Expensive OnePlus One RMAs over yellowed LCD displays spark outrage


OnePlus One DSC06070

As if OnePlus didn’t have enough to worry about with their questionable invite system, a hardware defect discovered in the phone’s display is sparking outrage among the startup’s few customers. But it isn’t so much the defect that’s causing outcry as much as the way OnePlus appears to be going about handling customer complaints. But before we get into that, let’s start with the issue.

OnePlus One yellow band issue
OnePlus One yellow band issue

Reports of customers receiving OnePlus One units with a yellowish tinge towards the bottom of the display (not to be confused with a all around warmer display) can be found in various forums around the net, including OnePlus’ very own forums. As someone who purchased and owned a OnePlus for a short time, I too can attest to the yellowish band issue in my own unit (although I shrugged it off as fresh glue that would cure overtime).

Aside from the yellow band, there’s also been reports of dead pixels and other general weirdness, as documented in OnePlus’ forums here. For a quick look at the yellow bandit in action, check out one user’s recently uploaded video on YouTube below.

For those unsatisfied with the shipped condition of their phone and looking for a replacement, OnePlus customer service appears to be anything but understanding. As highlighted in the email correspondence by one customer with OnePlus customer service, after some resistance, OnePlus was able to honor a hardware replacement, but there’s a catch.

The customer would have to pay for the shipping charges on their own dime. What’s more is OnePlus is giving very few options in terms of courier, with charges back to China reaching upwards of $56. That’s a pretty expensive hardware defect.

OnePlus One customer service yellow band issue

It’s pretty easy to see how customers would be fuming at the idea of receiving a defective product, only then having the pay out of their pocket to get a non-defective model as intended. A tarnished image of the OnePlus brand is anything the new company needs to build up momentum in a crowded smartphone market, especially after dealing with the the backlash of their invite system.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for an official statement regarding the yellow banding, as well as clarification on their return policy. We’ll update when we have more.
Thanks, Nik!

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  1. I have no yellow bands on my bacon…

    1. Same here got mine last week and was a bit worried after reading this thinking maybe I hadn’t seen it. But so far so good

      1. I’m sure I won’t be the only one oneeye but did you get any invites yet ha ha? Need to get this phone email is [email protected]. biggest issue w one plus one is its availability.

        1. Ha na I am still waiting, don’t worry you will be the first one I notify if I receive one.

          1. I truly appreciate it man and thank you :)

        2. I would think the biggest issue is if it breaks and you need to repair it? I know that is always what I’m worried about, I want to be able to return a phone to get what I paid for.

  2. I think we’re being trolled. The guys behind OnePlus are simply doing research for their upcoming book, “How not to launch a new product line.”

    1. Oppo must be trolling with the phone, I would much Rather have the find 7

  3. I’ve got the yellow band and its annoying! They aren’t even responding to my RMA for the phone. grrr

    1. Had it on mine too, but assumed it would fade over time. Ended up selling the phone as it was too big for my tastes. Otherwise great hardware.

      1. i wholeheartedly agree. Great phone, great specs, but they just are handling this issue in the worst way possible. They’ve even gone as far as saying its a psychological issue.

        1. Yeah, it’s called OCD. :P

          1. That’s a pretty noticeable defect. If it was a dead pixel I’d be more sympathetic for 1+1 to tell you get over it, but that yellow band would drive me nuts. I would definitely demand a replacement

      2. Chris, I totally agree about the size thing. It is huge. It took a week of sore hands to get used to it, but now I’m good. (Yeah, yeah, that’s what she said…)

        I still can’t reach the top of the screen one-handed, but what really got me was the weight. It’s a heavy phone to be sitting on your pinky. I almost sold it myself and went back to my Nexus 5. I’m glad I didn’t.

        I never had the yellow banded issue.

        1. Honestly, the weight was my favorite part about the phone. It’s like it’s floating on your hand.

          1. Hah!!! Different strokes for different folks! That’s the beauty of Android. If you don’t like aspects of one phone, there are dozens more to choose from.

