HTC One X Drop Test – This One’s Painful To Watch [Video]

By now, many of you have had your eye on the HTC One X since it was released in Europe a few weeks ago. For us here in the states, we’re simply waiting until May 6th for the device to arrive on AT&T before we have decide if we’re going to pony up the cash for it. But whenever buying a new device, there’s often one question that sits in the back of everyone’s mind. One that not too many people are brave enough (or have pockets deep enough) to find out the answer to. How well can this device — the HTC One X in this case — survive a drop? It’s almost too painful to even think about.

Well, the boys at HTCPedia were brave/crazy enough to find out the answer to this question by subjecting their HTC One X to a variety of common drop scenarios, first one at hip height, then the more unlikely shoulder height drop, and finally, the worst scenario that could ever befall a device, that 1 in 6 chance a phone actually lands flat on its screen. How well did the HTC One X perform? This one’s hard to watch.

Dropping your brand new device onto cold, hard pavement is a very real possibility that most owners will experience at some point in their handset’s life. What’s funny is even the sound of a device hitting the ground is almost universally identifiable, sending shivers down the spine of anyone who cares about their phones as much as Android fans do. It’s almost like dropping a child.

Did the results in this video surprise you at all? I think there’s very few devices that could survive a flat, face-to-the-ground fall like that. The good news is, screen replacements are becoming cheaper and local repair shops that replace them are becoming more common. It’s not even the cracked screen I’m so worried about, even the slightest blemish anywhere on my device is enough to drive me to drink. Anyone else?

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  • Michael Williams

    I swear a single tear rolled down.

  • johnny989

    Why would show such a horrible video!!!! That poor phone! That poor beautiful phone!!! What bastards!!! :'(

    • johnny989

      Okay I’m good now. I just watched a video of an iPhone breaking and I feel better.

      • Ravin Gill


      • Samugai


      • Deltaechoe

         you only need to drop an iphone from ankle height to see the same damage as the one x in the vid

        • johnny989

          Or you can always punch it in, as such..


        • johnny989

          Or you can always boil it, as such…

          • shonangreg

            Does it blend ;-)

  • Ted Raymundo

    Please… stop… feel weak…

  • Adam

    the ambulance timed it right lol

    • redrooster13

      Exactly what I thought while watching the video.  lol

  • James G

    I really wish they would do this with all phones. My one buddy almost always drops his so it would be nice for people like him to know which ones are durable.

    • LawrenceMcatee

       buy him an otterbox and slap a stupid sticker on his forehead :p

  • jjrudey

    Isn’t this Gorilla Glass 2? I thought it would be stronger…

    • Joseph Lagalla

      It’s thinner though

    • Butters619

       GG2 is thinner and lighter.

      • jjrudey

        I would take stronger glass over thinner and lighter. 

        • Butters619

           So would I.  I was just saying.

        • Adnoxaei

          I want to see how GG2 at the old thickness performs. I am ok with a 12mm thick phone if it holds up to the elements and lasts for ages on a single charge.

      • OnAnotherNOTE

        iphone 4s vs galaxy s2 drop test prooves you wrong. Lighter and thinner is the winner.

        • Butters619

           What?  I was saying GG2 (Gorilla Glass 2) was thinner and lighter than OG Gorilla Glass.

    • barry99705

      Pretty good chance that if he didn’t drop it on a rock it wouldn’t have broken.  No glass is shatterproof, just shatter resistant.

  • Aaron soles

    I dropped my rezound by accident on the cement screen first and not a scratch on the screen but the invisible shield got a little messed up , few scratches on the chrome part but held up pretty well

    • Sobr0801

      dropped mine while long boarding. Case saved it, standard verizon one, screen was fine.

      • Andrey Feldman

        Dude, i dropped my sensation while long boarding. It fell and slid about ten feet on its back… still worked fine, but the back plate was all scratched up.

  • Samugai

    That definitely was painful to watch. We’re due for an upgrade and the woman wants to go with Verizon but there’s really no phone I like on Verizon, I want this one so I dunno what to do. For now i’m gonna keep waiting to see what else is available i guess…

    • LawrenceMcatee

       research your data network in your city! whoever is the fastest wins!

