Worried about Motorola getting Android dibs? Andy Rubin is here to appease you


Andy Rubin has taken the stage at MWC, and has spoken about Google’s acquisition of Motorola, and its plans. Google swears that its open nature will stay the same, and the Motorola acquisition is simply meant to expand its patent portfolio. Recent actions have raised concerns in the community, though. Mainly the fact that Google is putting Sanjay Jha aside and making Google’s very own Dennis Woodside CEO of Motorola Mobility.

According to Android’s Andy Rubin, Google’s open philosophy will stay un-touched. He goes on to mention that Google has “literally built a fire wall” between both companies, and Motorola operates as a separate entity.

“I don’t even know anything about their products, I haven’t seen anything. They’re going to continue building Motorola branded devices and it’s going to be the same team doing it.” -Andy Rubin

Aside from favoritism, Rubin was also asked if Motorola would continue to make its own UI overlay. Andy Rubin said that that was also not his business, and that was solely up to the Motorola team (sadly).

“Even if I was completely insane, it wouldn’t make any sense for me to think that we could get Motorola to be 90 plus percent marketshare and compete with the huge field of Android vendors. It just isn’t gonna happen.” -Andy Rubin

With that said, we can rest assured that Android will continue being as awesome as it has been. At least for now. And an even brighter future awaits our favorite little green robot.

[Via: The Verge]

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  1. “Literally built a fire wall”. I want to see this literal wall of fire separating the two companies.

    1. You clearly don’t know any of the definitions of “fire wall”.

      1. You clearly don’t know the definition of “Literally.”

        1.  There may be a literal firewall there — a wall of fire-resistant bricks. It may even be in another building. Then the literal firewall would be rather meaningless if there is no metaphorical firewall to prevent the two from collaborating.

    2. Watch you go there and there’s this sacred flame separating them. LoL!!

  2. im pretty sure Google had already said this last year when the acquisition started, but i guess things have to be repeated to get people to understand? lol

    1.  over and over again these days cause noone listens to anyone anymore unless your name is Steve Jobs. Then they follow your every word like it’s scripture.

  3. Screw blur, how about my bootloader?

    1. True, ironic how Motorola is the most hostile company against modders and devs.

  4. I remember when there used to be a time when Motorola had 90% market share. Ah….the early 90’s…

  5. First order of business should be to get rid of blur on all future devices. A Google owned company would have no excuse for updates taking months and months .

    1. What about the carriers? Don’t they have their share of reasons to delay an update too?

  6. Worried about Motorola getting “Android Dibs”? No. Worried that Google won’t take full advantage of having one of the best Android manufacturers? Maybe. I WANT Motorola to get dibs on Android. I’m tired of Samsung getting the manufacturer contracts. I have always loved Motorola’s phones and tablets, I just wish they had less blur and unlocked bootloaders. On the bright side, Motorola already seems to be using less blur and slowly opening their devices (at least over seas) somewhat. I hope that having Google as a parent will allow them to stand up to the carriers and stop locking bootloaders, and that their version of Android 4 will be significantly de-blurred. On the other hand, I do like the idea of Smart Actions (included on the Droid 4), and an added sound toggle on the home screen. If Google stops playing like they don’t care, I think the two companies have a bright future together.

  7. More hopeful than worried…

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