Amazon invites customers to try Kindle Fire HDX free for a month

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

It’s definitely a unique sales model, that’s for sure. There’s no question Amazon’s Kindle Fires are a great value for the money. Where Amazon has always given Kindle buyers a no-hassle, 30-day money back guarantee on their Kindles, things just got really interesting now that they’re practically giving them away… sorta.

It looks like Amazon fired up a new program where special VIP customers are receiving invitees to try out the Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 or Kindle Paperwhite free for 30 days. No upfront cost, no commitment to buy, and free shipping. It’s just you, your new Kindle Fire, getting cozy on a bear skin rug, next to a warm fireplace. At least, that’s how Amazon envisions it.

Amazons hoping at the end of the 30 days, someone will end up pregnant you’ll have fallen in love with one of their new Kindles and decide to keep it. At that point, then and only then will your credit card be charged.

We get what Amazons up to. Not having a storefront where customers can walk in and test out their tablets for hours on end puts them at a disadvantage versus the competition (Apple). Placing a Kindle Fire in your lap free of charge is an interesting workaround and sounds just crazy enough to work.

No word on the criteria of Amazon customers that can/will be invited, but we’ll let you know if we hear more.

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  • CerealFTW

    they’re going to have a lot of refurbs

    • Vanakatherock

      Or they’ll just sell them as “warehouse deals” in the used section.

  • nope

    Anybody else always read “Kindle Paperwhite” as “Kindle Paperweight”?

    • soondolee

      I do…lol

  • steveb944

    I’ll use it constantly for those 30 days, and then return it. I just want to talk to Amy.

  • max

    Kinda cool to be beating the infamous iPad in screen reviews though. This tablet is like half the money.

    • Carol85

      Agreed. I think it’s a great product for a very good price, what’s called a good deal indeed. I’ve always been told iPad is the best tablet on the market, but it seems like it’s not true anymore. I buy a fair deal of gadgets, for this I’m trying to manage my money better and I’m also using a new web app, to organize and store all the docs of my products such as warranties and receipts. Can’t wait to add this kindle to my gadgets’ list.

  • Dan

    that’s a pretty good idea, although some people will take advantage of it for sure

  • Mike Kister

    I have the original Fire. Very nice tablet but I’m not interested in trying the new version as I’m not enamoured with Amazon’s take on Android.

  • WhoaManWtF

    They sure are locked down though, no root, no loki exploit, locked bootloader…

  • aranea100

    I’d like to try them. They are good for the money. Not to replace my Nexus 10 of course.