Some Verizon Wireless Customers Receiving $100 Off Future Galaxy Nexus (No Mailer Required)

We told you guys about the $100-off any 4G smartphone mailer that Verizon Wireless was sending out to customers a few days ago. Well, now we’ve been receiving quite a few reports of some lucky Verizon Wireless customers who were able to snag — and reserve — that $100-off promotion for their future Galaxy Nexus purchase and get this… no mailer required! I know, it sounds crazy and we’ve been trying to get in touch with our Verizon contact to get all the details but we’ve been hearing that it could have something to do with getting customers off their old 3G phone and into a 4G one. All it takes is a simple call and you could be grabbing a Galaxy Nexus this holiday season for only $200. Not too bad at all.

Still no word on exactly what regions this promotion is available in with one rep saying only the northeast and midwest but it wont hurt to call and ask Verizon for yourself. A few minutes of your time could save you $100. Good luck!


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  • Eldorath

    Got a phone number?

    •!/wwickedd wicked


  • sc0rch3d

    this should be no surprise to customer coming off 2 year contracts. i’ve had my $100 discount sitting for about 6 months. Verizon has even called me multiple times to remind me about it.

    They also said I could use it for the Nexus. It’s instant rebate and shows on your My Verizon page on the website.

    • Greyhame

      what kind of phone do you have on your account, smart or dumb? just wondering if upgrading from a smartphone negates the $100 off.

      • sc0rch3d

        i have a droid 2, and a OG droid before that, and a samsung omnia before that (dumbphone before that).

    • Chris R.

      I just got off the phone with them and they wound’t give me the $100 discount for renewing my contract even though I should have been grandfathered in.  FYI.

  • Jordan Christopher Epps

    I’d be more excited if they gave me a release date. 

  • John Coleman

    This work for anyone living in DC? What did you say to the customer care rep?

  • sc0rch3d

    here’s the image to prove it when i select upgrade to a RAZR

    EDIT: hey PHANDROID, disqus isn’t letting me attach pictures!

    • keattsd

      just upload it somewhere and give us a link?

      • sc0rch3d

        finally! geez….

        • Kevin Taddeo

          link doesn’t exist

          • Kevin Cox

            Worked for me. “Upgrade discount -100″. I looked around on My Verizon website and didn’t see how he got there though. It was telling me it was 289 with contract. Maybe further along in the checkout process it gives the discount. Who knows.

        • droid.

          Stupid Websense. 

          • sc0rch3d

            no big deal. just shows a RAZR in my checkout cart with the price of 199 (with 100 subtracted as upgrade discount).

            EDIT: also, as an aside….the discount, I was told, only works at VZW retail stores. I asked Best Buy, Radio Shack, and “mall cart” retailer…all said they wouldn’t honor the discount.

  • http://Phandroid deh2002

    At the rate things are going I will have a galaxy nexus on att lte before anyone does on Verizon. I have to admit with a little laugh that it’s getting a little funny. Vzw has really screwed the pooch on this one.
    To all vzw customers, buy one when you can because vzw will never get another one.

    • Preston Brown

      AT&T’s wont have LTE. It’s passed through the FCC and is only authorized for the HSPA+ and the GSM bands…not LTE.

      • Tim242

        That was for Canada. No Nexus has passed the fcc for att.

  • ElvisMarmaduke


  • GutterIsATool

    Screw the people with 3G. Give it to those of us suffering with the Thunderbolt.

    • TechJunkie198

      that hurt my 3G feelings :(

      • MattyB65

        I broke my thunderbolt and went back to my OG droid.  I feel both of your pain!  I never minded 3G when I had it…but going back to it (full time) when you have been used to 4G…ugh that’s tough.  Although it is nice to have a battery that can take a beating.

        Cue the people who are gonna tell you about the ‘great battery life’ they get on their thunderbolt with some rom.  “I put a custom rom on last April and haven’t charged my battery once..overclocked to 10,000!!”