  4. OneMinus One

    1. Equals zero…. Sounds about right. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger when I had an invite offered to me. Oh well. Was reeeealy rooting for them.

  5. No such quality issues w/my 1+1.
    It’s actually lived up to the “Flagship Killer” tag,as I’m returning the LG G3 tomorrow.

    1. Yeah, I loved pretty much everything about the phone in my short time with it (aside from the yellow band and its overall size).

      It sucks that so many people are missing out on an otherwise awesome Android device.

      1. The display was the deciding factor in my choosing to keep the 1+1 vs the G3.

        All I can offer to those still awaiting the opportunity is if you like the M8 display but want a bigger screen,hold on if you can & wait for the 1+1 to become available, it’ll be worth the wait,you won’t be disappointed.

        1. I’m confused, doesn’t the G3 have a 2K screen?

          1. It’s incredibly dim and lowers brightness further when the phone overheats (which according to some, happens a lot). It’s a software feature LG has been using since the original LG Optimus G and it’s kinda frustrating. No way to turn it off either :/

          2. I guess I’m use to it on my G2. Though I do notice that the screen is very dim on the lock screen.

          3. No brightness issues or overheating with my g3. A tech site here in Norway had similar complaints. Their unit was replaced by LG and the phone was rewarded a 10/10. Sure it’s not a defective device?

          4. OnePlus has an official update regarding the yellowing issue, you might be surprised to learn that it is the fault of CM apparently. https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/re-yellow-screen.40239/

  6. No need to worry. They simply got the mustard yellow edition. /s


    (Image found here: https://plus.google.com/104198748447047341202/posts/dMiq46b9SG2)

    1. Oneplus one lemon edition

  7. Not only are they refusing RMAs, they are arrogant and abrasive. First they accused members of manipulating photos of the issue with photoshop and unusual photo angles, then they said that the issue is part of the “design” and is “normal” in the industry. Finally, the creme de la creme, they told us that seeing the yellow band was a “psychological” thing. It is getting ridiculous now.

  8. You know what they say “If it sounds to good to be true…. It probably is”. Thanks for this information. I could have easily purchased this device. What stinks the most is not that there is a defect, but that they will not do the right thing and replace the defective devices. How fitting that the defect color is the color of a “Lemon”.

  9. Glad I sold my invite and got the G3 instead. Stellar device!!!

  10. “Never settle”…Unless its our fault then you will keep it and like it!

  11. This is typically how Chinese companies treat their customers. They said pretty much the same thing to my wife when she received defective clothing and accessories. We’ve also grown up with “made in China” flimsy products. So I’m not really sure why people are too surprised. Just don’t by products from China in which you demand quality.

    1. You are absolutely right, but people will buy their products nevertheless because they are dirty cheap, like the OPO

  12. So basically now that we’ve come to this point and have the info we have about this company and phone, you’re an idiot if you still choose to buy it. That or you forfeit your right to complain if you still buy this phone. From the horrible smash your phone campaign to the failed launch, to this, OnePlus deserves to be forgotten and fail

    1. I agree with you and I choose not to buy one, but a lot of people will do nevertheless, because is cheap

    2. Agreed. I’ll never by a device that’s not a flagship from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, or Sony after reading of all the problems with this phone.

  13. So much sour grapes on this board. Here’s the thing. Everyone who bought this phone is an early adopter. It comes with the territory. Did you really think buying a superphone from a “newish” company for an insanely low price would come with no hiccups? If so, I’ve got some beachfront property in Antarctica to sell you.

    BTW: I am the PROUD owner of a 64GB OnePlus One that kicks the {blank} out of whatever phone you own. No yellow hue here… Sorry!

    Oh, and please don’t think that I’m saying that some people didn’t get affected by a bad batch. I’m sure they did. What matters more is how big that batch was of the total Ones out there.

    1. It’s not a newish production line though. It’s the Opoo production facility. And you know what? When Oppo had these yellow screen issues Oppo replaced them.

