Official Galaxy Nexus Specs Revealed

And here is what a LOT of you have been waiting for… the Galaxy Nexus specs:

Are they all you were hoping for? For those who would like to do a little copy and paste job, we’ve transcribed the specs below so you can share them (and Phandroid) with your Android-loving friends!

  • HSPA+ or 4G LTE, depending on region
  • 1.2GHz dualcore processor
  • 4.65 inch 720p HD Super AMOLED display
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 5mp autofocus camera with LED flash, autofocus, no shutter lag and fast shot2shot
  • 1080p HD playback and recording at 30 FPS
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • USB 2.0
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • NFC chip
  • Accelerometer, compass, gyro, light and proximity sensors, barometer
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB or 32GB internal storage
  • 135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm, 135 grams
  • 1,750 mAh li-ion battery

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  • Farren

    y u no 1.5Ghz?

    • Richard Ashton

      Because only the crap CPUs are clocked at 1.5GHz ;-)

  • vinterchaos

    5mp camera is odd

    • Nudo

      1080p is cool with me!

    • JulianZHuang

      take a picture with 5mp and 8mp and upload it to facebook and tell me the differences.

      • Chris Sullivan

        You mean Google+

      • BenChase7

        you mean facefuck

      • PrimalInstinct

        I agree. Not only that, I was excited that the Nexus Prime has a 5mp instead of 8mp camera. As an avid photographers, 5mp camera in the phone will most likely deliver better picture quality than 8mp. I’ll take a 5mp phone camera with low noise and good dynamic range any day.

        Here are what I’m most excited with:
        1. 4.65 Super Amoled HD display
        2. 5-band HSPA+ radio (GSM version)
        3. Ice Cream Sandwich

        I also heard that the Nexus Prime has a wireless tech that can deliver 1080p video to your TV (instead of having micro-HDMI). I really hope this works out. Based on my past experience, connecting my phone to TV with micro-HDMI cable is rather inconvenient. You most likely need to interact with your phone while connecting to the TV, which means you either have to run long cable, or sit really close to the TV.

      • AStarbucks

        Try cropping a picture when u need to & tell me the difference between a 5MP and 8 MP pic.

        I’m a serious photographer & know about picture quality. But the reverse snobbishness is ridiculous.

        Yes, dynamic range & low noise is so important. But similarly, so many of you are jumping to conclusions that the 5MP will be superior. Bollocks!

        U dun even know the sensor size. U have not seen a single pic out of it, how do u know?

        5MP for a supposedly top of the line phone IS ODD. Its a fair enough point. Even if the sensor size is the same as the 8MP ones and the pixel pitch improves, the difference in DR and noise may not be very noticeable barring some major breakthrough.

        But cropping matters in the most important thing about photos – composition! Especially when u can’t change a lens on it…

        As a basis for comparison, the SGS II’s 8MP is rated the best in the world right now in terms of pic quality. Second only to the Nokia’s 12 MP.

        Hence the jury’s still out on the Nexus Prime in view of how its SGS II brethren has access to the same excellent tech from the same Samsung foundries.

    • killerbee3

      People refusing to look past MP counts are odd.

      • DYNK

        Omg apar from the HD screen…..and having stock ICS right now what is good about this phone then the gAlaxy S iI???
        Usb 3.0 ->2.0?
        I use ny usb3.0 port on my laptop and desktop for moving blueray vids and pictures to my sgsII….its fast enough…can’t get any slower…sorry…

        …I am a little disappointed. Will wait for the Galaxy S III as it will beat the crap outta this like it always does few mibths down the line… Galaxy S II> nexus S

        Don’t even get me started on the gpu…what a let down that was….my gAlaxy S II is better for gaming..

        • NYCHitman1

          The fact of the matter is that the GS2 phones cannot be as good as the Nexus line. Nexus line offers the pure Android experience. Who the hell wants that garbage TouchWiz shit?

          Don’t come at me with that “omg I can just flash CM7″ blah blah blah. You shouldn’t have to do all that to acquire peak performance. End of story.

          Nexus will ALWAYS be the best on the market, regardless of what you may THINK.

          • AStarbucks

            Touchwiz is surprisingly good and it does not hinder me one bit. Dun think u even know what Touchwiz is about. Read the reviews if using it is beyong u.

