New Samsung Galaxy S III Render Pops Up In Press Invite – To Be Unveiled May 22nd? [Update]


Not to take anything away from the recently announced HTC EVO 4G LTE, but a new image has popped up on a few Korean websites showing what could be a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The invite shows us a good half of an all new, more aerodynamic Galaxy S III, and invites press to come take a look at the device when it’s unveiled on May 22nd in London. You can see from the above image, this doesn’t look like your typical render. Previous renders have been either laughable or exaggerated at best, and for the first time ever… I think this is the real deal. I mean, it isn’t really too out there in terms of design and actually fits — in my head anyway — what I would expect from Samsung’s next flagship while still remaining practical. What do you guys think? Shenanigans? Or could this really be it? More over, do you hope this will be it?

UPDATE: Eldar Murtazin, one of the few people in the world who is said to have actually held the device, tweeted this a few moments ago on Twitter:

Typically, “no comment” is just another way of confirming something you’re not supposed to speak of. Don’t even get me started on that smiley face.

[Daum | Yahoo Korea]

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  1. Oh that? That doesn’t take away from the HTC EVO 4G LTE at ALL!!….yea right. I will wait patiently to see what Sammy’s got!!

  2. I hope that is the back of the phone, otherwise it has a big chin that people won’t like. I’m still waiting for a full shot of it though.

    1. Pretty certain it’s the back of the phone, trying to showcase the ceramics perhaps?

  3. could be it..
    im excited 

  4. I hope this is it and it comes to T-Mobile with everything the evo 4g lte has but with 42mbps,super amoled HD plus, dual core exynos 5212? And asap!

    1. …And poor Tommy B felt a slight warmth of pleasure while attacking innocent victims with inappropriate comments. One can only wonder if his built-up anger was a result of the scars of his childhood abuse or a tool to compensate the sad realization that his life had proven utterly meaningless…

  5. That image is very exciting if real, looks as if Samsung is finally heading in a new direction materials-wise….  I think it’s worth the wait.

    1. This is it…  Come to papa

      T1000 PHONE!!!!

  6. Thats a large bezel…if its the speaker grill then I’m not terribly concerned but I did picture something that was almost pure screen. I am not going to put much stock into it, after all, remember THIS teaser pic of the Galaxy Nexus? 

    1. Yeah. That was actually a pic of the Galaxy Nexus. The line just exaggerated the curvature. For dramatic purposes =p

      1. highly exaggerated. the design of the gs3 does seem interesting if this is a real image of it

        1. That is the back of the phone. It isn’t the front. The front is likely all display.

  7. most likely the back of the device?

  8. by the way can you say fingerprints?

    1. Fingerprints kind of come with a touchscreen phone.  You want a matte finish?  No thanks.  It wouldn’t look as brilliant.

    2. Every phone I’ve had has been polished clean after walking around with it in my pocket for a few minutes.

      1. Those pictures pretty much say everything I thought. Oh dear god I may pay full retail so I don’t have to wait until January 2014…

    1. Mine too :D and I’m in the city on the 22nd for an MRI… where can i get an invite to the launch event ?!?!?

  9. With no bezel at all to the sides? I think not. This looks like a bad fanboy mockup. Also, what’s the point of the holes in the side, other than collecting lint?

    1.  To uh….hold it?

    2. What holes?  I see a groove… which is groovy to me ;)

      1. Sorry, should we take this in Danish instead? :)

  10. Looks like the most legit leak I’ve seen.

  11. That looks crazy! Finally a phone that’s going with the conventional candy-bar look! But I have no clue if its legit… I hope it is though… either way I’m going for the HTC EVO 4G LTE… HTC has been good to me, unlike Samsung… 

  12. IF that is the front of the phone, then wow. Finally, a sleek, sexy design that is actually different. I might just have to abandon htc for this go around…for the next sic months or so, anyway.

  13. just don’t understand the grooves on the side(s) of the phone.  seems an uber awkward way to hold and ironically more prone to slipping from the hand.  why not fill in the grooves and put more “stuffage” in there (dock connections, dedicated cam button, etc)?

