Samsung Feigns Interest In RIM – Reportedly Not Interested In BlackBerries



Following rumors from BGR citing unnamed sources, Samsung is flat out denying these “reports” that they were the lead manufacturer in talks to save the sinking ship that is RIM. A Samsung rep said,

“We haven’t considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in [buying RIM],”

And why would Samsung be interested in buying RIM? Aside from their BlackBerry trademark becoming an almost household name in the business world, that was ages ago and the smartphone landscape has changed drastically since then. Samsung is currently top dog and aside from patents, I don’t see how a RIM takeover would offer any benefits to Samsung. Just my two cents.

[Via Reuters]

Chris Chavez
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  2. The only logical reason would be for patents…that’s it

    1. You beat me to it!

  3. BGR is one of the most unreliable tech news sites out there. Most of their stories are based on what some “analyst” says. I’m analyzing them right now, and I’ve concluded that they are horrible. I wonder if that will be a story.

  4. BGR is almost as bad as slashgear

  5. Of course they are not interested in buying blackberry.  They realize they already have enough screwed up devices with touchwiz that they cannot fix.  Adding to blackberry would just make it worse.  It’s great that they recognize their limitations.

  6. Business’ continue to give their employees blackberries. But these are rarely high end models like BB99000; but more like the BB8520 which I have seen in my own company being given to mid tier to top tier employees. 
    I feel; BB forgot what it really was – a business smartphone and with touch and better camera tried to compete with the iPhone 4 which is a purely commercial phone.
    Even though iPhone 4 is popular in the Business industry as well; not many companies give iPhone 4 to their employees – probably just the executives. Most of the people who user their iPhone for mail at their work place do so by shelling out the money for the phone on their own and not because the handset has been sponsored by their company.

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