Google claims $4 million legal fees from Oracle


If you’ve been following the Oracle vs Google case, you might remember that at the time of coming to a $0 damages agreement, the Judge provided Google’s representatives 14 days to file their claim for recouping legal fees from Oracle. We now know the sum they want, and it’s a biggy: $4 million. The entire sum has been broken down by at Electronista.

$2.9 million for organization of copied court-necessary documents, $143,341 for transcript services, and $986,978 for compensation of the court-appointed experts.

Oracle had stated earlier that they would contest any claims, and this is in no way the last we’ve heard of this case anyway. Oracle will be appealing certain parts of the final ruling, and they seem confident to win partially at least. However, considering they initially believed that they could claim as much as $6.1 billion, I wouldn’t take that too seriously.

Since I’ve got next to zero understanding of the legal scene, I cannot comment on whether or not Google’s demands are likely to be met. However, I can’t deny that I hope Oracle is made to pay up. The case has already set a precedent when it comes to the determining that APIs cannot be copyrighted. If Oracle is forced to part with that large a sum, it could deter similar frivolous lawsuits in the future, and we’ve seen far too many of them.

[via Electronista]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Damn, for 2.9 million bucks I would have lived next to that xerox for the year copying all that crap.

    1. user311, making the copiiiiies

      1. Rob Schneider! Nice!

  2. Do this to Apple next. And add a zero or two

    1. Google should ask apple for 100 billion dollars because of stupidity. If Apple develops (copy) the balls to challange Google in the courtroom.

      1. If stupidity was an offense worthy of recuperating substantial costs in court, most of the world would be completely broke.

    2. You’d probably need three to make a difference.

  3. I think the sum Google is asking for it way too little. They should be asking for about 200 million million dollars or something in that vicinity. Anyways, I hope this sort of thing will begin to happen to Apple all over the place and that they will be made to pay their victims way more. Apple is one of the single most influential impediment to innovation in the world.

  4. The price of trolling: $4 million!

    1. That sounds about right. Maybe Disqus should add it to their disclaimer?

  5. my company will never make that kind of “organization of copied court-necessary documents” money.

  6. $3 million to make copies?!?! I know Kinkos is expensive but damn!

  7. Hopefully it does discourage frivolous lawsuits.

  8. It would be great if they even get HALF of that. I think it would definitely help deter these stupid lawsuits somewhat. It might not deter the “Troll King” but its a start.

  9. Google must have spent more than 2.9 mil on the case. I wonder why they are letting Oracle get off easy……..

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