HP TouchPad Receives Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich – Minds Will Be Blown [Video]


Holy gee-willikers, Batman! Remember the HP TouchPad fire sale that set the internets a blaze a few months ago? Well, I’m definitely kicking myself for missing out — especially after seeing this. Like a doubting Thomas, I didn’t have much faith in our wonderful Android modding community (or that the TouchPad would have much support going for it) but the failed tablet has received a very early — yet satisfying — Android 4.0.3 port, otherwise known as CM9.

A nice little thread has been posted over on RootzWiki on the development of the ROM, with instructions on how to build your own — get this — from source (if you’re into that sorta thing). The OP also hopes more “devs” will help contribute and not just kang others’ work but that’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to the Android modding community.

A video was uploaded to YouTube showing off all the progress up until now and although still an alpha build, I must say, I was more than impressed. You will be too, I promise. Check it out.

Thanks, lynyrd65!

[Via RootzWiki]


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  1. lol i was impressed too when google books was the first working app ;)

    all kidding aside, this is impressive that a functional build of ICS is hitting a non android device before most android devices!

    1. Haha! =p 

      And yeah… the HP TouchPad is now “The Little Tablet That Could.”

    2. That’s how it was when the HD2 got ICS, this phone has been receiving new versions of Android before most other phones thanks to the developer community.

      Hey everyone, go to this XDA link: and add your name against SOPA & PIPA. XDA is dark right now but will return once 50,000 submissions are in.

  2. I got myself and my mom one, cm7 on mine, miui on hers. I’m downloading on tp now. The modding community is awesome, it’s weird a bunch of people who maybe get some financial benefit(donations) keep devices relevant. But the companies that make billions off of us let devices that are capable die before their time. I had gingerbread on my hero which let it become a decent device for my brother to use.

    This is a great accomplishment.

    Has anyone just installed via twrp or cmd via moboot? the page but I installed miui then cm7 via cwn

    1. I meant cwm not cmd but edit is messing up so I could t edit.

  3. Wow I can’t freaking wait to test this out, it’s a bit early for me but the guys working on CM9 are a talented bunch.

  4. It’s really looking great and has lots of features it seems… Do you have any more video regard this release?

  5. wow kerennnn|-berita-dicka/

    1. watched the vid? Liked it?

  6. Really want to try this out but building my own kind of worries me. Might need to pass for now. But amazing work from the team!

  7. My mind MIGHT’VE been blown, if I was able to buy one during the TWO FIRESALES, but I couldn’t. Yes… I’m bitter about all the dolts who bought ’em up only to resell instead of use (but at least most of ’em aren’t able to resell for what they want. hah! :)

    ebay’s servers choked on the second sale.

    Protip (no, really): I learned NOT to use ebay.COM for huge auctions, and instead use ebay.IE or other country’s ebay sites, as they stay snappy for whatever reason.

    1. Dude, any and all servers thrown at these firesales choked. This was seriously a weird convergence.

      HPs, any and all retailers the following weeks, ebay, etc…

    2. I laugh every time I try to search for one and ppl are trying to get $300+ for it. No way will I pay that much money for something that has been discontinued and virtually has NO warranty. 200% profit? Sorry buddy.

  8. It’s almost like they put out this video to shut us up. Yeah, we’re working on. It’s broke. Shut up and leave us alone! :)

  9. Will definitely install this today!

  10. Now this is what I’ve been wanting!

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