HTC One X+ hands-on at CTIA MobileCON 2012 [Video]

The HTC One X+ was announced right next to the HTC One VX and is pretty much the slightly improved version of the HTC One X. The most important upgrade is its LTE-compatible quad-core Tegra 3 processor, which is clocked at 1.7 GHz.

Needless to say that this processor makes the device scream, but it is not much faster than the One X. What does make the device a bit smoother is the inclusion of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With project butter and that blazing fast processor, there is not much this phone can’t do.

One thing you might like about this version is that the design is more elegant. The AT&T HTC One X+ doesn’t come with the bright bright red camera outline and Beats logo the international version features. It also comes without those red lighted buttons and switched them to white. Aesthetics is a subjective topic so it is based on your preferences, but we happen to like a standard, elegant design more.

Check out the video and hit the comments with your opinion!

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  • Jacob

    That back cover sure gets grimy quickly. That’s why the white model is the best build-wise.

    • TJ Wall

      Lol. I know, right? It looked like he might have gross hands, though.
      Either way, I’m getting a big case. Otterbox Defender or Seidio ACTIVE.

  • bob

    Which way does the speaker face on the X+?

  • Nightfall

    Still with the stupid capacitive buttons…

    • scoter man1

      I still don’t get why people wanna sacrifice screen real estate just to make a place for buttons other than on the bezel.

      • Fifth313ment

        I agree I prefer the buttons. Or until at least Google gets together on better on-screen buttons. Motorola has a good implementation which showed the screen though the buttons so it’s not just a black background that is blank.

        • AMbro86

          Yeah I’m digging Motorola’s implementation. It’s much more attractive than the black background. I mean if you’re going to get a 4.5+ inch screen I want to look at all of it! And not just when watching movies.

      • C-Law

        Ive had my gnex almost a year and I don’t ever wanna go back to capacitive, and definitely not physical.

        • ari_free

          Virtual buttons is like Coke that doesn’t have any fizz. It still tastes like Coke but it doesn’t taste as good.

      • ari_free

        I agree. Until we come up with holographic virtual buttons with advanced haptic feedback, I’d rather have physical buttons.

    • AMbro86

      I don’t mind them. However I wish there was a way to dim them at night. Even when the screen is dimmed those things shine like there’s no tomorrow.

  • toomuchgame441

    They should have made it bigger… I don’t see them racking up on sales with this variant

    • AMbro86

      Oh they could rack up sales…if everyone could buy one instead of AT&T customers. I like the One X series but no point in me jumping on AT&T just for this.

  • satsmine2k4

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee tell us how much storage it has….. waited till the last second of video to hear that….

    • DavidVarghese

      64 gbs

  • DavidVarghese

    A great phone on roids. Nice.

  • BigCiX

    Not much of an upgrade from the Original One X unless its packed with 64gb of RAM. Knowing at&t they probably drop it.

    • DavidVarghese

      64 gb of RAM? Damn.

      • New_Guy777

        My thoughts exactly. 64GB Storage, yes. 2GB is quite enough RAM for my needs, although I wouldn’t say no to 4.

  • Jamille Browne

    HTC go f yourself with your exclusive bull crap. I hope you go bankrupt.

  • Fuzzypaw

    And once again HTC makes the mistake of partner exclusivity to only one carrier, which is why they are losing so much money in the first place… Seriously, how hard is it to realize that you need to do like Samsung, and get the same phone on all carriers with the same consistent branding?

    Oh, and for a late-in-the-year refresh, they should have bumped the ram to 2 GB, bumped up the storage and gone to S4 pro. Profoundly meh.

  • a)

    At what point does HTC put down the crack pipe?

  • AMbro86

    And I can’t get this because I’m not on AT&T…Grrrrrr! Well HTC, I’m a fan but you’d better throw me something quick or I’ll get the Razr HD instead.

  • alexander card

    gee thanks att, we make you gillions in the carribean and you hold out on us at the show – meh we did give away a couple of google tablets though ha ha

  • Francisco J Gonzalez

    The phone companies & the market using us like always, in this summer we suppose to have cuad-core devices they couldn’t make it and know almost 3 months coming with this htc, samsung etc. This is not fare I will keep my galaxy S3 and I really like, also not all the carriers use lte why don’t offer the choice in the summer to buy cuad-core version 3g or dual 4g? But this is a problem bettween the companies, if the companies was not prepare for the summer we pay the price for a lower offer on the phones.