Toshiba Thrive On Sale For Only $280 – 24 Hours Only


We saw the Toshiba Thrive hit the “daily deal” sites last week and it’s making the rounds once again, this time on who has the Nerf-like tablet for a more than reasonable $280. Keep in mind this (like the last one) is a refurbished model but it does come with a 90-day warranty from Toshiba. Not too shabby if you’re in the market for a new tab and don’t mind one a little thick around the edges. More to love, I suppose. Hurry onto to get yours before they’re all gone. Anyone grabbing one of these?



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  • Stephen_Rockefeller

    Chris, do you not sleep at night?

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m the late night guy xD

      • Stephen_Rockefeller

        can you be the weekend guy instead? Ha! Just kidding you guys do a good job!!

        •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

          Lol, yeah there are no articles on the weekends. I noticed that.

  • Anthony

    Ugh.  Unless a device is beyond a great deal I refuse to buy it refurbished.

    I dread it dying on day 91. ¬†With new devices if I make it past day 365 without a problem on the other hand I’m pretty sure it will last so long as I don’t do something stupid with it.

    • David Alexander

      My dad got the family computer on as a refurb and that thing would not die! It lasted five years before we convinced him to update from windows xp to windows 7, plus the fact that his three sons’ phones had more processing power than his desktop spoke volumes. Got another refurb (again from woot) for his upgrade.

      In short, I trust woot’s refurbs more than anyone else’s. I highly doubt this thing will break down on day 91, provided you treat it right.

    • GKgadget

      Refurshished is just a word. Most Refurbished products are brand new unused untouched units returned to OEMs which cannot be sold as new so they resell these to outlets. They do not open and repair these as repairs these days are costly on manpower etc. Most things today are what you can call throw away in which its cheaper to build another than it is to repair an existing.

  • David Alexander

    Triple-checked my bank accounts, change jars,etc. and there’s no way I can make this work. Boo! Toshiba is my favorite and it’s a fantastic deal; if only…

    This model is normally $379.99 on Toshiba’s website and has gotten some great reviews from all over the internet.

  • jmiranda3983

    damn! could have saved 20 bux if i went with them instead of 1saleaday last week oh well. cant wait for mine to arrive.

    edit: i got the 32gb one :) so not a big deal for an extra 20 bux i spent :)

  • Smlawrence

    I paid full price for my thrive back at Christmas… But even though I missed the deals, this is one awesome tablet. I don’t regret spending the money on it.

  • Josh Flowers

    loved this when i had it.
    played mario 64 via hdmi mirroring & had google music on my tv w/o a Revue.

    best tablet for the price, in my book.

  • NERV