise then to hear a release was only around the corner.

Word on the street is this device might throw in an extra GB of RAM for good measure (the price of Verizon branding on its face?), giving fans of smaller smartphones even more reason to rejoice. Well, those on Verizon anyway.

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  1. Verizon will RUIN this device with very little support and updates. Like all of their devices

    1. I’ve been quite satisfied with the updates provided for my m7.

  2. Where dem HTC One M9 leaks at?

    1. Is that the larger version of the m8? Please say yes!

      1. No, I’m actually talking about the HTC One M9, the next iteration of the One series. I want some leaks because I’m an impatient brat. =.P

  3. No dual cams on the back? So confused. Is the remix supposed to be a lesser or better device than m8?

    1. Lesser

      1. Although if it has the same specs (plus the extra ram) and the same build quality, along with the higher mp camera on the One Mini 2 all within a smaller device, this could be quite delectable.

  4. Maybe it’s just me but isn’t this Friday July 25th? My wall calendar says the 25th is Friday. My phone calendar says the same thing, as does my computer. However, I did check Calendar-365.com, and IT shows Friday as the 24th, but I think it may be wrong.

  5. Ew at that big ass Verizon logo.

  6. another whack ass name to match

  7. So, not sure if it even matters….but Friday is the 25th…!!

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