      1. I didn’t say “newish production line.” I said “newish company.” OnePlus has different management than Oppo. With different management comes different policies. I’m making NO excuses for OnePlus. They should replace the phones. Period. Early adopters have to deal with enough bugs and production defects to begin with. Treat them right and they will spread the word.

        After I complained (via email) about how bad the ordering process was, not only did they get the phone to me 4 days faster, they also e-mailed me personally to make sure I was satisfied. Early adopters need to realize that they are early adopters. I’d like to see how COMMON this experience really is.

        1. I guess the oneplus one is just a rebadged, slightly modified Oppo Find 7a

          1. They are very similar in a lot of ways. They are also different in a lot of ways, and the software experience is entirely different. Cyanogenmod 11S is the special sauce. Well, that and the price.

          2. Yes, a very different experience …. Oppo uses high quality components for its Find lineup, reserving low quality components to be commercialized under the low cost brand of OnePlus….

        2. Oppo and OnePlus has the same management … All the staff at OnePlus came from Oppo

          1. Oneplus has former employees from oppo. peter lau and carl pei don’t work for oppo anymore.

          2. yes yes believe if you wish

      2. And then Oppo ended up having a good amount of defective screens available and magically OnePlus started up …..

    2. There is nothing so special about this phone to make you a proud owner. I will pay way more and extra not to have to deal with a bunch of cocky, arrogant, egoistic Chinese yuppies who think their product is so special and in fact it does not offer anything more or exclusive other than a cheaper price and pretty much an ugly phone.

      1. “There is nothing so special about this phone to make you a proud owner.”
        Whine, whine, whine.

        Says the guy who doesn’t have one… Sour grapes indeed.

        But I totally agree with you that OnePlus’s marketing department is cocky, arrogant, and egotistical with the whole “Never Settle” campaign. It would be a different story if everyone who wanted one could buy one. Clearly they don’t have the production bite to back up their marketing bark.

        1. No worries, I already have the Unlocked HTC M8 for my daily driver not to mention my other unlocked phones (Z2 and Z1 compact).No sour grapes here. Have fun with yours!!

          1. The M8 is an AWESOME phone. Love the feel of it, and those speakers are butter. You can’t go wrong with the M8 (unless you are a camerasnob). Congrats!

            The build quality of the One is actually VERY premium- but a different feel altogether. Some of the best features are it’s Privacy Guard (being able to block permissions altogether or by individual apps is something every phone should have) and the Themes Engine is like Nova Launcher built in, but on steroids. I also love the free wifi hotspot that even works on T-Mobile. Lastly, the phone gets MONTHLY scheduled updates. I’ve already gotten one.

            You can get most of this on the M8 with Cyanogenmod 11, but then you have to deal with rooting, USB debugging, and unstable builds.

      2. your tears are delicious,

        on the topic of having to pay shipping and handling, isn’t this true for every manufacturer warranty claim? i know that phone carriers will give you a new phone right then and there as well as offer protection plans but i dont recall the manufacturer covering shipping and handling themselves. you gotta ship it back to the manufacturer on your own dime and they determine whether your defect is covered under their warranty. it’s the reason why the manufacturer warranty sucks anyway.

    3. I have to agree with you. My One arrived on Friday and I love it. I had picked up a Moto X to hold me over after selling my Note 2 and didn’t realize how much I missed the huge display. I have no yellow band or any other issues with it. To me this is the perfect phone I have been waiting for and I’m glad I did.

    4. Same here, no yellow hue. It’s a great phone and it beats the crap out of my previous phone (Nexus 4), especially in terms of battery. I’ve had my data connection active for about halve a day now (since it finished charging this morning) and I’m still at 84%. If I tried that with my Nexus 4, it would have run dry by now.

      When I got the phone, it had 44% battery and it took me over 5 hours to drain it, about half of the on maximum volume and brightness, connected to wifi playing youtube clips at 1080p (the video quality makes slight differences for battery life).

    5. It would interesting to see how you would comment in the moment you’ll need after sale support from that joke of a company ….

    6. remove the virtual buttons for photo please.