  • gazorp

    It is really lame people still don’t understand that if you drop glass on concrete it breaks…

  • Tropical Flowers

    So much for “gorilla glass”  .. that stuff is all hype.  I had it on my sensation and it scratched from keys in my pocket. You’d think if it couldnt handle that, what good is it?

    I mean, common, they cant come up with some kind of Lexan or soemthing that won’t break? Seems silly, since my house has clear shutters for hurricanes up to 150 mph winds+ projectiles..


    • Sobr0801

      gorilla glass is for scratches fool.

      • Tropical Flowers

        ..and as I said in my comment (which you clearly didnt read all the way)

        Gorilla Glass still scratches in your pocket next to keys.  Don’t believe me? Run your cars keys over your screen for a minute or so.. then we shall see who is the fool :P

        • Sobr0801

          Never had that problem before.

        • Andrew

          My droid held up to being keyed, and to being attacked by a knife, not a single scratch from that. But apparently my pockets are tougher cause it got scratches from sitting in their with nothing else…

          • Chris Chavez

            So. Damn. True.

            People don’t suspect it… but when it comes to rock, paper, scissors……………… cotton always wins. 

          • Adnoxaei

            The little reinforcing rivets on jeans taught me to always have the screen facing out away from me. I’ve noticed that these two rivets are not present on a couple newer pair that I bought. Seems like a couple designers scratched a phone or two.

          • Andrew

            Lol just noticed you commented on my post, i feel special :P

        • poosh2010

          the fool is the guy who puts his keys in the same pocket as his expensive phone.

          • shonangreg

            ROFL :-)

        • Butters619

           I’ve taken keys to stuff with gorilla glass including my own phone and its fine.

        • John Wentworth

          If your going to put your phone and keys in the same pocket put a screen protector on it, I always use a screen protector because I know I’m too careless to remember not to do it and no scratch resistant screen is ever going to be scratch proof and I’m anal enough that if I had a scratch on my screen I’d feel the need to replace the phone, screen protectors I can just change for less than $15, I do buy the rather expensive zagg screen protectors because they don’t scratch up easily like the cheap ones.

    • barry99705

      Lexan scratches faster than any glass.  

    • bossmonkey

      Gorilla glass is not scratch proof, it is scratch resistant. It’s like saying something water resistant is the same as being waterproof. 

    • shonangreg

      I think the glass on capacitive phones has to be quite thin to register the touch. It might be really thin, so you’re expecting way too much here.

      And like others are saying here, the types of glass that don’t break generally achieve this by being flexible, hence plexiglass. But flexible also means soft and easily scratched.

      I imagine a carbon nanotube infused glass or somesuch might be discovered some day, but for now no one is making such.

    • AGx

      Idk, I’ve dropped my MT4G hundreds of times (probably literally because it drops at least 3 times a day, waist height), no screen protector or case. Paint on the metal is chipped a bit but the screen doesn’t have a scratch on it. It even slid a good 5 feet face down across a parking lot because i was running. Not even a scratch on the screen. If you saw my phone you’d think it’s been through a war but again, the screen is still great. 

      I’d say Gorilla Glass does a great job as long as you’re not deliberately dropping it on its face. I mean, of all the possible angles it could hit on, the face has such a small chance its not a big deal.

      • setspeed

         You really drop your phone 3x a day? Maybe you should wear it on a lanyard round your neck!

  • Butters619

    Just convinced me to get phone insurance.  Although it did hold up pretty well.

  • PS0

    I’m off to stab out my eyeballs now, brb.

  • DavidVarghese

    There lies the HTC One X… oh wait.. still works. :D

  • Alexander Ramirez

    Eh, it’ll buff right out. 

  • AJA0

    What’s the point of making their phones shaped like bricks yet not being able to withstand a fall?

    • Chris Chavez

      This phone is NOT shaped like a brick. It’s shaped like sex. 