        I’ve tried all the roms…battery life can get better…but never good.

  • Ryan

    Thought we were going to make it a while day without rumors about nexus :/

  • Emmanuel Agbarah

    I just called customer service and they said the $100 off is if you are switching from a non smartphone to a 4G device. I had a Droid Incredible 2 so I did not qualify for the promotion. SUCKS cus I would like a GNex for $200 as well.

  • veccster

    My “new every 2″ entitles me to receive $50 off my next purchase. I have already called and confirmed.

  • Alexander Ramirez
    • MattyB65

      Haha made my day.  Thanks!

    • Talton “Phases” Pettigrew

      That’s funny right there lol

  • Brad Hutchings

    Good news. I went into a Verizon reseller store this evening. The manager just got the news that they can order the Galaxy Nexus tomorrow, they will be delivered Wednesday evening, and available for purchase Thursday. This was very new news to him about 7:30pm Left Coast time.

    • SleepySensei

      hmm…he said “Left Coast time”    ;)

    • Preston Brown

      You’re telling the truth?? Or trolling? I’m really hoping on the 15th.

      • Brad Hutchings

        Just reporting what he told me. This guy doesn’t need to string me along. Already bought the other family phones from him in the beginning of November. He knows my deal.

    • pacnwsoundstream

      I live in pdx if your right ill come hug you if your right. AND THEN we can go get our nexus’s together if you live here aswell.

  • netguru2000

    I sent an email. Verizon customer rep called me back 2 days later. She was very polite but no dice. Was not available in my area. (Apparently) it was sent out to peeps in Illinois (where I live), guess it wasn’t the right part of IL.

  • jmiranda3983

    what about if our upgrade isnt ready yet? and not ready until 2013? lol

  • Robert

    Pittsburgh PA here, just finished a call to Verizon.  Nothing in their system about this at all, she spent about 15+ mins searching for me.

  • Gabriel

    I called Verizon im from NY long island to be exact and the guy acted like I was nuts.

  • Derek B

    I’m in NY state and called *611 last night and said that a friend got a post card from Verizon offering $100 discount for upgrading from a 3G to a 4G phone with the code CH4GE on it and I would like to see if I’m eligible.  She looked up the promotion and said that I qualified and she noted the discount on my account.  I called back 10 minutes later just to be sure it was noted on my account and it was there.

    • ericsorensen

      I tried what you did just now and they said I wasn’t eligible for that discount. But they did give me a $30 upgrade discount, plus 1 month data for free ($60 value for our two smartphones).  So all-in-all…worth the call!  As much as I hate Verizon for the nexus delays, they really do have good customer service.

  • droid.

    Just checked my Verizon account and added the code above and it says I am eligible for a $40 discount. Not bad, when I got my OG droid they only gave me $30 off.  Spoke with the Verizon sales rep online chat and all she could tell me about the Nexus is that its not released yet, I tried to get any info but no luck.  About the $100 off all she could tell me was that the amount I am eligible for would show when I check out. Which I guess is only $40 but hey that’s better than nothing, since I am not due for any upgrade until July 2012. 

    • IlanAlpert


  • Justin

    I really^3 need this

  • Bill Randle

    Called *611 and the operator was clueless about any 3G to 4G discount and said any available discounts would show up on the website when doing a checkout.

  • Andy Phillips

    I just called, They told me the promotion is only for people upgrading from a Dumbphone. I have had a $30 dollar credit for about 5 months now. you figure they would let me get the 100 by now

  • Chris R.

    Just got off the phone with verizon and found that this promotion is only for the midwest.  Even though I’m in the midwest, I’m not elgible.  Oh, and I also found that I’m not getting $100 towards a new phone like I thought and was previously told, but only $50.  I guess my chances of renewing with verizon just got a whole lot slimmer.

  • Todd Shelton

    Just received my new nexus via fedex, got the 100.00 discount as well.