    7. There is a difference between a hiccup and awful service. The yellow banding is a hiccup. Telling people it is psychological is not a hiccup. Not replacing them is not a hiccup. If they want to stay in business, they should bend over backwards to make happy customers and build brand loyalty. I am sure all those people with people who got a bad batch and did not have their issue resolved satisfactorily are not going to buy another phone from them.

  14. Never settle indeed.

  15. Nice knowing you 1+1

  16. And just like that I am no longer interested in this company or product

  17. If this is happening on your Oneplus give this a try!!!


    1. You get what you paid for. Apparently their quality control people are asleep.

      1. “you get what you pay for” are you speaking in terms of customer service and warranty, or the actual build quality. Because I doubt there is really that much of a difference when it comes down to how much they pay to get the phone parts and have it assembled compared to SAMSUNG, HTC, or LG. Just because those companies charge more for a phone does not mean in any way that it is a better phone than the OnePlus I am using right now. That thankfully wasn’t affected by the yellow strip.

        1. Your time will come xD

          1. Your time will come??? For what exactly. My phone is running F***** sweet!

    2. I wouldn’t suggest to place a black smartphone on a cockpit under direct sunlight … It won’t fix any issue, and it could be dangerous

      1. lol yeah I was thinking the same thing. But I would definitely consider using a nail salon UV light. It couldn’t be any more awkward then Phandroid asking if I would use a purse or something -____-

    3. I downloaded a couple apps to check color & compared to other devices I have.
      The 1+1 still looks clean,no yellowing.

      Not that I need to,I may do the UV trick that’s in the video,just to see if it actually makes any difference.
      Of course,no difference may be noted,since I’m not seeing the yellowing,however,the OP said the same thing & noticed a difference/improvement.

      I’ll try to drop by a nail salon & use their U/V light sometime this week & post results.

      1. open Chrome


        1. Done that,just as from the pix in the article.
          Hope you get a satisfactory resolution w/your phone soon.
          (No pun intended)………..

  18. Moto x1 or bust

  19. Unlike the Nexus line of devices, you get what you pay for

  20. Wow, another nail in this company’s coffin and start to think they won’t be around next year. Samsung, HTC. Or Apple will never make the customer pay for the shipping on a clearly product defect.

    Ian B

    1. “You’re holding it wrong.”

      1. Yes, but they would change your unit no question asked ….
        Actually there is a documented story about people that had 8-9 returns of Apple products for uneven tinted displays before receiving a good unit. This is how a company should work for customers satisfaction.

    2. Asus will…be warned.

  21. Nice to see Phandroid not drinking the OnePlus kool-aid. On paper, the OPO is a killer phone, but the company behind it is leaving doubts to potential buyers. Sure, RMAs are expensive, but that’s part of the business, and being a pseudo-startup should not excuse OnePlus from delivering quality customer service. Take note: This isn’t an isolated case. Look around the OnePlus forums and you’ll find tons of similar cases.

    1. Dude, look at ANY forum and you’ll see tons of complaints. That didn’t prove anything. But everything else you wrote is true.

      1. Dude, I’m going to assume you meant to say, “That doesn’t prove anything.” Anyway, to clarify: I was trying to say that OnePlus also asked other OPO owners to foot the shipping cost, and then some. That shouldn’t be the case. Why should anyone pay extra to cure a factory defect? What does that say about OP?

        1. Yeah, you got me. Or at least you got my grammarchecker.

          To answer your question, it doesn’t speak highly of OnePlus at all. No one should have to pay extra to cure a factory defect. Here’s the thing- the phone costs $299. Anyone who thinks that a manufacturer who sells their phone at COST should pay for return shipping is out of their mind. What is more important is that OnePlus shouldn’t be selling devices with yellow banding in the first place. They are a new company with support from OPPO. They should be leaning on OPPO to help them perfect their manufacturing process. Stop saying “Never Settle” and infuriating people who want the phone but can’t get it. All of this is really, really bad consumer relations.