          • NYCHitman1

            That is rather funny considering that I swapped my Epic for my OG EVO, and currently have my co-worker’s E4GT sitting on my desk right in front of me. Don’t assume you know everything about everything, there’s always someone that knows more than you. You can take your self-aggrandizing attitude elsewhere – tool.

          • Kyle Mogan

            i dont disagree with you that nexus is better than galaxy, but i dont think you understand something. CM7 users such as myself would flash cm7 reguardless of whether or not the phone already has stock gb on it. because cm7 IS THAT much better than stock gb. That said, ICS will beat gb any day ;)

        • Brian Casserly

          Yeah and after the Nexus gets the Super Duper Vanilla Caramel Cone update and then the Upside Down Dippin Dots Slingshot to the mouth update…other Samsung devices will still be running ICS (I know I know, it was the carrier’s fault smh).

        • Candric Cheng

          Galaxy II > USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0
          something wrong???

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      and no HDMI. :(

  • bakdroid

    HAHA!!! No CDMA!! No Verizon……burned to all!!

    • sc0rch3d

      “LTE version available….” – please go back to 2nd grade

      • bakdroid

        LTE means nothing. Could be AT&Ts LTE. LTE would just mean data only if no CDMA to use it as a phone.

        • BobbyHill12

          Umm…on the samsung website it says Galaxy Nexus from Verizon.

          • bakdroid

            Then where is the announcement? Can’t talk over LTE.

          • Adam Truelove

            That’s why it says the specs will differ on the LTE version. It will have a CDMA radio.

      • Jonathan Capetillo

        depending on region./….

      • smithers85

        i don’t think they teach cellular radio technology in second grade.

        • bakdroid

          Really, show me where you can talk over LTE when there is no CDMA radio? Unless this doesn’t release until 2013 when Verizon is to turn this feature on.

          • smithers85

            nothing that you’ve said refutes my assertion that cellular radio technology is not a subject that is taught in second grade.

          • bakdroid


        • Jhaelon Edwards Smith


    • Adam Truelove

      You must have missed this.
      Notice the “get the latest on the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon” part.

    • ivorycruncher

      Get real. Do you really think they’re going to highlight the US CDMA version at an event in Hong Kong? It’s coming to Verizon, period.

    • jclokwork

      I guess you didn’t see the LTE section?

    • Jordan Christopher Epps

      Samsung’s site even says it’ll be available on verizon

    • Sam Keaser
      • bakdroid

        Yes because the internet search is always right…just like Wikipedia…

        • Sam Keaser

          I’m sorry you were wrong but you were, just admit it and we can forget this whole mess.

          • bakdroid

            Meh. Truly though, if they don’t announce the VZW one here….where will they??? This was to be the big thing….

          • Sam Keaser

            I’m assuming the Network information was more to brag about 4G technology, *cough* iPhone 4S *cough*, than it was to provide complete information. Either way I’m extremely excited about ICS [:

  • kimir

    So. I see two options for the memory… is that why the verizon page showed up as 300? (32GB)

    • enrique sanchez ramiro

      how come they’re so laaaaaateeeeeee!!!!

      • Mathew Knoell

        Top of the youtube page says 10AM Hong Kong time. That’s 17 minutes away.

        • Farren

          7 minutes according to my clock

          • Mathew Knoell

            That’s why your comment is 10 minutes after mine LOL

  • Vitaliy Vorobets

    5 meg and 1.2ghz is only disappointment

    • Dean Archer

      Why? The sensor in the camera will likely out perform any 8mp phone camera on the market, one of the only phones that can shoot that fast.. And with an OS optimized for duel cores, a processor over 1.2ghz is over kill, would raise the cost of the phone, and lower battery life.

      • ratnok


      • Vitaliy Vorobets

        You Changed my mind. I hope it will be on T-Mobile

  •!/doomstang Doomstang

    underclocked for battery life I’m sure :(

  • Cloudscout

    5-band HSPA+ radio? Very interesting.

    • Sean falloy

      This is what sells this phone for me. I have a hard time getting an unbranded phone that works with the networks up here in northern canada. Im stuck on an EDGE connection with my nexus S due to the local old network gear and un-supported HSPA frequencies on the phone. If this phone does all 5 bands HSPA+ its a winner in my books.

      And yes i use a D7000 for my real pictures a game-console/PC for my gaming.
      I like to have my cellphone packed with radios and not useless gadgets to get the fastest data possible so i can tether as i cant get high speed internet at my house without a sat link

      That said i like the barometer as i do alot of work in the bush (but then again i have a gps for that)

  • james

    It’s like iPhone 4s unveiling all over again….

