AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active pictured – Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Mini, and more incoming


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

There it is, folks. We were expecting the device to be revealed during Samsung’s June 20th “Premier” event in London, but once again, our friend at @evleaks nabbed the scoop. Here you can see the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-I537) pictured in all of its glory, complete with AT&T branding. Going by the date featured on the homescreen, one might even suspect the device will be released by June 21st, right?

Previously we saw the international version of the device leaked in a fiery red paint job, and this marks the first time we’re seeing it headed to a carrier here in the US, with possibly more announced at a later date. We weren’t sure if the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active’s specs would match its rugged durability but, @evleaks is reporting the device will come with mostly the same innards as the S4 — 5-inch, full HD display, Snapdragon 600 CPU, etc — with only the camera suffering slightly at 8MP. Think of this more as a last minute attempt at Samsung stealing some of the Sony Xperia Z’s water/dustproof thunder.

The device will come in either black or teal colors and wont be the only device launching on AT&T around that time. Seems we could also expect the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 (SGH-I527), Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (SM-G730A), and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (SGH-I257), all confirmed by Mr. Leaks to be making a b-line straight for AT&T as well.

What do you guys think of it? Rugged durability, aluminum-type finish, exposed screws, and physical buttons — looks like Samsung might have another solid hit on their hands.

[via Unlockr]

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  1. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but physical home/back/menu buttons were always my favorite. GAAAAAH… Why you gotta make things hard on me, Samsung?!?! :O

    1. Beauty of Android, choices. I prefer the tactile feel of physical buttons but the looks of none whaaaa

    2. I also reminisce about my Droid-X. I NEVER had accidental clicks of the bottom 4 buttons. This is my largest pet peeve about all other devices, accidental selections of the capacitive buttons.

      1. Happens all the time unfortunately but this Active…… this Active is different :D


    1. It’s aluminum in appearance. Pretty sure it’s still plastic but that’s never bothered me, I just always hated “shiny” plastic. This… this is different :)

      1. will a review be coming up soon?

        1. Probably, since Chris likes to drop his phones =D

          1. Sorry man, I just find messing with you enjoyable.

      2. You sure its plastic…I read elsewhere that its metal

        1. I sure hope not. If I wanted metal id buy an iPhone.

  3. s3 and s4 mini launching at the same time, that can’t be right. too many skus

    1. “…around that time.”

      Nobody said the were launching at the same time?

  4. Looks better than the S4 too!

  5. I don’t need a rugged phone so my regular S4 will do. Although it is nice looking minus those hard buttons.

    1. I actually prefer the design of this compared to my s4 but agree those buttons look ugly..this design with the normal s4 buttons would be killer.

  6. “rugged durability”….What does that mean? Waterproof to 100ft? Shock resistant to 6Gs?

    1. Maybe we’ll have to wait for an official release to get all the details.

  7. I feel like Apple is disappearing from Samsung overshadowing the small fry

  8. My opinion is that all phones should be built to be durable. We shouldn’t have a separate model for people who don’t want their devices to break.

  9. keep it, it has touchwiz on it

  10. this is what I would have gotten had i the choice when the S4 dropped. sadly the condition of my old phone didn’t give me the luxury of waiting.

  11. I wonder… Will It Blend?

  12. Wish SAMSUNG would put the power button on top of the phone.That’s one feature I liked w/the MO’PHO & HTC ONE,as I’ve found that configuration to be less prone to accidental depressing during normal use.

    The rest of it is cool,including the physical buttons on the bottom.

  13. My first thought: “How is it rugged with glass that touches every edge of the face?”

    They could have cut down on the glass and made a couple mm of the bezel plastic or some other material and made it much more resistant to shattering from an unfortunate fall. It wouldn’t look as good since it would essentially have a fat line around the edge that isn’t glass, but it would protect the fragile edges of the glass.

  14. Im not getting how exposing screws through aluminum looking plastic and putting physical buttons makes this phone more durable.

    1. you sure that it is made of plastic? reading this article I see nothing stating it is made of plastic. if samsung is making a rugged phone, I am positive they will do it right. that is why they probably cut back on the camera, and probably a couple other specs, so they can release this at the same cost as the original without taking a loss.

  15. I like this design much more, but I’m a fan of the industrial look. Samsung shouldn’t skimp on the camera on the active because this is the phone the people will use most for out door activities and this is where most shots are taken that need the extra mega pixels, such as landscapes.

  16. Only on ATT? Really? I’ve been waiting for this phone since first mention and am disappointed in their initial carrier choice…

    1. one of several reasons that i switched to at&t two months ago, they always get devices first!

      1. Wat exactly were u tryn to say on my cocomment, I would hate to diss you if you’re not being rude, please clarify, and stop watching so much sparticus

  17. This is a nice looking phone. Not sure how I feel about the hard buttons but I am sure I could get used to them. I am curious how much more this weighs compared to the original S4.

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