Lenovo K800 is First Intel Powered Smartphone, Motorola Devices On The Way


At Tuesday’s keynote speech during CES 2012, Intel took to the stage and announced their first ever Intel-powered smartphone, the Lenovo K800. The introduction didn’t go so smoothly – check out the upside-down announcement… – but the demonstrations and stats seem nothing short of phenomenal.

Very little was shown on the K800 besides the picture glimpsed above, but the Intel processing power seems pretty outstanding. We’re hearing initial specs could include a 4.5-inch 720p display and that it may come to China Unicom first. We’re hoping the United States and entire world soon thereafter. We’ll keep you posted on specs… and I expect this device will get a name change if it reaches other regions of the world.

Intel did made most of their discussion around their processor in general, for example, the battery life supposedly obliterates the competition and it can support up to a 16MP camera that can take 10 pictures in only 1 second (wowzers). Of course we always hear high battery capacity promises and they don’t always meet expectations, so we’ll need a real world example before we take their word for it.

One surprise appearance was Motorola’s Sanjay Jha who appeared on stage to promise we’ll see Intel-based Motorola phones and tablets in the near future. To be more specific, it’s a multi-year and multi-device partnership with device and carrier announcements coming this summer. Exciting stuff indeed.

We’ll see what we can eek out of Lenovo and Motorola in the next few days… but we doubt much. Stay tuned!

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  1. I know it’s rather blurry, but is that a FROYO status bar I see in the bottom picture on the right?

    1. Yeah, it is. The phone he’s holding looks like its running at least gingerbread based on the dark status bar. I’m willing to bet theats just the result of a fast photoshop job

  2. Looks like the next Nexus will indeed be from Moto. Exciting. Now if my OG Droid can hang on for about 11 more months…

    1. great news now we get ugly nexus with locked bootloader. yea!!!

  3. Well, now I know what phone I’m waiting for! Finally something to look forward too coming from this show. Now sit and wait!

  4. Game changer.

  5. Intel should never be counted out.  They aren’t always first to drive a market, but they are incredibly competent with lots of talent to apply to a problem, and of course have a massive bank account.

  6. 3rd quarter release I bet.

  7. In the top picture the phone is being held upside down haha >,<

  8. I wish our battery technology was being advanced like our processing technology has been.

    1. I couldn’t second this enough.

      1. If battery tech has been advancing like processing tech, we all would be having a nuclear bomb in our phone by now.

        1. Read the Foundation series (Asimov) for a vision of this world.

  9. You’re looking at a dual core, 1.6 ghz medfield based Chipset. It runs a custom interface with 5 home screens ect. There is an 8 MP camera on the back with dual LED flash and a pleasant surprise of an HD 5 MP front facing camera. As for battery life it has a 1890 mAh battery, but with the medfield chipset the battery life will be a bit better than what we’re used to

  10. I’m sick of all the announcements which are followed by “and you can’t actually buy this until like 6 months later”  By which point the world will have changed and that product doesn’t seem so special anymore…   Announcement to Release shouldn’t be more than a month in my book.

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