  • Jackson luis

    5MP? Yep screw this im getting the Razr

    • Don_SoLow

      I’d take a good Samsung 5mp camera over a 8mp Motorola shitty camera any day… Hell, I’d take the original SGS’s camera over any of the shitty Motorola cams that came out this year (Photon, Bionic, Droid 3, etc)

  • Michael O’Sullivan

    sweet 1.2ghz is way better on battery.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    *Specifications above may differ on the LTE version.

    So what are us Verizon customers getting fucked out of?

    • Adam Truelove

      The Verizon version just won’t have all the various radios mentioned in the Network section of the spec sheet. It’ll just have the standard Verizon CDMA and LTE radios.

  • BobbyHill12

    Still not sure why Samsung went with 5mp. Oh well

  • Daniel Zahn

    So 16/32 GB Internal. Sounds like two price points, since no claim of SD slot.

    • Gary Graf

      If there’s no sd slot, I’d say they’re continuing to copy apple.

      • Del373

        I really hope there is a card slot and it’s just not mentioned. It would be stupid of them not to include one.

        • Runadumb

          No SD card flatout kills this phone for me. I have 32GB right now and its not enough.

          I hate HATE how Microsoft and Google are copying the worst things about the iphone. I’ve had SD support in every phone I’ve owned since the original SPV and it is such a value adding feature. I would hate to lose it.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    not if it takes stellar pics. MP count doesn’t mean everything.

    • Del373

      I’ve never really used my phone as a serious point/shoot camera anyway. I have a 12 mp Casio for that.

  • Justin S

    Sweet, camera is a little unexpected, but Im not a photophile

  • Adam Truelove

    Before anyone bitches too much about the 5MP camera, how many MPs do you need on a camera on your phone?!?!? How big do you plan to print the photos anyway? The lens is what really matters, and no phone is going to stand up to a real camera. If you want good shots, use a real camera.

    • Farren

      yeah i have used 8mp on a couple motorola phones and they suck. so just because it’s 5mp doesn’t mean it’ll be bad. i’ll bet $100 it’ll be a lot better image than those were.

    • Mike

      yes, ^^ this. MP don’t matter as much as the sensors used.

    • zomx

      people have no idea what MP’s is, thats why they are bitching about it.. they are just mainstream people

    • Sonelone

      Actually, the Amaze 4G and Mytouch Slide 4G come close to a regular point and shoot camera. Most smartphones also definitely beat my 7 year old 4mp digital.

      • JulianZHuang

        no phone can beat my nikon D90.

        • ratnok

          They aren’t supposed to.

      • Matt Schley

        “7 year old”

        yup, that’s your problem.

    • wakkoman

      One day a spec whore, the next day a man who can only justify to save his face. The day and life of an Android fanboy.

      • ScottColbert

        Always nice to see the bitter crapple douche bags crawl out of Steve’s grave.

        • wakkoman

          As I am watching the terrible presenters Google keeps putting up on the stage, I’m sure they would appreciate help from anything coming out of Steve’s grave

          • user311

            And how did Tim Cook do? I ask cause he lost me at “Hello.”

          • wakkoman

            well enough to sell 4+ million new phones in the first week.

            I’ll be surprised if they sell more than 100k of the Galaxy Nexus in a month.

          • user311


            What an irrelevant point. The topic was horrible presenters not sales. Apple’s yearly burst sales (16 months in this case) obviously has no bearing on Tim Cook’s horrible stage presence. He had zero influence on all the fanbois that were already counting the minutes to buy whatever piece of shit Apple was going to release. Hell, I bet they could have gotten a few million more if they just named it the iPhone 5 instead.

            Do I think the 4s is a complete piece of shit? No. Do I think it was worth the 16 month wait? Hell no. Apple fans deserved better. Android deserved better from Apple too, as Apple really hasn’t done a single thing to raise the bar in the phone department in well over 2 years. And my reasoning behind that is all in the spirit of competition, with advances on one side of the camp, the need to catch up and surpass on the other benefits us all. All Apple has done as of late is catch up with the previous generation of android devices in the hardware front and rename things that have been around forever in the software front. Sure Siri looks cool for and all, but once that glimmer wears away, it’ll turn into another facetime… Like who really still uses that?