    1. I like it…at least somebody is trying to branch out in the design department….for quite a while now, each oem’s handsets have looked alike…

    2. If the front screen does go all the way to the edge, grooves would be welcome.

  14. These tablet size phones aren’t big enough, i got a kewl idea lets make them EVEN BIGGER.

  15. I don’t know about most people but I use a case with every phone that I use, I drop my phone about once a month in the morning getting in my truck, concrete is not easy on any phone, I wish that I would have waited till the galaxyiii comes out but I am still very happy with my galaxy now, far as HTC I am just not a fan of their phones, why do they have that damn camera bump on the back to me it just makes their phones look like crap but opinion’s are like a-holes everybody has one, it’s just what ever the user likes

    1. The question is why does the camera bump bother you, if you use a care on it?

      1. Because the camera bump pokes out of the cases as well

      2. Because when you sit your phone down on a desk or table, it would be nice if it didn’t wobble because of a bulky camera sticking out. 

    2. I agree completely about the camera bump.  I hate those!  Phones with camera humps are thin as it is, just fill in the rest of the phone with something useful, like improved hardware or a better battery, and make the damn phone symmetrical.

    3. Htc don’t have the technology to make the camera as good as smsungs or other OEMs without taking that much room

  16. For me it comes down to this and the HTC One X (which I checked out yesterday in my local Optus store). I have an I9000 and I’m thinking I may remain loyal to Sammy if that render is legit.

    1. HTC on the left, Samsung on the right

  17. I’m not really gonna wait for Samsung this time around… My father got the SGSII and there is no stable from the source CM9 or CM7. Theres only unofficial ports which are in ALPHA. There are lots of developers for the SGSII, but Touchwiz left a dry taste in my mouth after the first 2 Galaxies on Sprint… HTC always get CM support, great development community, and I don’t mind having a less bloated Sense 4.0… I dunno, what do you guys think?

    1. The Galaxy S II is an amazing phone, CM9 is pretty good in their nightlies atm, but a more stable rom is AOKP. It’s superb, great battery life, very customizable, and NO BUGS. I have it on my mom’s Galaxy S, and my Galaxy S II.

    2. CM9 for the GS2 is incredibly stable.. Unofficial ports?? What??!! Oh, you are talking about the Sprint version with that ridiculously long name.  I’m sorry.

      1. Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, yes that phone.

    3. Nothing that Go Launcher or MIUI can’t fix, or both.

  18. So all the fakes with the May 22 event in London were right but the renders of the phone were wrong.

    Maybe those renders are real but maybe not the GIII and maybe a galaxy R2 or Y2 or W2…..O.o

  19. Well, not sure it’s the real thing, maybe we should hang in Korean’s bars just in case or just wait and see.

  20. This is annoying like iPhone 5 rumors.

    1. Just don’t click… like with iPhone rumors O_o

  21. Fabulous

  22. The large bezel at the bottom could house buttons rather than having on screen buttons but who knows if this is real or fake, I for one find it quite appealing

  23. Seriously !? Why would Samsung put an image of the Phone on the invite? All they have to say is next-gen phone or whatever! Invites prepared so early are also add to the suspicion.

    1. To take the spotlight away from HTC?

      1. New generation coming!
        Whats your smart life?
        Really? Shenanigans!

  24. this seems the most legit pic of galaxy s3 by far
    companies do often leak their own product themselves in order to gather attention
    (which the htc one x is getting a lot)
    and sammy did leak the galaxy s2 pic with specs last time before mwc unveiling to rival 
    yet again htc with sensation

    the pic seems to be of the back of the device
    cause u cant have the speaker or microphone bent away from you (opp of nexus design)

    legit or not
    i want the gs3 to look as revolutionary like this after all sammy does take care of the internal hardware department rather nicely and would be nice if they took care of the outside too

    after hearing for 2 yrs from ifreaks (i hav used both gs1 and gs2) how the sammy phones feel “plastiky” just want to go and say HA HA IN YOUR FACE 

    1. I love when iZombies talk about GS2s ‘plasticy’ feel. i have dropped my phone several times and never has it so much as chipped and no scratches at all on the screen yet everyone has seen more than their fair share of shattered iphone screens.
      Anyway im just hoping this thing is as sturdy as the razr maxx and similar battery life would be nice.

