Google Employees Have Their Own Internal Meme Generator Used To Poke Fun At Google Life [Leak]

If you weren’t already convinced that working at Google would be just about anyone’s dream job, here’s another reason. Apparently, Googlers have access to their very own meme generator they call “Memegen” found inside Google’s intranet dubbed “Moma.” Memegen is used to share a variety of employee-generated memes, poking fun not only at their employer, but at fellow Googlers using inside jokes of which we’re on the outside (it’s like high-school all over again).

Inside Memegen, you’ll find all sorts of hilarious images like a green trash can with the caption “Prior Art,” or a group of businessmen laughing hysterically with the caption, “We made all the interns use Chromebooks.” I have to admit, I LOL’d a few times. For some reason, I just can’t picture someone like Apple having a similar sense of humor (I hear they’re kinda uptight). More than anything, I guess this just reminds you once again why Google constantly tops lists like those of Forbes and Fortune’s “best companies to work for.” They’re just so damn cool.


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  • ade


    • Chris Chavez

      I was wondering what that was too! Hmmmmmm…

      • sabret00the

        Company (Department) Credit Card. Petty cash/expenses and such.

        • ingua2

          GMeme, since you had to ruin it.

  • ingua2

    would never happen at Apple. They would forcibly remove anyone from their lair who speaks ill of Apple, Timmy, DeadJobs or Woz the Aussie through memo, joke, in passing or meme.

  • DavidVarghese

    lol, do they make fun of Melissa Mayer at Google?

    • Ryan Stewart

      I think most of them were about missing Marissa. LIke the one about buying Yahoo just to bring her back.

  • wtpanos

    chrome book one is pretty great

  • Katelyn Thompson

    I think that the trash can caption is “DROID ART”. Makes slightly more sense to me…

    • ThaSik1

      can’t be Lol unless Google disabled their spell check alas “DRIOD” ;)

    • Max

      It’s funny how almost no girls are fandroids

    • Unorthodox

      That actually makes much less sense.
      I LOL’d at non-profit one.

    • Larizard

      I lol’ed after you pointed out.

      PS: I think it says “PRIOR ART” lol. Even more hilarious.

      • Chris poulos

        exactly my thoughts as well!

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  • ObasiS

    I lol’d at the Chromebook. My brother interns there and they made him use one.

  • Brad Prescott

    comic sans. -.-

  • Jeffrey Evans

    Anyone that names their mobile OS iterations after desserts has to be a cool place to work.

  • JLishere

    Ouch: Marissa Mayer, “Accomplished tech leader, finally leading a non-profit”

  • Ryan Strayhan

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t said this already ready, but the “group of businessmen” is, unless I’m mistaken, the freakin’ Reagan administration. Am I really that old to know that?

    • steveb944

      We just know politics a bit, no worries