            When all the smoke and mirrors disappear from any sort of presentation the only thing that really matters is what’s really new and really appealing and how does it benefit me? No one cares the douche bag who sold it to them… Unless he’s Steve Jobs, because he was soooooo much more than a sales man…. Amirite?

          • Kuzon

            I care about what the phone has, not how well the presenter speaks or hypes up the device while on stage

          • ratnok

            Seriously wakkoman- leave the jealousy for your wife’s lover. If you even have one. We don’t need your hatemongering here.

      • LarryVandemeer

        The iPhone 4Sux has no 4G LTE, NO HSPA+42, NO 1280×720 Super AMOLED, NO NFC, NO 4.65″ screen… and none of the incredible new features of Android 4.0…. google has hit the ball out of the park… Android 4.0 is simply AMAZING!

        • wakkoman

          You mean the screen capture that Apple has had forever? LOL

          Newsflash: Everyone copies off eachother.

          • jroc74

            Where is your Nexus S again? Or did you finally trade it in for the iPhone…

          • wakkoman

            Still have it right here. I won’t trade it in for an iPhone or purchase one until they become available on T-Mobile

          • riffwaffle

            and most iphone 4s sold are sold to iphone users who the hell cares

          • ratnok

            wakkoman- What is the point in trying to throw water on people in an on-line comment board?

          • wakkoman

            Nope I dont

            And the only iPhone I have is a 3g which I let a friend use. I own a Nexus S but my main device these days is my BB

            I just like to point out the pure hypocrisy and stupidity of many Android fans. Sorry if that offends you.

          • AStarbucks

            All u can muster is some screen capture crap? Really scraping the bottom of the barrel huh? iTard?

          • LarryVandemeer

            I’ve had screen capture on my Android for 2 years. How long you had NFC? Or 4G? or 4+” screen? Or replaceable battery? Or build in HDMI/USB? Or microSD? Or physical keypad? Or widgets? Or non-intrusive notifications? Or true multitasking? or… well, you get the idea…. I now return you to the fascist phone from a greedy selfish egotistical Steve Jobs who fathered a child and then abandon it and even lied under oath in court so he won’t have to support it. A greedy selfish man who never gave to charity. A worthless of a human being…

    • Unorthodox

      You may be right, but my SE X10 8MP camera will f..k most of the point-and-shoots with better lenses. So 5MP made by Samsung might actually be the biggest POS ever.

      • Eric Silva

        The 5 MP camera on my old Fascinate was much better than the 8 MP on my Incredible 2 and better than the 8 MP on my wife’s Droid X. I will gladly take back a Samsung 5 MP camera especially with a better sensor.

        • ratnok

          Yeah, but why can’t we have BOTH? Like the MyTouch 4G Slide and the SGS2?

          • Don_SoLow

            Because Google (or Samsung) knows that 8mp is useless on a phone because all it does is take up more storage without REALLY adding any improvements to the actual photo

      • Don_SoLow

        But Samsung usually makes really good cameras, probably not better than the SE but definitely better than 90% of Android phones released

  • Raymond O. Lebron

    My hearth just die a little after reading about the 5 mega-pixels camera

    • KevinMCo

      Its the quality of the sensor, not the number of pixels it’s divided into.

      • Raymond O. Lebron

        Sorry Kevin but even though you are partially right, there just makes no freaking sense to have a barometer instead of a camera with more pixels regardless of the quality of the sensor in this day and age.

        • wasANDROIDnowIPHONE

          Only camera nubs care about MP. Read up fanboys. If you want nice pictures, buy a DSLR and learn some technique.

          • Raymond O. Lebron

            And I understand that, but still this needed to be 8 mega pixels. Why would they even hold up and not put a camera with both, more pixels and a high quality sensor? It just seem dumb. The average Joe wont care about the quality of the sensor and how, sometimes, less equals more (A5@800mhz>Snapdragon@1.5ghz) and will be thrown off by the camera alone. The video recording capabilities were awesome though.

          • ratnok

            That doesn’t make any sense. My Sensation 4G and the SGS2 both have great sensors, lenses, AND are super thin with 8 mp.

        • fangorious .

          if you increase the MP without also using a bigger/better sensor, you get a worse picture.

          • ratnok

            True, but why not do BOTH? See MyTouch4G Slide, SGS2, HTC Sensation, Nokia N9, and iPhone 4S for examples.

