Android Team Introduces New “Android Training” Classes To Help Developers Build Better Apps

Android Developers blog has introduced the (beta) launch of a new series of classes for Android developers looking to build better apps. They’re calling it “Android Training” and the goal is to help bring higher quality apps to the Android Market by giving developers the training they need on designing higher quality apps when it comes to areas like more effective app navigation, managing audio playback and — here’s a big one — optimizing battery life. Things are starting off pretty small with more classes and over-arching courses coming down the pipeline. So, if you’re an Android developer looking for a little extra help on building better apps, head on over to Android Developers for more info. Class is now in session!


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  • Micah Madru

    Time to check this out. Google has been adding more and more tools and API’s for developers but one of the disappointments is that manufactures aren’t upgrading the devices quickly enough. To support a large market of android you still have to support the api level of eclair…and we’re on Ice cream sandwich.

    • Imparus

      This just isn’t true.
      11.7 % are on 1.5-2.1 that isn’t many people.
      1 Most of those devices can’t run +2.2 well, so it is pointless for the manufactures to update the devices.
      2 Most of the phones doesn’t have the hardware to run most of the new apps well (small internal memory, missing support for a lot of features, slow cpu/gpu…).
      3 People who doesn’t
      a) root and use custom ROM
      b) buy a new phone with 2.2+
      only downloads few apps.

  • Nudo

    coolness, should be interesting… most of their videos so far had been quite detailed and objective.

  • Dan

    Imparus, I can’t understand…is that English that you are trying to speak. Take a class man

    • Imparus

      If you want to complain about grammar, then point out all the mistakes in the comment. 

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