Samsung-made Nexus 10 (2014) allegedly pictured [UPDATE]


Nexus 10 2014 leak

@Evleaks took to his social accounts today to drop another leak, this time coming from a tip and not his usual sources. That being said, Mr. Leaks wasn’t able to verify the authenticity of these claims, only passing along the alleged info.

Nexus 10 2014 angled

According to the tip, the Nexus 10 (2014) will contract Samsung, once again, to build the tablet, equipping the device with a Exynos 5 processor, 2560×1600 WQXGA display, 3GB of RAM with 16/32GB storage options, along with 5MP rear/3MP front facing cameras — running on Android 4.5 (KitKat or a new dessert?). Seems legit.

UPDATE: Pocket-lint was able to snag another angle of the alleged Nexus 10 sequel, but according to @evleaks, when multiple publications receive the same image (or something similar), it could be signs of a hoax. Tread carefully, friends.

Twitter | Pocket-lint

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  1. I know that he’s usually right but something just doesn’t seem right about the design. It doesn’t look like a Nexus tablet.

    1. 1. How so?
      2. It’s evleaks so it’s probably legit

      1. As you can see, Evleaks already said it was wrong so my suspicion doesn’t seem off base. This looked just like the old Samsung Tab 10.1 There wasn’t any curve or design in this, just a perfect rectangle. All Nexus devices have had something that distinguishes them. Nexus 7 has the bezels, the Nexus 5 has the camera, the Nexus 4 had the glass backing and sparkle, the Galaxy Nexus had a slight curve to the device. Everything has had something and this literally had nothing.

        1. Good call man

      2. It’s a render not a photograph.

    2. It looks almost exactly like the 2012 Nexus 10…

      1. This looks like an older version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The original Nexus had more a curve to it and there is definitely a difference. This almost looks like someone copied the older 10.1 and changed the colors.

  2. 4.5 KitKat? As in they are going to pull another jellybean type move or is Chris just being dyslexic again..

    1. 4.5. Assumed it would be KitKat but I guess it could be an entirely new dessert. Google I/O is just around the corner….

      1. My bet’s on Lollipop :) Seems like 4.4 was just released but I guess it has been about 2-3 months.

      2. Lemon heads

        1. Lava Cake :) yum

  3. Exynos makes me nervous as far as custom ROMs since Samsung won’t open source anything

    1. Its not a galaxy device. Its a nexus..meaning they are required to. (like the current samsung made nexus 10). Doesnt mean they wont drag their feet…

  4. What happened to the Leaks leak that said that the Next Nexus 10 would be LG? This all seems odd to me…

    1. or Asus.

      1. I’m fine with LG or samsung hell even arcatel, but just not asus. I want to replace my 2012 n7 already. Me just buying that was biting the bullet and giving them another chance mainly because Google was willing to put their name on it. Asus seemed to go the usual route as with everything I have bought from them in the past. They just slap their products together without any care for quality control. The screen on the n7 as with most of the first release ones was not properly installed so it just sits there loose. If the battery dies I have to fight it to even accept a charge.

        1. I don’t think you could be any farther from the truth regarding Asus products.

          I’ve been exclusively using their motherboards for about 13 years now, and they’ve always been brilliant.

          Their current routers are top of the line.

          I could go on and on, but your bad experience with a tablet or cell phone doesn’t discredit a long and strong history they have making excellent products.

          1. Previously before the n7 I have bought two motherboards from them that were faulty then with the tablet the issues I had were very common I was just so exited that there was finally a nexus tablet I look the other way on it but will never trust them again

          2. One person with bad luck doesn’t automatically qualify as ASUS sucks. Sorry.

          3. Well with three out of four items being a fail it’s hard to see them as a quality manufacturer

          4. Asus has one of the best quality/return records in the industry (better than Apple) sad that you had a bad experience but faulty motherboards can often be down to how the retail company handled them and stored them.

          5. Dont tell that crap to me. Try asking them to fix your transformer tablet that was faulty. They agreed to a class action lawsuit and i got nothing.

            EDIT: nothing except my shitty tablet that I wasted money on. Will Never buy their crap again.

          6. Here’s one thats awfully close then, asus tf201: wifi probs, gps probs, micro sd not even with tab surface , headphone jack does not insert fully and the bog down from installation of apps or background processes.

          7. Uhh second this. I replaced my transformer with a 100$ Nook HD+ that I put cyanogenmod on and am MUCH happier. If I was out of range of the wifi(read 6 feet away) then the tablet was useless. God I hated that thing.

        2. My Nexus7 (2013 edition) is remarkably solid… I think you got an unfortunate faulty product from the manufacturer…. bad luck but if you would have returned it for a replacement, i think you would be pleasantly surprised.

