Official: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 in-store release date set for April 27th

While pre-orders for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 went live back on April 16th, we’ve all been waiting around for an actual release date. Moments ago AT&T revealed via their Twitter account that the device will be officially available in stores and online starting on April 27th. For those wondering, Sprint will also have theirs available on the 27th, while T-Mobile gets theirs a little earlier on the 24th. As for Verizon, expect it sometime in May.

For those looking to upgrade their aging Samsung Galaxy S2 or 3’s, the 4 will be come in either Black Mist or White Frost and 2 storage options: 16GB for $200 or 32GB for $250. Pre-orderers are expected to receive theirs as early as April 25th (although now AT&T is showing 30th for late comers), as so often is the case for early birds. Who’s getting one?

[AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4]

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  • frankie

    Like always.. Verizon never giving people what they want -_-

    • frankie

      you call me a “douchebag vzw whiner” and yet I’m the douchebag?
      Good day to you sir

  • harold

    I will check it out but having a note 2 I see no need for it,

    • harold

      Right back at ya

    • emajem_666i

      You need to be banned

  • Knobskin

    Hmm with the HTC one I still may check it out!

  • Chad

    Is a Saturday launch normal?

  • Keven Pope

    I can’t stand the annual confusion surrounding the AT&T galaxy lauch..i preordered at 12:15am on the first day because I want mine yesterday. Why in the world can we never get a solid answer on launch delivery bs. I recycle Phones via Craigslist so a degree of planning is involved to switch without a loss of a phone..get your act together Sammy/AT&T this is the 4th generation!!!

  • androidscales

    I get mine on 25th hopefully iphone7 will catch up