Google says 2nd batch of Nexus 4’s shipping this week


The emails are pouring out of Google HQ. After a shaky initial start, it seems Google is finally ready to ship the 2nd round of Nexus 4’s to customer’s doorsteps this week. The email being sent to a lucky few’s inboxes today reads:

This has got to be great news for those hoping to receive the device in time for the holiday season. For those still waiting, with 4 more weeks to go, there’s still a good chance you could also receive your before Christmas if you hang in there. Has anyone not received the above email and are still waiting? Anyone absolutely sick of waiting and picking up something else? We recently reviewed the Nexus 4 just a few short days ago and you can check it out here.

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  1. aww man, for a moment i thought it was back in stock…lol

    1. I’m keeping an eye out, don’t worry.

      1. Thanks dude ^_^

      2. HEY, don’t be telling everybody when my Nexus 4 is in stock. I need mine first. =)

        1. Haha! I think it will sellout a little slower this time around. Like 3 minutes :p

  2. I got this this email.. FINALLY =D

  3. And they still haven’t released a statement explaining what went wrong? Let alone letting us know when we can expect more to be in stock? C’mon Goog! I might have to pick up a GS3 now because I can’t trust them to be of any help if something goes wrong if I had owned a device…

    1. I went back to my S3 from the N4 :X

      *braces for downvotes* >_<

      1. Why? What do you like better/worse? Should I avoid the N4?

        1. I like the S3’s display better (despite having PenTile). It’s also more durable, has a better camera, better speaker, better haptics, and WiFi Calling for T-Mobile.

          It is noticeably slower (although not “slow” by any means). The N4 is an absolutely beast. Nothing can touch it.

          1. So give away your nexus 4. To me preferably :-)

          2. And if not, can I at least have your bumper (I’ll take anything).

          3. LOL! You just want a bumper? Even if you don’t have the N4? xD

          4. Yes please! I know I will get the nexus 4!

          5. PenTile FTW! Samoled is bootyfull

      2. Wasn’t too difficult a decision, I gather……

        1. Nah, pretty much a no brainer. The GS3 with the S4 isn’t really lacking anything. Performs wonderfully. I wouldn’t even be upset if Samsung skips 4.2 altogether (wasn’t anything too epic introduced) and jumps straight to Key Lime Pie.

          1. Coming from a MOTOROLA myself, I’m pleasantly surprised w/SAMSUNG’s build quality & performance by comparison. The SGS III definitely is a great all-around phone, not leaving me wanting/looking for the next best thing. I’m definitely good at least until my next eligible upgrade.

            To those that chose the OPTIMUS G/NEXUS 4,I do hope you enjoy your phone & get the upgrade/update support in a timely manner.

      3. Dude, it’s your device and your choice you are entitled to have your own opinion. who cares whatever anyone else thinks. PLAR !

    2. Nothing went wrong in GOOGLE’s eyes. They sold the limited amount of stock on hand & got precise production numbers for Round 2 from the back-orders.

      The buzz surrounding the ‘sold out’ status is total BS. Otherwise, GOOGLE & LG would be posting the number of units sold.

  4. It’s too late for me, I already bought the Nexus 4 on craigslist for 450$. Of course, with the high demand this thing has, it’s going to be a while before it will be plentiful in stock without stock running short.

  5. When I got the email I nearly fainted. I’m ecstatic but I’m also a sucker for irony. What if Google sent more emails than they should have? Can’t wait for an email stating I’m on backorder for a shipping email. lol I keed, I keed. I’m stoked!

    1. Don’t want to Jinx things yo that is very plausible. #TinFoilHatOn

  6. I recurved this email as well. Can’t wait to unbox!!!

  7. I think stock is coming by end of week.

    1. If they post this ‘batch’ by the end of the week, and there are still some people who didn’t receive the email, I think it’s safe to say that whatever comes is not enough to fill the pending orders.

      So no, no stock for those who have not already ordered. Given they took two weeks to get stock on hand, I would assume another two weeks (Or the 11th Dec), which would still get to you before christmas.

  8. I got tired of waiting and just switched from a VZW Gnex to a GSM version on T-mobile. I’ll hold on to this another year and get next years nexus. After reading all the comments about how breakable the nexus 4’s back is, I’m glad I’m sticking with the galaxy nexus.

    1. I tried to stick it out with the Galaxy Nexus, but there was too much lag. I had to go Galaxy S3.

  9. Cards are being authorized, as well, so shipping should start as soon as tonight/tomorrow. The quote of a week is probably the same CYA as the original “within three weeks”, to allow enough time for getting all of the many, many backorders cleared out of the queue. :)

  10. Sooo, Galaxy Note 2 it is, then!

    1. Amen to that brother! Mine arrives this week.

  11. Does this mean we should get it by Friday? i go on the road for a week starting Saturday at 6am. I hope to get it so I can try it out while I am hanging around boring hotel room and aborts.

  12. While I am thrilled to have gotten this email, I just hope this situation is settled quickly. Google and LG could not have handled this release any worse.

  13. Wait, so not only do you get the new hottest device on the planet, but you also get money back?…

    1. NOt any significant amount of money really now had they fronted the tax too then id be cheering.

  14. I didn’t get my nexus 4 on opening day and was disappointed so I got the sgs3. After have two sgs3 they could not handle what I was putting them thru. I got freezes, and multiple freezes on lock screen making me pull the battery. I was not having it anymore so I took it back to T-Mobile. While waiting in line I decided to call and see if anyone had a nexus 4. To my luck a store an hour away had one. I booked it to the store and to my surprise they held it for me. I am a happy owner of a nexus 4. It’s a beautiful device, fast and I mean fast! I have played with it nonstop for 4 days putting it to the test and I have yet to get freezes or lag like I did with the sgs3. In most places I go with hspa+ I’m getting DL speeds between 11-15mbps and 2 to 4mbps uploads. I’m in love! Lol
    Oh and have not had problems with cloud storage it works great. I still have 11gb of space after I put everything I needed on it.
    Only con is some apps have not caught up with 4.2 yet so a couple don’t work well. All in all this phone is great for me.

  15. some observations..
    it look likes google is playing some smart marketing strategy here..
    1st) they sell a limited amount of nexus at low price and then it gets sold out.
    2nd) since its no more available for sale a buzz is created and also people want it more becoz of being nexus device.
    3rd) nexus is not back in stock with google but with other sellers like tmobile or daily deals etc etc.
    4th) these sellers are selling these nexus at high price than play store.
    5th) is google entitled to some profit these third party sellers are generating from nexus devices.
    if yes ( which is highly likely ) then that may be the reason nexus is not in stock with google unless they make up for the losses for the nexus they sold for low price or profit ( which is highly likely)
    5th) so non availability of nexus on play store is just a smart marketing strategy of google for covering losses or making profit by selling at high prices through third party sellers.
    in short they are shooting by keeping guns on other shoulders.

  16. I’m still f’n waiting. Orded on the 13th at 9am PST. I never received a back order notice and I was told last week “Oh its shipping Monday… no its shipping tuesday… no its shipping wednesday!” Finally I got an email Thanksgiving morning from one of the CSR’s I was emailing with and he informed me that my device was “probably back ordered”…. so they STILL don’t know what is going on with my order. I’m assuming im never going to be shipped the device and i’ll have to order again.

  17. My two back orders shipped yesterday and are arriving today, one day earlier than they were supposed to. One of these 16g Nexus 4’s will be used as a Diztronic giveaway. Haven’t decided how well do it yet, probably get entered by signing up for our newsletter. We will post details on our website soon.

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