Google removes “Play” from the Google Play logo, but what does it all mean?


New Google Play logo

Okay, so it’s not exactly breaking news, but we found it interesting enough to pass the news onto you. Google has just updated the Google Play logo in the Play Store. No longer does it read, “Google Play” but just Google, with the familiar |> (play) logo where it once read “Play”. Make sense?

For those unaware, the triangle shape was supposed to signify the standard play button you commonly find on media controls. It’s an interesting play on words, one we feel like might get lost on the millions of users visiting the |> Store everyday. We now ask you… WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

[Google |>]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Double rainbow!!! What does it mean?!!!

    Who cares. I guess it matters if you have no life.

  2. I always thought Google Play was a stupid name for the store anyway. Maybe they’ll ditch it, merge with Chrome’s store and call it all Google Store or Google Market. Makes more sense anyway.

    1. yeah especially for business apps

    2. I miss the days it was the Android Market, wished it would come back.

      1. No, that won’t work. Google needs the tunes and books

        1. I guess so, either way , it is amazing how android and google came so far with google play. Hope they can expand all those services in Mexico and other countries.

    3. It’s still called Google Play though, that hasn’t changed. They’re just using the play symbol instead of the word now.

      1. Im keeping track of how many of us actuall read and understood the article that the name is the same as before….there arent many of us, its scary. lol

    4. Except, there’s already a “Google Store”: https://www.googlestore.com/

    5. I’m rooting for Google Store. They sell everything there, why bother with “Play”. Same with Google Music, Google Books, Google Magazines, etc.

  3. I think it looks better that way, especially with their new flat logo that’s also gone live today in some places (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BT1TRv2IUAAHfJ-.png)

  4. It is not much different than Google+ or G+, so its just Google|> now, maybe someday it will be Goolge Ω for music?

  5. Step aside Google Play, it’s time for Google Serious.

  6. probably nothing.

  7. I always thought the change to Google Play was stupid in the first place to be honest.

    1. no need to make my own comment…you said it for me.

    2. I’ve gotten used to it – but man. It took a while.

    3. Google Store sounds better to me. Or even Google Market. I like that one cause it combines the old and new!

      1. how bout “G-Mart” lol

        1. Too close to Wal-Mart haha

          1. lol yea i thought about that when i was writing it.

          2. but even closer to K-Mart, duh

  8. It’s still Google Play. That’s a play button. Like it always has been.

    1. Thank you !! It seems there are only a few of us with comprehension skills beyond preschool. Its still “Google Play” hasnt changed. People are dumb these days.

  9. Means we should expect a .10 end of summer sale soon. O_o

    1. My wallet is ready. I hope there is this year.

  10. They sell apps, music, movies, books, and devices, and then they also sell games, the only product they offer that you actually play. Maybe that is why?

    But, you also “play” music and movies in a sense, and they can be played on the devices.

    Course you do not play books or magazines :P

    Who knows, maybe a change of marketing?

  11. Maybe to reduce redundancy? To spell out “Play” and have the well-known “play” logo seems redundant to Google I guess.

    1. At least you understand what the article said. Half of these boobs here cant read. Its still “Google Play”, its just the PLAY is now the symbol for play instead of the word. Scary that this is the next generation.

  12. Obviously the Nexus 5 release is imminent!!1

    1. Illuminati*

  13. Half Life 3 confirmed.

  14. |> “The app store formerly known as Google Play”

    1. The app store formerly known as Google play formerly formerly known as the android market*

    2. I was surprised I had to scroll so far down for this. My thought was zomg if it’s a sign then will it be at the top of the app list alphabetically? Then, I wondered why Prince would want to be at the front of a phone book. Aid then I wondered why I’d think Prince would be logical about anything. =/

  15. They’re probably just PLAYing around.

  16. I must be the only person who likes the name “Google Play”. I hated it for all of 1 day and then I didn’t care, and now I like it. I think it’s fitting, because you can have your personal “play/fun time” by playing apps, games, watching TV, listening to music, or reading an eBook, magazine or comic.

    Seems unlikely they intend on renaming it already though, it’s only been a couple months since I last heard a commercial say “Find our app in the App Store or Android Market” so why confuse people even further.

    1. hmm I think I’m gonna play with my taxes with the h&r block app and then play with some docx files with Softmaker.

    2. Guess im the only one that actually read the article. Its still Google play. They have Google, plus the triangle which universally means “play”

  17. Something, something, double rainbow.

    1. I think they do this stuff just to mess with the speculators. Probably have lots of meetings on how to best pull off the next one.

  18. “It’s an interesting PLAY on words”

    Oh my gosh.

  19. Ok, why not take Google off also?
    Just put “Apps” then Google could publicly announce that it has saved millions of dollars on ink, thus saving the environment and the endangered species of the land and eccentially saving mankind from imploding, ALL BECAUSE OFA STUPID WORD THAT DOENT BELONG THERE ANYWAY!! Just saying
    For those that just realized I prophetized Google stocks will soar with my idea. Please just send a check. The ministry could really use it to buy more apps for the teenager and childrens ministries.

    1. What ministry?

      1. His prophetic ministry, I guess lol

        1. That is funny, Paul!

          Glad you got the joke. I am sure that you realize I was just being cynical. That is one of my many vices. God knows I have been trying to cut that part of my life out.

          I am sure you have already realized, I couldn’t possibly be correct, since there is no ink needed to create the app store button on a web app. Nor am I a Prophet. I am a man of God though.

      2. Hello Lou,
        Thank you for asking,

        I know the print is rather hard to read, but it is #JerseyRose #Ministries. We help people that are dealing with #abuse, #addiction and #affliction. We are actually working in concert with some larger churches that have a far reach and help all ages. We are a #middleman of sorts.

        If you know anyone that might want to help bring awareness to the crime of #Human Trafficking or someone with a #pornography #addiction or even has an #eye #disease or #hearing #impairment. Especially if they live locally in #NJ, since this is where I have the best connections.
        God bless,

  20. the illuminati is taking over|>

  21. Half Life 3 confirmed.

  22. Nexus 4 16GB showed sold out in Canada for a few minutes after they put the Play back in Google Play, things are happening! =)

  23. It is back ..

  24. Perhaps they are going to Google Store and reserving Google Play for their set top box game system ;)

    1. Nice answer

  25. i wish google makes up their mind about their branding, services and products. couple years ago it was the android market, last year it was google play, and now this. granted its a somewhat subtle change and not many will notice. in the end, their indecisiveness is bad user experience.

    1. Re-read the article before you make silly comments. Its still “google play”, the article made that perfectly clear.

    2. the triangle symbol looks very much like a play button….. so it still looks like Google Play to me. just like the play button on your dvd player doesnt say play, it has a little triangle on it which means play

  26. Interesting play on words…you funny guy!

  27. It will get lost on the millions of idiots visiting the site. Some of them are dumb as dirt.

  28. Apple had already invented the word “play” and were threatening to sue.

  29. It’s the coming of the apocalypse! Really! That guy on the street corner with the signs told me so!

  30. What does it MEEEEEAN………..

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