          • Don_SoLow

            hypothetically, If you take a picture with 2 different cameras at the same time, somehow in the same position and with the same sensor… But the only thing that’s different is one is 8mp and one is 5mp… Let’s say you don’t even notice a difference at all… Then why not just take the 8mp camera over the 5mp camera anyways? Because the 8mp camera’s file Size will still be a huge difference over the 5mp camera. Why would you want a camera with the same quality, but just takes up more storage?

  • Josh Tribo

    no status light I suppose?

  • StringsAttached

    Uh oh…RAZR for me? I’m kinda disappointed right now in these specs…If IC is coming to the RAZR soon that may have to be my joint.

    • Don_SoLow

      Even if this phone is disappointing… What makes the RAZR any better???

      • Dean Archer

        I agree, what makes the razr so much better? Roughly the same specs, outdated os at this point, w/o full compatability for the upgrade, the camera, despite being 8mp will likely suck compared to the nexus and the screen is NOT HD.

        • StringsAttached

          You know how in movie dvd previews they show you how AWESOME Blueray is? That’s the way I feel about “HD”. Really not a selling feature for me…

          • ratnok

            Try one for a week (qHD or Retina display) and then try going back to 800×400. Although the RAZR is SuperAMOLED plus AND qHD….

          • StringsAttached

            Have to agree w/you there!

          • Don_SoLow

            Well maybe if you actually see one… ;)

      • StringsAttached

        I commented before watching the presentation…on paper it wasn’t that impressive imo but i think ice cream made it the winner. If the RAZR had IC, I would choose it over the Nexus simply because of the cameras (front and back on the RAZR are better) and the durability factor. I have a feeling the RAZR could take more a beating than the NEXUS.

        • Don_SoLow

          Umm… Just because the MP count on the RAZR is better than the Nexus, doesn’t mean the cameras are better. The Motorola phones that have come out this year has had some of the shttiest cameras by far. The original Galaxy S has a better camera than the Photon, Bionic, Droid 3, etc and it is a 5mp. Samsung definitely makes way better cameras than Motorola… Don’t expect for this to be any different.

  • Ahmad Osman

    what’s up with these specs??? the 1.2GHz is a big disappointment!!!!

  • Brad Hinman

    Really??? Only a 5mp Camera? Seems a little silly when all of the other flagships are shipping with 8. I know it isn’t *only* about megapixels, but they play a role….

  • Andrew Johanns

    Thought it would be Bluetooth 4.0, but since I only know it’s one number higher than the 3.0 I think I will live

  • Jstacked3

    what does it mean that LTE version has different specs…all the way at the bottom!!

  • jclokwork

    I REALLY REALLY hope that the censor on the camera is different on the LTE version since it does say that the specs may be different on that version.

    • Del373

      That disclaimer most likely refers to the radios in the LTE version and nothing else.

      …I would be surprised if specs that don’t pertain to wireless connectivity changed between the two versions.

    • Don_SoLow

      From what you just said… I’m guessing you mean the MP count and not the sensor since the sensor is what’s great about the camera. But as 1,000,000 people have already said……………. THE MP COUNT DOESN’T MATTER (to the average user). I believe this camera could still be the best Android/iPhone phone cam because the SGS2 already takes the best Android pics and this has an improved sensor (hopefully) which will make it better than that. I also prefer 5mp because 8mp takes up too much storage for no reason.

  • DeAndre Johnson

    Totally underwhelmed with those specs. And what about wimax? :(

    • Josh W

      Wimax would be a waste of time and space in the phone at this point sprint rolling out LTE next year which is probably when theyll get it

      • DeAndre Johnson

        yeah, I agree but that means no Sprint version until mid 2012 sometime. By that time the Galaxy Nexus will be getting old by tech standards.

  • Jordan Christopher Epps

    I heard there will be one from another blogsite. Droid life

  • David Donahoe

    Fail if no memory slot

    • Farren

      double true

    • jdsingle

      Best comment in here.

    • ratnok

      It doesn’t look like there is.


      I guess I’m waiting for the SGS3. My big issue is app data. Without the SD Card Slot, you can’t port over app data without bridging to a computer and porting over the files. It’s like iTunes all over again!!!!

      To quote Darth Vader: NOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!