  25. Where will the tactile buttons go like volume rocker, dedicated camera button or power button go?

  26. Yep, that’s my next phone. May 22, please hurry!!

    1. dude we have to wait 6 months after the uk release..remember what happened with the s2

      1. Good point. But at least we’ll know what to expect when it is finally released in the US.
        My contract ends in in October, so that will be perfect timing for buying the GS3!

  27. Its either Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S3 for me I had the Samsung Epic OG , Nexus S4G & I’m getting another Samsung phone I just love Super Amoled!!! If that pic is the Galaxy S3 then WOW!!! looks amazing what if that little groove on the side is for a S Pen which you can slide up in there that would be great

  28. I never cared for the aesthetics of the previous Galaxy phones, but if that is actually an indication of what it actually looks like, I like what I can see of it! I look forward to actually seeing it.


  30. Looks good to me, though if it comes with Touchwiz, all the magic is gone.

    1. touch wiz will be coming along 100%  so magic is gone for you sorry. Unless you visit xda for your billion different options

      1. Those options are there but rooting still is not child’s play. I think Samsung will score a major home run if they offer touchwiz as well as vanilla options when booting the phone

        1.  Its nice to dream but that will never happen. I dont want to explain it, but HW manufacturers will never NOT skin Android ever. Never ever ever ever. So if thats a deal breaker for you, then it just is. And always will be.

          1. True but they should follow motos lead, change the icons and color but leave the basic ics interface there. Blur is the only one that looks like ics . Quite amazing that blur used to be the worst of the skins

        2. to be honest, yes i hope they don’t include touch wiz.  but most likely it will be included.

    2. I don’t mind Touchwiz on my SGS1 so much. What I DO mind is waiting almost two freakin months for a simple announcement of a phone we all know is coming. Hopefully we get a good leak before May. I skipped the SGSII for this sexiness!

  31. Possibly real but unlike samsung they never actually showed an image of the same only a curtain covering the while phone. But who knows.

  32. quad core and like a 4000mAh batter please? :P

    1. keep dreaming i expect somewhere in the range of 2000-2200 mAh

  33. Damn it… unveiled May 22nd? That means we won’t have the phone for quite some time after that. Haha, I really wanted to get rid of this Dinc and get a new phone.. I don’t HAVE to have one.. so I guess I can wait a few more months

    1. uk gets it first america might have to wait 6 months after that to get it like with the s2

  34. I say it is fake. That thing looks like some future space aged device. It’s not real, if you ask me.

  35. Oh, God, let this thing this be the real deal. Definitely getting it. This is the most beautiful smartphone design I’ve ever seen. I’ll take two, don’t care how much I costs

  36. is anyone concerned that it will release extremely late in america like the gs2 did? if so im not even going to bother waiting 6 months after the uk release

    1. They said in a statement that it would be a simultaneous release.

      1. yeah for everywhere but america. For them to release it in america they have to let the carriers have their way with it and that takes like 2-3 months

    2. No this is why the phone has not been announced yet so that they can release everywhere at rufly the same time like the iPhone

  37. if this phone comes out 6 months after the uk release like the gs2 did i wont bother..ill just wait for the next nexus phone

  38. will it come to verizon?????

    1. No. They only sell HTC/Moto Droid crap.

      1. Funny…both of my last two phone pruchases from VZW were Samsung devices.

        They skipped *one* device.

        Get over it already.

        1. Which is why I left.

  39. I remember when most of you used to bash Samsung and said you would never buy another Samsung phone after the Behold II debacle. Makes me feel good that I’ve always stuck with them. They are now the BEST Android device manufacture. 

