New ADzero Bamboo Smartphone Renders Revealed – Inches Ever Closer To Release


I’ve always been a sucker for a well designed smartphone (honestly, sometimes — late at night — I find myself going online and looking at pics of the HTC One X) and when the bamboo constructed ADzero smartphone was unveiled earlier this year, I just about lost my mind. So radically different, the phone features a bamboo housing so very much unlike the cold, industrial designs we’re currently used to.

Now, the wraps have been taken off the latest protoype “design for manufacture” renders, showing slightly tweaked capacitive buttons, and a clean, polished bamboo, that’s nothing short of gorgeous. The ADzero smartphone will launch with Android 4.0 and its own custom “ADOAS” UI that has yet to be introduced but the company promises will be simple and “coherent” with the AD design philosophy. The phone will initially be offered in the UK, and is scheduled for a late 2012, or early 2013 release. Would you guys rock a bamboo Android device?


Chris Chavez
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  1. That is one sexy lookin phone :O

  2. uhhh duhh, amazing. Why cant any big manufacturer take some risks and do something like this, would be huge.

    1. I’m actually wondering who will take this design from them. I could definitely see a bamboo edition One X coming down the pipeline. It’s too bad for ADzero they can’t pantent their bamboo design..

    2. im pretty sure apple patented it the second they heard the news

      1. Apple patented the word patented, you can expect to hear from their lawyers soon.

    3. Same can be said about all things that grabs people attention. Motorola did it with the Razr and I like it. Carbon fiber, Kevlar, Titanium, Magnesium, Tungsten…all of these would be great and fun material to have on a phone. Id love to have a combination of titanium and a carbon/kevlar mix!

  3. Looks nice, probably feels good, and won’t interfere with radios. And if you drop it and ding it, you could just sand it out! Or custom carve stuff into it, who knows!

    1. Scuffs and dings will actually make it look cooler. “Personalized” even.. Lol

      1. how does it handle water though ?

        1. Hopefully it’ll float! :p

          1. but if it floats, it’s a witch! and we have to burn it. :-!

    2. That would be a really sweet idea and take customizing to a whole new level if it could be carved into!

  4. I’ld snatch that up in a second

  5. Maybe if it had on screen buttons

  6. It’s cooling me already.

  7. I hope the internal hardware is as sexy

  8. Looks terrific. If it only had on-scree-buttons. What we can see of the buttons, they look weird. And why only two?

  9. aside from the ugly capacitive and center button, it’s simply beautiful.

  10. Got wood!

  11. looks like a lumia

    1. kind of but you could also it borrows from the One X a bit too…

      1. Yeah it does! It’s kinda like a mix of the 1x and lumia

  12. I didn’t notice any LED on the back w/the camera – Maybe the finished product will address that… Very cool looking and eco-friendly I imagine.

  13. This phone really reminds me a lot of the Lumia 900 and the Sony Ion, that one might just be me seeing it looking like that, but that is what it looks like to me. It is very sleek looking and with the right hardware I would definitely pick one up.

  14. I wonder if the bamboo will swell and contract with temp and humidity. I really love the material, but not really digging this particular design. Hopefully this will be a stepping stone for more natural materials. I want my nexus to smell of rich mahogany…

  15. That’s a good looking phone. If I based my phone purchases on looks alone, I’d get one of these.

  16. Absolutely beautiful..! Hopefully they add flash for the camera when they release it

  17. Is this a pocket fire hazard? :-)

  18. I love the look. Hope it has the specs and chops to go along with it. Hopefully they won’t screw it yo too bad with overlay and bloatware.

  19. no Verizon lte no buy :(

  20. If it overheats, it might go up in flames.

  21. I wish someone would make a case like this, dang that’s a beauty!

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE-rc94xfyw&feature=relmfu

    Just gonna leave this here so I can stir the pot…

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