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Here’s a Quick List of Jelly Bean Emoji’s Complete with Walkthrough [Tips & Tricks]


I received a request to share some of the emoji’s now supported in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so I thought I’d share with everyone. This is by no means a comprehensive list (you can see from the above image, I’m missing a few), but they could be helpful for those feeling left out of the emoji scene. Enjoy.

Up ↑

Down ↓

Left ←

Right →

Star ★

Smile ☺

Voltage ⚡

Warning ⚠

Victory ✌

Wheelchair ♿

Five-eighths ⅝

Seven-eighths ⅞

Liter ℓ

Soccer ⚽

Woman ♀

Man ♂

Telephone ☎

Phone ✆

Flat ♭

Sharp ♯

Note ♩

Multiplication ❌

Plus ➕

Minus ➖

Divide ➗

Lastly, here are a few more words to type out (but sadly, missing a preview):

question, exclamation, circle
paper, rock, scissors
baseball, soccer, golf
fahrenheit, celsius, degree
aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpius, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces
phone, telephone
airplane, sailboat
king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, pawn
church, temple
plus, minus, multiplication, divide
male, female
five-eighths, seven-eighths, one-thirds, two-thirds
happy, heart, star
sharp, flat

For those that missed the original discovery post a few weeks back, here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can enable emoji’s (also known as emoticons) on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Simply jump into your Settings > Language & input > Android keyboard (settings) > Add-on dictionaries > Emoji for English words. Mine was being difficult the first time around, so you may have to go back into Add-on dictionaries, click refresh and install again. From there, whenever you type out one of the keywords listed above in the regular Android keyboard, you should see an auto-complete suggestion for an emoji icon. Good luck!

[Link to shared note]

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  1. I learned a new word today, “emoji.”

  2. Stupid question but how do you use them or am I not understanding how to
    Aren’t they supposed to be imputed by like typing it to the keyboard???

    1. Same question

      1. @Asimoalex:disqus @e4cc991138d6e9734106106ee3452e43:disqus @65dcb72fc3d2fba8eb034a87e64b104e:disqus

        We posted directions awhile back but I’ll post up a visual walkthrough for y’all right now :)

        1. Ya chris to the rescue!

    2. agreed, this info would be helpful… the list is nice but how do we use demmmm

  3. Thank you for posting this when I asked. You are awesome.

  4. Anyone elses like not working …I’ve download and installed like 20 times ???

    1. Same, every time I install, they still don’t work. Then when I refresh the add-on dictionaries, emoji appears again like I never installed it in the first place.

      1. Same here. I’m using a cm10 beta.

        1. Aokp jelly bean build 2

      2. looks like im having the same problem

    2. paranoid android 1.992 not working either.

  5. On that list above, the 7th row down, 7th one from the left (2nd from the right), is that the apple emoji?

      1. Hope Apple doesn’t sue Google for that…

  6. i install them and every time i click on refresh it says to install again….it never wants to stay installed…very frustrating

  7. Does the receiving party have to be on jellybean to see them?

    1. They need to have a phone that supports emoji so either Jelly Bean or iOS.

      1. Thank you kind sir!

        1. If they’re using go sms it would work as well

    2. Everybody else will see ugly placeholder characters, like I’ve seen since forever in peoples’ usernames (containing emoji) in cross-platform games like iMobsters, but that now show up in JellyBean.


  8. I started reading it like the Contra cheat code.

  9. no workie…CNA 3.4.1

  10. I found one “spa” gives you a steaming hot tub. What’s the alien ? 5th row down, second from left. I can’t figure out what to type.

    1. That’s awesome! :D

      1. I found it when I tried to type “spaceman” for the alien. I need to know how to make the alien!!!

  11. How do you get the hand ones to come up? Like the okay sign?

  12. How to get the Android looking ones in the picture? Like these

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