Amazon No Longer Blocking Kindle Fires From Accessing Web Version Of Android Market


A lesser known fact about the Kindle Fire — when entering “” in the device’s web browser, the device would actually forward you Amazon’s own Appstore instead of Google’s world famous web version of the Android Market. Pretty frustrating and somewhat alarming to some users as they were essentially being blocked from accessing a website which in this case, was Google’s app Market.

Well, some good news came out of that “root breaking” update we told you guys about earlier. Apparently, Amazon wised up and is no longer blocking users from accessing the web version of the Android Market in their device’s browser. And although Kindle Fire owners wont be able to install any of the apps from the Android Market (web), they can still browse music to upload to Google Music or movies, books, etc. Yay, freedom!

[Via GigaOM]

Chris Chavez
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  1. It’s getting better and better with every update.  Just please allow us to use a different skin that’s able to keep the background we choose (Without rooting)

  2. Sorry Chris, but how is being able to go to the market but not download any apps freedom?

    1. Freedom to BROWSE… =)

      but not install =(

      1. That’s like going to a hooker but not…well, never mind… 

        1. Without “nevermind”, a hooker isn’t really a hooker :)

          1. Then it is just a date ;)

          2. Perhaps. Either way, a legal, casual encounter with a female. Not hooker status :p

  3. If you try to open an apk from the Fire, will it try to install it or do you require root to try that?

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