  22. So many problems from distribution to hardware, they should have thought this out a little more.

    1. Exactly.. This is 2014…not 1984.

  23. This is why I stick with established companies like Motorola. Too many of these small fly by night companies have terrible customer service.

    1. But at one point Moto was a small start-up company too. This issue with this is everything. I will support a new company. Buy their product. Recommend them. I will do a lot for them, but only if they handle things the right way up front. Have a physical store presence. Don’t do a stupid invite system. Have it documented up front about defects. Replace a unit for free for defects no matter what. Their approach is just wrong all over.

      1. “One point ” was 30 years ago…when most mass producing tech companies had bad customer service. At this point, don’t launch a product, hype it up, sell the product, and then say ” Oh! BTW….”

        1. Motorola was started in 1928 (not 30 years ago).

          1. Their cellphone business wasn’t started in 1928, though.

          2. You are correct, but they were hardly a start-up company when they started their cell phone division. In fact, they were in the car phone business in 1946. Yes, they were a pioneer not a wannabe.

          3. I’m referring to cellphones. 1984.

  24. Why are you guys even surprised at the bad quality? Specially for a new launching under special circumstances?

    1. Well, despite OnePlus’ vehement denials of any connection to Oppo, their strong heritage of being a spinoff of Oppo led to very high expectations.

      (Oppo devices are very well built, and while Oppo had issues with this exact same defect, Oppo owned up to it and replaced people’s devices. They didn’t go and accuse people of doctoring their photos or taking pictures at “extreme angles” like head-on.)

      What people don’t realize is that one of OnePlus’ primary goals was to act as Oppo’s “budget/cheap” subbrand in China. They’re doing an awesome job at that – targeting a market that is used to utterly shite manufacturing quality.

  25. Bunch of 1+ fanboys here. They may have gotten their phone but it hasn’t hit them yet with other issues. Maybe not with yellow hue, but with this kind of company, there will be. That’s according to Murphy’s Law!

    And nope, they’re not early adopters, they are just bargain hunters, just like I was. But with the issues this company going around, not interested anymore. I’m not sour graping, I’m just not that desperate, and I won’t take my chance to be a victim!

    1. owner here, issue is legit.. my phone has the band.. same bullshit response from OP

      1. Owner here, no issue.

        …but OP should fix your defective phone, no doubt. And stop insulting buyers like you with BS answers.

    2. If your post isn’t sour grapes, then please explain what sour grapes is.

      1. Uhm, I think my sour grape is that you got one and I don’t. Happy now, “early adopter” fanboy?

  26. Never settle, never buy our product again.



  27. I was excited to get this phone. Signed my wife and I up for invitations hoping one of us would get one. At this point still not got one and I have played with a demo unit of the g3 and really like it. I still think this company and brand can turn all the debacles into a thriving competitor for those wanting a different experience.

  28. like they say, you get what you paid for.

  29. Just made my decision easier wait for the next gen Nexus phone that’s what you call crappy customer service.

  30. I got one of the Oneplus One’s without the yellow tint. Coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I couldn’t be happier with the phone. It’s a great deal if you can get it.

    1. Production date?

      1. 2014-06-26

  31. “Never Settle” LOL…….at least they have some sense of humor this “Start up”

  32. Was the yellow band issue mentioned in your review of the device? As surely if it hadn’t disappeared after all your time with it it really should have been brought up. I was honestly excited for the phone, I don’t think it is too big or anything, I love the ‘idea’ behind it all. But they have honestly killed any interest I still had with constant delays, idiotic marketing, and now incredibly poor customer service.

    Hopefully the future brings better from them.

    1. The yellow band is likely a quality control issue: meaning, some panels get it but some won’t. What percent get it and what percent don’t depends on the level of panel quality they decide to use.

      1. Yup. This EXACT same problem affected the Oppo Find7a, but at least Oppo owned up to it and replaced people’s devices.

        (My own Find 7a was fine.)

  33. I am so glad I never even opened up my phone! I just sold it and will be getting the g3. At least LG will stand behind their product.

  34. I stopped buying these off brand phones after two defective blu products! Just not worth the savings always getting a product defective out of the box!