    1.  Well, except for the radios…and the software…and the hardware…  ;-)

      (That was mostly tongue-in-cheek, btw…in case you were wondering.  All the phones in my household are Samsung)

    2. Since launch of the Galaxy S line they’ve always been

  40. Looks coolish much, and the fact that it looks like it will be coming out, outside of the US first…ihope when it gets here it will be bug-less.

  41. OMG! If it’s that beautiful… OMG….

  42. I think it’s the bottom of the back. Notice how it has a slight bump at the bottom and a slightly curved bottom edge outline like the Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus? I think I read somewhere that Samsung may take the design cue from Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus for the S3.

  43. Very cool looking. 

  44. Looks like none removable battery. No external SD ?

    1. So from a half image of the front of the device, you can tell it’s a non-removable battery, can you? You must have X-ray eyes or something. Or maybe you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  45. Well it looks like this year it’s gonna be HTC vs Samsung for best phone. Man 2012 is shaping up to be an amazing year. First the One X then the SGSIII…. can’t freaking wait!!!!

    1. HTC arent even in the race..with One X
      With its puny small audio when video recording…shame really very disappointed.
      Htc needs to up their hardware or it’ll alwyas be just a reiteration of the same old htc desire…

  46. Looks like a phone you would find in a futuristic RPG game… I so want

  47. Looks nice but we have to wait till mid may.

  48. The future foretold in movies is coming true.  Samsung is the company that ends up inventing the liquid metal the terminator is made of…and that’s what they are using to make the Galaxy S 3 out of!!
    Now, if we could only get miracle #2…for this phone to end up on Verizon’s network.

    1. technically they’re half way there

      They build sentry bots with machines guns for guard duty…
      I think it can track multiple targets in 2mi radius plus night vision tracking capabilities as well

  49. Yes, that phone looks very pretty. I know the specs will be better than anything else out at the moment so if it looks this good then I’ll be selling up my SGS2 and jumping on the SGS3 band wagon.

  50. The date seems more plausible that the design it makes me wonder, why show a pictureof samsung sgs3 two months before the announcement?

  51. If Samsung really sends out invite, I doubt it will explicitly mention the name of the product…

  52. I had my eye set on the gnex for sprint but I might just hold off a purchase for a couple months to see what shakes…a release date leak, or anouncement might actually stop a lot of people from jumping on that new evo…especially if they could bring the actual phone to a stateside carrier in or prior to august…

  53. Could that be a stylus holder on the side?

    1. Looks like it. It’s amazing how stylus’ are making a comeback lol.

  54. Aerodynamic? Finally, a phone that won’t slow me down when I am waddling my fat ass along while talking. Now maybe I won’t be in other peoples way!

    Good god…..You people that obsess over the appearance of a device that you may keep at most a year is comical. 

    It’s time to find a girlfriend for most of you. 

  55. FAKE

    Looks shopped to me.

    Wish it was true because that is sexy.

  56. It is not coming in may.

  57. Got my one X today…couldn’t wait any longer for Samsung to inform anyone of when something might happen…or not. Who knows, I may regret it. But only time (and a lot of it) will tell.

  58. MMmm, sexy sexy phone.  Now just tell me they’re dropping a 5250 Exynos with A15 architecture in there and I’ll be on this like white on rice

  59. Beautiful design!

    From the comments here, who would say geeks do not appreciate beauty and aesthetics.  

    Beauty and geek.

  60. I was originally going to go with the skyrocket hd but AT&T has taken too long. I think I’ll hold out for the gs3.

  61. I really hope that is some kind of composite and not metal, radios and metals don’t get along…

  62. how can it be a leak… if samsung has not announced anything on this phone. why would there be any posters announcing a release date. and why would the screen look even smaller. 

    1. they’ll spend quite some time designing the poster trying to make it enticing, but not giving too much away. so if a designer or someone leaked an early version, then that’s a leak

  63. Omg this phone is gonna do some serious damage. I mean really it’s gonna be a tsunami when it comes.

  64. Looks like complete garbage.

  65. If this is real then ill be selling my Galaxy Nexus for this on release! SEXIER THAN MY PHONE BY FAR!

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