        3. I am still using my TF101 (The orginial Transformer). It still works fine, just a little slow now. I would upgrade if I found a tablet that was decent price (*Cough nexus).. Otherwise I will still use what I have.

        4. Asus has also left a foul taste in my mouth.

  5. It is going to be interesting to see what processor the 2014 edition gets. I have heard everything from the normal Arm 800 processor to the Tegra 4 and now the Exynos. I am not a fan of the Exynos processor, but it might be the mythical Hexa core that I heard about a few weeks ago… Just maybe.. or maybe only in my dreams but I can always hope.

    Also… Does anyone else see the speakers on the sides of the screen? Would be awesome if it did have it.

    1. Doubtful…google tries to sell nexus devices at cost. Samsung isnt going to put a brand new top of the line chip into a nexus device for cheap. They will hold onto it for theur own galaxy line and put a current gen model (exynos 5) in this.
      The LTE models will have a qualcom since the exynos still has yet to have a built in LTE radio.

      1. Tegra 4 processors must be cheap the omni 10 is priced at $200 from hp

        1. They are. Nvidia is desperate to get OEM contracts after the massive loss in marker share the Tegra3 caused.

          1. Dont forget tegra 2 support they had dropped for a lot of tabs, I still have a bad taste in my mouth .

        2. hopefully they make the k1 cheap too

  6. The big question for me is, Will this be Super Amoled display?

    1. Prolly not

  7. Come on get a s pen or support wacom pens plz with(a long steetch) but full sd card capability so that I can do my photography editing on the go, thanks google.

    1. Don’t think Google. It ain’t happening. All I want is a microSD slot or a decent amount of storage for phones.

    2. You might as well start looking elsewhere.

    1. I said this looked fake 3 hours ago and people looked at my comment like I was an idiot.

      1. Most people don’t pay attention all that well to begin with. You weren’t crazy.

  8. to be honest i was tired seeing all this N10 leak. right now it is better just to wait for official words from google

  9. Very disappointed if it is Samsung. Their devices are overly expensive. I will pass and buy the LG 8 inch if this becomes the case. You may be choosing poorly Google.

    1. That is actually looking like the best option for me

    2. Google will set the price for the Nexus 10 no matter who makes it.

  10. Why isn’t there a Galaxy Note 10.1 GPe?

    1. Stock Android with S-Pen? Why? Not much use

      1. Go install Myscript Stylus beta. What the hell do you need touchwiz for? :P

        1. Google play edition wouldn’t have touchwiz.

  11. Hoping they go for a smaller bezel this time like Apple did with the iPad Air.

    1. Also like what samsung did with the Note 10.1 2014 edition

  12. Really?.. Every 10″ tablet looks EXACTLY the same, of course this picture is accurate! I mean, really, come on… It’s a rectangle with a black bezel.

    1. Doesn’t apple have a patent on that

      1. Not on black

    2. True and funny

  13. Sheesh can we PLEASE start at a base of 32 gigs!

  14. This is in no way legit. Aside from a bump in RAM and front camera MP, the specs are exactly the same as the current Nexus 10

  15. One thing about the photos that interest me is that, if you zoom in, it looks like the speakers are on the front just like the nexus 10 2012. I would expect an update would keep them on the front. Other leaked photos did not show speakers. To me, the speakers being on the front is important.

  16. That is quite obviously a render not a photo of an actual device. The present Nexus 10 has Exynos 5 already!

    1. Exynos 5 is the generation. The present Nexus 10 has a Dual core, there is also the Quad Core, and Hexa Core that is still considered a Exynos 5.

  17. I just wish it will be announced soon.

  18. If this is a possible hoax, why feature the article? It hurts your credibility

    1. Why? Because it is fun to speculate. U no ride the hype-train?

      1. I was excited at first too, but then I recognized these are renders and another blog updated their post stating this is likely a fake. Then this one updated it as possible a fake. If you’re going to be taken seriously, you don’t want to be known for pushing fakes as news down people’s throats. Listing this as featured on the homepage kinds does that. You get people excited, making them believe that there’s hard evidence of a new N10 when it’s really just click-bait. You don’t find out it’s possibly fake until the end of the article.

        Nothing wrong with getting excited and enjoying the hype, but it’s not good practice.

    2. To me it may be real. So far no other photos of an updated nexus 10 have had speakers on the front, where the are on the 2012 nexus 10. This is a feature I like about my nexus 10 and doubt if I would update to a new one if they put the speakers anywhere else.

  19. I am SO GLAD I didn’t wait for this thing and got the Nexus 7 2013….tablet freakin ROCKES…7″ is the sweet spot for Android tabs and I would be waiting forever for the new Nexus 10 to drop IF it ever even done

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