  35. This it to all you people that are saying you have one and your happy with it. Just because you got luckey doesn’t mean its not a problem. How do you know that it won’t manifest it’s self over time? If there shipping phones with these obvious hardware defects, who knows what problems will happen down the road.

    I’m also hearing a lot of people around the interweb saying its just glue and it will go away. This is complete horse crap. If this was the case it would be constant throughout the display. If it would go away over time don’t you think they would just say that, instead of the multitude of bogus excuses they have come up with.

    “Its due to the placements of the backlights”. (Then they would all look the same)

    “Its our customers taking pictures at extreme angles”. (All these pictures were taken head on, as you would view the phone)

    “There Photoshoping images”. (OK, blame it on your customers, then refuse to accept an RMA, or even look at it, if they were you would have nothing to worry about. I’m sure thousands of your customers are conspiring against you)

    “Its just the design”. (Same boat as the backlight excuse, as if bad, inconsistent design is acceptable)

    Crap, excuses and blatant lies.

    I gathered these over the course of about 4 hours on there fourms. It’s obviously a problem, and one there not standing up for. I know I would be pissed if I got a phone that looked like this:

    1. “I gathered these over the course of about 4 hours on there fourms.”

      FOUR HOURS??? You honestly scanned the whine forums for FOUR HOURS for troll talking points????

      You sir, win the Sour Grapes of the Month award.

      1. Ya, over the course of about 5 days. I wasn’t looking for them ether, there everywhere. Every other post is someone else with a problem. It was tough to spend that much time over there, but after I did it was quite easy to make my decision about the phone.

        Oh, and the images I download to show a friend of mine that was thinking about buying one on eBay. Just figured they would be of use here. Wasn’t trying to troll, just thought people should know ;-)

        1. Your username is so right.

      2. So because he offered valid proof that this is an actual issue and posted that proof you are calling “sour grapes”? No, “sour grapes” is not knowing anything about something and saying it is bad based on your own MADE UP opinion, not actual proof.

        For instance, if someone who really wanted the device and then got shut out of being able to get one, then said derogatory things about the device and the company, THAT WEREN’T TRUE, that is “sour grapes”. There is no substance for them to base their opinion on and they are deriding the device/company because they did not get one.

        However, “truth” is offering just that, the truth. Not “sour grapes”. Like they said, just because you got lucky and don’t have the issue, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, so quit being obnoxious.

        Besides that fact that OnePlus is not working with customers to resolve these issues and attempting to place the blame back on the customers, this is a very poor beginning to a company.

  36. Getting interesting in the forums there…..

    Another happy customer, HAHA:

  37. Is anyone looking for a OnePlus One invite? I just got one, but am not interested it the device. Waited too long for it and my curiosity diminished. The invite is good for only 24 hours (rec’d email at 11:28 am EST on 7/15). NO gimmicks, not asking for money, just offering it up to someone who is serious about buying the device.

    1. [email protected] can i have it please.

    2. May I have your invite..my email is [email protected]. Thanks a lot sir

      1. As I said before, there always will be people looking for cheap Chinese phone ….

    3. I hope you could share it with me :) Will be very grateful. my email: [email protected]

    4. I don’t want a product from such a deceitful company, thank you

      1. your prerogative. Other people did and the invite is officially off the market (I gave it away already). But I tend to agree with you, although not my reason for giving away invite.

        1. I would love to have an invite if it’s still available. :)

          1. No sir, sorry. I already gave it away. thanks for asking though.

    5. I would love a OnePlus One Invite

    6. I would happihappily accept it ☺

  38. My friend had the yellow tint issue with his OnePlus One. He contacted OnePlus but they didn’t told him anything special. After that he contacted an engineer who fixes phones. He told him that the yellow tint is actually glue that hasn’t dried yet. He told him that if he wait it should disappear itself, but they used UV(?) light to fix the issue faster. He said that it took around 15 mins using the UV light to fix it.
    The engineer explained that this is a common issues with phones that are delivered to the customers, right after they are made in the factory because there is no time for the glue to dry complete.

