NVIDIA to bring Kepler GPU technology to future superphones?


NVIDIA has recently released Kepler, arguably among the best in GPU technology. The product is not falling short, and the company has some high hopes for this technology. In an e-mail, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang states that their plan is to extend Kepler’s influence to multiple platforms and even “superphones,” in the future.

“Today is just the beginning of Kepler. Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones.” -Jen-Hsun Huang

This 28nm GPU technology is characterized by its performance and efficiency. It runs some of the most demanding graphics in a breeze. The first product with Kepler architecture happens to be the newly released GeForce GTX 680 GPU, which is for desktop PCs. But as this technology moves on to the mobile world, we could be seeing what brings mobile gaming the closest to console-quality gaming.

This may not be the easiest of tasks, but with some luck, we might be seeing this technology embedded into Tegra 4 or 5 chipsets. Take a look at the embedded video to see what this new processor is all about, and let the drooling begin.

[Source: Anandtech Via: The Verge]

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  1. Nvidia is crap when it comes to mobile gpu’s.  They always hype it up then fail to deliver.  Samsung owns mobile gpus.

    1.  Samsung use ARM Mali GPUs

    2. If you are referring to laptops, then Nvidia is definitely not crap. 

      1. phones

  2. we already know that:

    -Maxwell: is going to be An improved kepler GPU + an ARM cortex a15 CPU (probably 8 64bit cores)

    -tegra4 aka wayne: is going to be 4 ARM cortex a15 based 32bits cpu + 24 to 32 GPU cores for smartphones and 64 GPU cores for tablet version (the GPU is going to be based on the kepler architecture)

    1.  Cortex-A15 is 32-bit, the 64-bit equivalent hasn’t been anounced yet.

  3. Just because the PowerVR SGX 543mp2 has been benchmarking better than the Tegra 3’s GPU doesn’t automatically make the Tegra 3 crap.

    First of all, the 2nd Gen ULP Geforce is not benchmarking much less than the PowerVR 543mp2 with the exception of the glbenchmark Egyptian pro offscreen benchmark.

    Secondly, there is no other GPU on Android that’s even close to the Tegra 3’s GPU. The S4 is using the same crappy Adreno 225 that’s found on the Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

    So when it comes to positioning, the Tegra 3 has a better CPU than the newest iPad (A5X), and the Tegra 3 will have a better GPU than the S4. So that puts the Tegra 3 in between the A5X and S4.

    As for Samsung, they’ll need to have the Mali 604T and not the rumor of them sticking with the same Mali 400mp4 as their next GPU if they want to remain competitive with Nvidia.

    One thing is for sure, Apple is holding the crown for having the best GPU, and so far Nvidia is the only competitor that even stands a chance at competing with imagination technology. At least, with Tegra 3, you’ll have Tegra Zone support with dynamic lighting and GPU Physx not found on the latest PowerVR chip.

    1. Skyrocket uses Adreno 220, the 225 is said to be much improved. We will have to wait and see with the newer version as no phones currently use it.

  4. That’s kind of a false statement that they didn’t fall short. They claimed it would be 15% faster than 7970 and it didn’t end up being that much faster. 

  5. Tegra 4 5 6 7 8?
    In 2 years arm will be 64 bit memory compliant as well as direct x 11 capable
    Same time as next gen consoles come with dx 11 lol.

    1. lol look up nvidias roadmap for the tegra SoC, tegra wayne also known as tegra 4 will be directx 11 capable and that’s going to be released end of 2012 

  6. I don’t see the whole need to advance smartphone GPUs SOOO much. Gaming on phones will never be like console or, especially, PC gaming. I HATE touchscreen gaming. Besides, the most fun phone games are ones that don’t need a ton of GPU power, like Angry Birds for example.

    1. if everyone had that mentality, then so much technology that we use today never would have been invented like cell phones and laptops.  Believe it or not, PSP’s and nintendo DS’s do sell.  Increasing GPU power on phones will only improve touchscreen gaming.  

      1. PSP Vita’s are incredibly fun. The are COMPLETELY different from phones though. Internally, similar yes, but not externally. 

    2. I agree with touchscreen gaming being limited.

      Most of the time, I plug in my tablet via HDMI to my television and play games like Shadowgun using a Bluetooth game controller. I’d love to play high-quality games from my phone into my TV to replace current game consoles thus being more portable.

      1. yea i prefer xbox/playstation over touchscreen any day

    3. I don’t like touch screen gaming either.  So picture this: Your Quad-Core phone with some bad-ass GPU is hooked up to your TV, wirelessly or wired.  You have a Bluetooth PS3 style controller hooked up to your phone while you’re sitting on your couch playing MW3 caliber games.  

      Gaming with phones IS like console gaming already because I have done that very thing with ShadowGun on my rooted GS2 and a playstation 3 controller.

      With no next-gen Xbox or Playstation in sight, phones will be up there with today’s consoles next year.

  7. Will this be in my next Xbox?

  8. The 680 is nowhere near power efficient the GTX 680 needs a min 600 watt PSU to run it.

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