      Sex is fragile….. and beautiful. O_o

      • LawrenceMcatee

         Sometimes I wonder is HTC sponsors you ;p

        • Chris Chavez

          Maybe if I get rid of this Galaxy Nexus… =p

    • vioalas

      It was able to withstand two falls….. :P third time was the charm

  • bmg314

    Until phones come with transparent aluminum or holographic displays,I will ALWAYS use a quality screen protector and case on my devices, for resale value protection if nothing else.

  • Pkmmte

    I love how you can hear an ambulance after the mighty face-down test. Perfect timing.

  • YMensahwatts

    Sure is sexy…big phones just look sex…and big HTC phones are on the top of the big sexy phone look…they just need to pay attention to battery life…if they did they very well could become the top dog cellphone makers…or close to it behind the mighty iiiiiiiiiii

  • Marsg

    next time instead of dropping it on concrete feel free to drop it into my mailbox. 

  • ColtonWalker

    At least it wasnt an iphone. The iphone is the most fragile pos that i have ever seen

  • Larizard

    This is one of the moments when I cry about the news that Google might be selling off Motorola’s handset department… 

    Oh Motorola, if only you make better looking phones….

    • JBrowne1012

      If only they didn’t cater only to verizon with their best devices. 

  • Samsung_Apple_Fan

    Samsung, King of Drop Tests ;)

    • ColtonWalker

      funny how everyone complains about the build material too. I have dropped my moment more times than i can count. All i have to show for it is 2 minor scuffs

      • vioalas

        That’s the thing though. The build material does suck, just cheap plastic. But build resiliency is something else, and Samsung excels in it.

      • LawrenceMcatee

         Your moment still works? I had a moment and it was so bad…. I wish I still had it to try and root it and cmsomething it

        • ColtonWalker

          Well when you say works i would use that term loosely. It basically doesnt function correctly about 60% of the time. Getting rid of it when sprint rolls out their version of the one x. It is such a terrible phone. Had an upgrade february 1st but i wanted to wait for the next gen phones.

          • LawrenceMcatee

             Jesus I want to send you my og evo out of pity lol That phone can’t even run the original angry birds haha!

          • ColtonWalker

            Nope no angry birds. Even the apps it does run force close 50% of the time apps like sound hound spotify and even the task manager take a minute to load up. Here is something fun that happens around a dozen times a day. I press the unlock button and nothing happens. Eventually something will happen and then it freezes. Also sometimes the touch screen just flat out refuses to work. Dont feel too bad i just have one more month and i can retire the old veteran

      • JBrowne1012

        When people complain about the build quality they are actually upset with how light the phone is and associate it with feeling plasticky because they are used to carrying bricks in their pockets weighing their pants down.

  • REVS

    when are they gunna come out with shatter proof glass? this is redic!!!!! ive broken screens on a total of 6 phones 3 of which had “gorilla glass” useless bs 

  • Tyler

    Ya my girlfriend dropped my evo 3d at dinner once, there was a very slight scrape in the upper left corner so I broke up with her

  • MagicMiguel

    Nothing like watching a bunch of guidos break a phone…

  • yankeesrule587

    you dont need a durable phone if you get a durable snap on case. My G2 has a hard shell case that i bought with the phone. Dropped it several dozen times and the only thing that broke was one of the plastic nobs holding it onto the phone, so i have to replace the case….people that dont get cases because they want their phone to look “sexy” should blame themselves when their phone shatters into a million pieces on a cold hard sidewalk someday.    

    • setspeed

       I used to have a case on my DZ (G2, Vision, whatever you want to call it) but that thing made it into a total brick even more than it already was. I just have a screen protector now.
      Admittedly my phone has accumulated a few battle scars, but since I won’t be selling it ever anyway, I don’t care (will keep it as a backup phone when I do get something new).
      The first time I dropped it and it got some damage I was completely gutted for a couple of days, but after that it meant I could stop treating it like a baby. That is a nice liberating feeling. I think when I get a new phone (maybe the GS3) that I will have to go back to babying again, since it’ll be all new and shiny :-/

  • Klutz

    Yup…dropped mine! Not once but twice! First drop the phone was only 5 days old! Replacement came in mail…next day…DROP! Second shatter worse than first! But yet…I still want this phone! So hard to find replacement and who/how to repair! Looks like ANOTHER replacement!