    I am not sure if it is going to work with others or if this is true. This is what an engineer told my friend, and he said that it worked.

  39. ahahh this BS company has DOA written all over.

  40. Owner here, Phone has been in my hands since July 4th, manufactured June 20th.

    Still yellow bands.

    Contacted support.. got the exact same response as Pedro.

    1. How can I find out, when it was manufactured?

    2. That sucks. OnePlus really needs to get their act together. Did you try the YouTube solution? Mine has no problem. In fact, it’s a little cool (bluish) to my liking. Still looks incredible though- just like all of the professional reviews.

  41. Coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I couldn’t be happier with the phone. It’s a great deal if you can get it.

    1. Complete with horrid customer service, censorship and a terrible invite system. Yay.

  42. Mine has it too and they won’t respond to RMA. RMA request was a week ago today.

    1. ask @ratnok, he’s a 1+ “early adopter” + #1 fanboy + OP Police/defender here.

    2. Have you tried applying UV rays? I’ve heard that direct sunlight for no more than 20 minutes should cure it entirely.

  43. AHAHAHA! Just like what I want it to be. A 1+ fanboy responded. You can eat or make love to your 1+1, and I’m still not sour graping, LOL!

  44. Hey, nOnePlus, Give Pedro his RMA! and don’t censor users! And own up your phone issues!


  45. They are handling this pretty poorly! But, I don’t think that band is yellow enough that it’d trouble me personally (on a TV or something? Yeah probably. On my phone? Nah.)

  46. Has anyone with a defective unit tried using PayPal’s Resolution Center to get a refund?

    1. If you do a claim through paypal, you are still required to return the item before you can get a refund, unless the seller agrees otherwise.

  47. I purchased my first oneplus from Hong Kong and it came with different radio band for LTE. I liked the phone very much and purchased second one from craigslist with american radio bands. After that i discovered the yellow band issue and I noticed slight yellow tint on both phones. Found a guy who suggested ultraviolet light for some time to cure the issue. I didn’t have such a light and placed the phone under direct sun light for 20 min. 5 hours later i don’t see the tint anymore.

  48. Hello,

    I got an OnePlus One smartphone today and it has no yellowed LCD issue. It works very good. I’m currently comparing it to my Sony Xperia Z2 and its actually at least as good as Xperia Phone. I even like the camera!

  49. I wouldn’t touch OnePlus One with a barge pole. People should check this out before they consider anything with OnePlus One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEaI7USVZao

    1. Finally, someone who’s got the balls to stand up to OnePlus’ bulls**t.

  50. I HAVE a OnePlus One and I actually HAVE the yellow band ‘issue’, too! But, since it arrived two weeks ago, the yellow band (that was even in the beginning only barely noticeable) goes away slowly. I’m sure I could accelerate that with heat and UV light.

  51. Before comments are closed for this article,I just wanted to mention that OnePlus isn’t the only phone mfg who requires the consumer to pay for postage/handling for an RMA:

    HTC required for me to pay for postage when I sent my HTC ONE M7 (2013) in for troubleshooting a BLUETOOTH issue.
    I couldn’t believe it either,especially since the phone was still covered by the mfgs warranty.
    Returning it to the point of purchase wasn’t an option either (BEST BUY) as in the meantime,BEST BUY had discontinued stocking/selling T-MOBILE phones.

    I was quite pissed w/HTC,both for the shipping charges & for failure to repair/replace my device.Proceeded to ditch the M7 & move to the NOTE3.

    HTC & myself have since buried the hatchet & all is well w/my M8.

    I didn’t post too much about this incident,as this is usually the exception,rather than the rule with most companies,as far as having an unsatisfactory resolution.I saw nothing to gain by flaming HTC in what was most likely an isolated event.

    Anyway,what I took away from this experience is this:
    S*** HAPPENS,unfortunately.
    Protect yourself w/device purchases in one fashion or another,as in use services such as PAYPAL/certain credit cards that offer protection on purchases,or even double mfgs warranties.

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