Original unlocked HTC One sees price drop to $500 off-contract


HTC One Developer Edition Unboxing

We’re only a few short weeks away from watching as HTC officially unveils the followup to the HTC One during their March 25th event. Today, after launching nearly a year ago, the original unlocked 32GB HTC One (2013) is now finally seeing a price drop, down from $575 to the low price of just $500.

It’s not a Moto X fire-sale by any means and in our opinion, still well worth the off contract price. But with the all new HTC One 2014 getting ready to rear its head, we can’t help but recommend holding off. For those in the market for a new phone right now, the HTC One is still a great option. If you’re on the fence, don’t forget to check out our in-depth review here.

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  1. That’s a lame price, can find a nice one on eBay now for 250-300 now… Try harder

    1. i was just about to write the samething lol

    2. So you are comparing the price of a used phone or the price of a phone people got on contract to a new unlocked phone. That make a lot of sense. And the sad part is people agree with you.

      1. What’s the value of having a brand new HTC One Unlocked outside of having the 1 year manufacturer warranty? Its an old phone as far as tech goes, no ones truly going to pay that much for a One when u can get one like new by means of a 3rd party for a fraction of the cost. And the people that agree with me obviously know how to do their research and know the REAL value of an HTC One nowadays.

        1. Because you made a dumb statement, beside the warranty, it is unlocked many of the one on eBay is not unlocked, even if it is unlock by Att or T mobile you will not get direct support. When I buy a new phone I know it will work. A new device will alway be more expensive then the same used device. Not that hard to understand.

  2. LOL.. the “low” price of $500

    It’s a good phone… I own 2 of them.
    But.. today.. I would not pay $500 for it.

  3. I have purchased used one (for 4 months) in February, and I can say it’s one of the best phones for today. I owned iPhone 4 before (and before that iPhone 3) and I can say HTC ONE is competitor to iPhones. I was to decide to purchase iPhone 5 or HTC ONE (same price, same condition) and now I’m happy i chose HTC.

  4. I wanted to say that I’ve purchased for $360 a month ago (I’m lucky, cause the fair price is maybe a $100 more)

  5. Is this even a deal? Nexus 5 still 100 bucks cheaper :/

    1. nexus 5 will always be cheaper can’t expect OEM’s to match nexus 5 price.

      1. Nexus 5 is also a better phone tho. Also pretty sure the M8 will only be a couple hundred more so who is this deal for exactly?

        1. Thats soley opinion only…Nexus 5 has a better processor but everything else is debatable. Lets not forget the N5 has the worst battery life of any flagship released last year and will absolutely have worse battery life than any flagship this year

          1. True. Probably the same reason I’m wanting to trade out of my N4. Still don’t think this is solid unless you’re absolutely set on getting a One.

        2. Nexus 5 isnt available on all carriers though and there are some “additions” of the One that some people might want over a nexus, like camera, design, etc. Plenty of preferences to go around when you are talking about flagships. I’m not saying i would buy one, it should/probably will be dropped down further once the m8 is released. Also “‘only’ a couple hundred more.” To some people that matters… isn’t that part of the allure to the nexus 5?

          1. Yes but I was referring to the OEM statement. If you’re that dead set on buying a flagship from HTC, why not wait till the M8 comes out. Rather spend 700 for a M8 rather than 500 for a M7.

          2. i mean im not saying I would do it, but some people arent “Dead set” on getting an HTC device, they see it in store and go “oh that’s cool,” or their friend has one… also vast majority of people have no idea what the m8 is.

            Are are tons of people who buy an iphone 5 a month before the 5s comes out, or who will buy a gs4 this month. Not every one keeps as up to date as you and i, nor cares as much as you or i.

          3. Good point.

    2. Only in the USA , it is about 500USD in other country

  6. Meh…

  7. good to see the success of the nexus line and the moto x beginning to drive prices down.

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