Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 endless runner is now available on Google Play for free


It’s been teased and teased, and just when Android gamers thought they couldn’t take it any longer (this is starting to get weird), Gameloft has finally dropped their official movie-tie in for Iron Man 3 into the Google Play Store.

Because endless runners are all the rage these days, Gameloft decided to go that route adding plenty of in-app purchases to the freemium title (Tony Stark is a businessman after all). Don’t worry about movie spoilers, according to the game’s description, the endless running/flying takes place after the events of Iron Man 3. Player navigate levels using tilt controls and swipe enemies on the screen to fire Iron Man’s repulsor beams. All the sounds are spot on with the movies, with Iron Man’s Jarvis making an appearance (call me crazy, but I think Iron Man might be voiced by Saved by the Bell’s Mario Lopez).

Graphically, the game looks stunning and Gameloft has definitely outdone themselves. The hefty 795MB game is jam packed with all the action of the movie, only in mobile form. Maybe a little too much action, as I’ve found the game runs rather poorly on HTC One. There’s 3 randomly generated levels in the game to keep gamers busy: Malibu Shores, New York City, and China. Players can also unlock (research) 18 different suits from the franchise (I really hope the original suit made the cut), and upgrade each armor individual with powerups.

Gameloft definitely knows casual and landing a licensing deal like Iron Man is sure to pay off. You guys can download Iron Man 3 via the Google Play link below.

[Iron Man 3 on Google Play]

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  1. Just tried it out, huuuge file.
    Gotta love how when you die, you either wait for the suit to be repaired or pay in game credits to go back in right away.
    Also never knew my phone could run at 40 celcius (104 f), thanks Iron Man!
    In app purchases are awesome
    /sarcasm off

    1. Bwahahahaaa!! Oh my gosh!! I hope my Nexus 7 can handle it. I’m scared now.

      1. Worse thing is, I have a Galaxy note 2 lol no lag though

  2. its meh

  3. Games ok runs great on note 2

  4. Ooooohh… a Gameloft game for FREE!! I see where this is going…

  5. I hate games with in app purchases. Especially games that rape your wallet on in app purchases. Naturally they make the game mega hard so you have to use credits to survive, for example you complete a level you get a whopping 1 blue diamond, to bad it takes 50 or more to continue, but they will of course let you buy some at outlandish prices.

    And just for good measure you can wait minutes for your armor to repair, sometimes up to 15 or you can pay for quicker repairs, lol. Do people really do this?

    Stop with the craziness. Just make a great game at a fair price and move on. I would gladly pay $4.99 to $6.99 for a game like this but stop with the price gouging.

  6. din know where else to ask this… but since this is a Gameloft games.

    anyone actually curious as to why ALL Gameloft games eventually ask for permission to “Run at startup”. i find it really weird and annoying that a game wants to start up itself when i restart my phone. other games (with in-apps purchase, etc) dun ask for this.

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