    • Michael Kemper

      This was my biggest disappointment as well. I guess I’ll sit tight another few months to see what shakes out to see what alternatives there are.
      I’m also a little let down with the size of the battery (the rumors of a 2050mAh battery were exciting).
      On an up note, though, ICS looks pretty awesome!

  • behelit

    bit dissapointed with:
    5mp camera
    usb 2.0
    bluetooth 3.0
    omap 1.2ghz

    • Chris Cain

      Agreed on USB 2.0, and Bluetooth 3.0. 5MP camera doesn’t matter. We’ll have to see how it takes shots as MP apparently doesn’t matter.

      I really wanted to see USB 3.0 (maybe even High Power?) support and Bluetooth 4 :(

      Still super excited to see what they did with the actual OS, though!

    • Mike

      No way it was going to have usb3; Intel’s own chipsets don’t even natively support that yet.

      No bluetooth 4.0 is the only real disappointment, i guess. Not that I even have any BT4 devices though, so eh?

      300mhz doesn’t matter if the OS is more duel-core optimized.

      5MP doesn’t matter if good sensors are used.

  • Adam Truelove

    Time for me to finally buy an 802.11n router

    • Michael Gomez

      Care to elaborate?

      • Adam Truelove

        I’m not sure what you mean. How much more can I elaborate? The spec sheets lists 802.11n (as most everything within the past 3 or 4 years has) and I don’t have an 802.11n router yet. Still rocking 802.11g on a WRT54GL.

  • chris125

    So wonder if they will have a cheaper model since it says 16/32gb memory.

  • David Preza

    Its 1.2GHZ but that is probably underclocked from 1.5GHZ, just like the iphone 4s is running at 800 MHZ after being underclock from 1GHZ for battery life optimization, its not that big of a deal, you can just overclock anyways

    • xsacha

      Actually, the OMAP4 processor is 1.2GHz stock.
      However, OMAP processors are notoriously overclockable. N900 was overclocked from 600MHz to 1.2GHz with OMAP3, for example. And HP Touchpad went from 1.2GHz to 1.7GHz afaik.

  • su2lly

    Nothing missing from my list. Mine.

  • David Donahoe

    I have a “shit ton” of music, and 32gb is just not enough.

    • Bryan


      • Farren

        i don’t like putting all my life on a cloud. clouds fall as rain

      • Jason Crumbley

        Throttled data or data overages. Screw that.

        • ratnok


          • Jason Crumbley

            Sprint’s 4G coverage in Vegas is massively spotty according to their map.

    • Del373

      I’m hoping for a hot-swap SD or Micro SD card slot.

      …but not hoping too much considering the last Nexus didn’t have memory expansion.

  • tq745

    hmm, with those specs this may not be enough to pry me away from my galaxy s2. that camera sensor better be made by nikon or something to be only 5mp.

  • ExarKun

    Way too big…

    • Bryan

      thats. what. she. said.

      • ExarKun

        Galaxy Nexus: 135.5 67.94 × 8.94
        Galaxy S II: 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5

        The Nexus is 17% larger (volume)
        It is also 8% longer…

        Everyone keeps saying, “it’s only a litter bigger than a [insert name here]” every time a larger device comes out. After so many devices, it is just LARGE. Now, it is starting to get ridiculous. The SGS II still fits comfortably in a pocket. This is going to be close…

  • alecgale

    anyone else see the specifications may differ on the lte version and smile

    • Adam Truelove

      It just means the Verizon version will not have all the various radios listed in the Network section.

    • effApple

      or possibly no NFC :(

  • Go Hawkeyes

    A barometer? Who needs the weather channel anymore.

  • irishrally

    YES! Quad band GSM. T-Mobile baby.

  • Sam Keaser

    I was hoping for more RAM and a higher clock speed, oh well.

    My contact isn’t up for another year so I suppose I’ll be getting the Nexus 4 (name unconfirmed).

  • David Donahoe

    so sick of this halo music….when is this thing gonna start?

    • robotsforeveryone

      At the time that is clearly marked on the YouTube page.

  • TheTrueGMG

    WHOO Tmobile Bands!!!

  • inspktapeck

    Am I the only one who thinks that 4.65 is way too big?! Where are you guys putting these phones your fanny packs?

    • commonsenseplease

      We’re carrying them in our hands…to our big-boy jobs.

