Samsung Galaxy Tab No Longer Banned In Australia – Score 1 for the Good Guys

A huge win for Samsung today coming out of “the land down undah” with an Australian court reversing a ban on the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s across the country. You may remember last month, Apple was actually granted an injunction against Samsung that put a temporary ban on the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1’s in Australia. It wasn’t looking so hot for ‘ol Sammy who would have missed out on the busy holiday shopping season but now, this news could be seen as an early Christmas gift for the Korean manufacturer.

The battle may be over but the war continues with Samsung firing back at Apple having filed preliminary sales in junctions to block the sale of the iPhone 4S in 4 countries including Australia. Apple still has a knock out under their belt with the successful move to block Galaxy Tab sales in Germany. I think you know which side we’re on. We’re rootin’ for ya, Samsung!

[Via Reuters]

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  • Tomyboombotz


  • Alexander Amato

    Take that, Empire!

    • The_ATL_Guy

      Android is like Jar Jar binks

      • 1001

        And Apple is like Greedo.

      • Aeires

        Senseless comment is senseless.

        • The_ATL_Guy

          seriously who is the retarded asshole who came up with phrases like that?
          and the people who use that phrase think they’re so witty and cool.
          99.999% of people agree with me and think you’re a douche nozzle

          • Aeires

            Because you said so, right?

            Your senseless comments make you lose credibility, but you’re too senseless to see it.

          • The_ATL_Guy

            Are you saying my credibility-less comment is credibility-less?
            please stop beating around the bush and just say it man!!

            when you get a moment please like my comment because I liked yours thanks

      • DannyB2

        Senseless your comment is.  Yes.

        Compiled, the Jar files are, into Dalvik bytecode.

  • Tomyboombotz

    go samsung

  • Mitch Samuels

    You accidentally the title.

    • Chris Chavez

      Got a little excited there xD

      • The_ATL_Guy

        You should buy an iPhone Chris and enjoy the cool kids club!

        • 1001

          Cool kids don’t ride the ‘short bus’ to school.

          . . . And they use ‘Android’ products.  ;-)

        • DannyB2

          You mean the not so hot kids club.

          (cool == not so hot)

          • The_ATL_Guy

            Pick 10 hot chicks at random….8 won’t know how to use Apple or Android

          • 744Mech

            I don’t think that one works anymore. Not today anyways.

          • DannyB2

            Once upon a time, most people did not now how to use a computer, Apple made the Lisa (and later Mac) and I was a huge fanboy and developer in 1984.

            Now, everyone knows how to use a computer since preschool.

            It’s just like the parents being surprised in the 1960’s that kids seemed to know how to operate the television set.  Even adjust the fine tuning (remember that?  before automatic fine tuning?).  When the rewards are there, kids will learn.  That’s the society we live in today with regard to smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

            For better or worse, Apple no longer has that ease of use edge.  I know it is still a popular myth.  But it’s just that.  Apple does have good design, but then so do some cars, or chairs, or houses.  Variety, not the “one true way” is a formula for success.  I see some cars that I think are ugly, but the person who bought that car probably disagrees.  Ditto for the variety of Android phones vs the “one true way” iPhone.

            While Apple is still somewhat cool, I see it losing its coolness over time.  It doesn’t have access to magical alien technology any more than anyone else does.  It does have good design, but then increasingly, so does everyone else.  Designers can be hired by anyone, you know.

            Have a good afternoon.

  • user311

    How do you like them apples???

  • mesername

    not to worry about Germany, they tend to make a mess of things the first time around…it’s what they do after they realized they’ve screwed up that matters.

    • Uncle Paul

      repeating history?

      • Mike Minor

        Hopefully not, as they made that last big mistake twice! ;)

  • Brendan Martens

    Whoo! Hopefully Samsung can get an injunction against Apple somewhere it’ll really hurt.

    • thepwneddroid

      Like the US?

      • Brendan Martens

        Oh I wish. That would definitely teach Crapple a lesson.

  • felix


  • Kam Siu

    what about the profits lost because of the fiasco caused by the courts?

  • The_ATL_Guy

    Ya well Apple still rules all! You guys are just jealous!! Haters

    • Alexander Ramirez

      Way to sound like a twelve year old. 

      “My dads penis is bigger than your dads penis!”

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      • The_ATL_Guy

        All your Android are belong to us!!

      • Awes0meCh1nk

        You know it coz you sucked it

        • The_ATL_Guy

          Sick. Buy an Apple and you will lose those deviant desires

      • The_ATL_Guy

        I read an article once that the group nambla were Android users.
        You don’t see that sort of thing with Apple users.

        • 1001

          On the contrary.  Maybe you didn’t read the INTERPOL report on the child sex ring in Europe last Summer.  They were using Apple products.

    • michael centeno

      apple still rules? lol. ok isheep.

      • The_ATL_Guy

        Your lucky Apple lets you own an Android

    • thepwneddroid

      Cue “You’re a hater/fanboy comments.” (For the Droids!)

      • The_ATL_Guy


    • Aeires

      And how old are you?  Does your age match your maturity level?

  • Nick

    Is it just me, but…how dumb would you need to be to think the 10.1 is an iPad?

    • The_ATL_Guy

      Dumb as dirt!!

      • 1001

        Not saying much about Apple’s execs and lawyers, eh ATL?  lol

    • DannyB2

      > how dumb would you need to be to think the 10.1 is an iPad?

      An Apple fanboy.

      I hope that answers your question.

  • Treknologist

    Glad to see the Australian courts broke through Apple’s RDF! 

  • Ian Smith


  • Justin Quang

    Phandroid should hold a contest for the most hard working troll.
    And don’t worry, you have my vote. (You know who you are)

    • The_ATL_Guy

      I love you

  • jonathanbond110111

    Apple: what?! How!?

    Samsung: simple. You cried about A. So I replaced it with B

    Apple: lawyers quick! Make another harmonious lawsuit! Now!

    Lawyers: ok. We’re on it

    Samsung: you’re making lawsuits that have little to no relevance. Its not that hard to change something so simple

    Apple: good. Make a triangular phone then

    Samsung: I’m not done innovating the rectangular shape. Lets see. I put a curve on it. Made a humpback. Slapped a true HD screen on it-

    Apple: Enough! I can’t wait to stop your parade of handicapped phones

    Samsung: keep dreaming. If I lose you lose. I win? The world keeps spinning. Don’t forget I got strings attached to yo bitch ass

    Motorola: yea. Its about time that little runt face the music. One wrong move with me and UH-OH. Apple sales might have to be disabled due to some…property?…infringement? …perhaps?

    HTC: hey hey hey. I know moto might have some patents that Apple is infringing on, but man. Just wait till they see S3 Graphics

    Samsung: you see what you started Apple? You made a patent troll world

    Audi: yea tell me about it. LG is suing me for some damn LED headlights on my cars

  • Justin scrimshaw

    what’s wrong with the north american marlin Brando look alikes association so they should use android its the future of phone software bring on ice cream sandwich  

  • just me

    Well, it’s clear that atl guy is dumb as and has no clue what’s going on. Get a life… seriously… and go screw yourself

  • Guillermo Martinez

    Go Samsung! Continue to stand strong for the fight is not over. Do it for Android’s sake. :D

  • Mike Minor

    The German courts have seen the light as well now.