    • Don_SoLow

      You know 4.65″ is for the screen size not the phone size -_-… Obviously you didn’t watch the event and saw how the SCREEN was huge but the PHONE itself was pretty normal…

      • johnnybirdman

        Unless I missed something the specs on this say it is bigger than the bionic. It’s frickin huge, like Sputnik but pointy in parts.

    • ratnok

      Come on man. You keep talking like that and you’re going to get banned from this site by the moderators.

      • NightAngel79


  • am79

    NOTIFICATION LIGHT??? Since I’m slightly underwhelmed by the specs, if no LED notification, no go for me.

  • yitwave

    Ghz, MP are LESS of a factor considering this is not a Super Amoled PLUS… the PLUS is crucial, would be dissapointing if they go back to pentapixel

    • Adam Truelove

      This is NOT Plus. It IS pentile. But from what I’ve read, the non-Plus HD looks amazing, better than the iPhone 4, simply because the pixel density is so high. The pixels are so small, you can’t tell it’s pentile.

      • Farren

        wait, this is PENTILE?! as in the same terrible screen that the droid 3 and bionic have? I bought both of those phones and returned them because i coulnd’t stand the pixels showing up on bright colors like green.

        • yitwave

          Yes, the only genuine weakness for the original Galaxy S (apart from GPS bugs) comes back to haunt us… but lets wait for the final product to confirm if this is that bad as the res is much higher this time…

  • Yishai

    Guess we will need a shoot out between the: iPhone 4S, Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus to see which one takes better pictures.

    I guess they under-clocked it because of the battery and the massive screen. So it could have a decent battery life.

    I still do not under stand why Google Voice and Google Talk is not native in Android.

    I am happy that Facebook not installed.

    Hopefully the 16GB version will sell for $529, because I am going to be pissed if it is the same price point as the iPhone 4S.

  • Brent Foy

    Well…looks like it’s back to the Vigor/Rezound/Incredible HD for me.

  • Nemesys06

    With all this talk about pixels don’t matter as much as sensors, I do agree. however, samsung has amazing sensors, and they should’ve used the camera in the sgs2 at the very least. Seems like a huge disappointment to me.,, they act like its way better than anything else yet the only thing different about it is the version if android. I want ics to but I will not trade in my epic touch. I bet the screen will kill the performance too. Going from wvga resolution to qHD doesn’t make much difference, but now you are almost doubling the resolution, the extra horsepower would probably help.

  • Joe

    Makes me feel better about keeping my EVO 3D for another year. Sounds like ICE should run in it without a hitch.

    • Elijah Lynn

      Yeah, I have a non-Evo 3d and I was thinking the same thing. Plus we have a kickstand, which I use all the time. I didn’t see an optical trackball though, which I really miss and think all phones really need.

      Anyways, I do wonder how the software home keys will work with the hardware home keys. I wonder if there will be a stock way to disable some of it. Otherwise you just have two home keys, which would be weird.

  • Marcelo Burrieza

    HSPA+ Pentaband !!!! At last a REAL WORLD PHONE

  • NardVa

    Not impressed. It’s 2011. All high end phones should come with 8MP on the back and 2MP on the front. It’s not all about Mega pixels but something tells me they took the cheap way out with this phone.

    • Farren

      yeah and quad-core processor. i was promised quad-core by end of 2011, doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen…

      • Don_SoLow

        Most likely you will get that… In tablets… Most likely not phones

    • Andrew

      Megapixel = doesn’t matter. Pretty much ever. Unless of course you want wallpaper pitcutres.

  • su2lly

    Holy crap tarts people, give up on the 1.2GHz thing. And are you buying a phone or a DSLR?

  • bob

    People and megapixels are stupid! If you think mega pixels make a picture you’re an idiot! That being said this still tells us nothing about the Verizon version of the phone or even confirms there is one. Based on the disclosure in the spec sheet everything could be completely different on the VZW phone and that’s assuming there is one for sure.

    • nemesys06

      When you are using programs like photoshop then megapixels are very important. When looking on your phone they don’t matter but I use photoshop all the time for projects so they are important to me.

      • Elijah Lynn

        I agree, in addition three equally important things are:

        1. Size of censor, this adds to shallow depth of field capability.
        2. Noise of censor, dark and grainy isn’t nice.
        3. Quality of lens, if it ain’t crisp and clear from the lens then garbage in, garbage out. I wish the phones woud have a lens guard that would open and close. Most phones get their lenses scratched all the time. A simple external lens shutter would be great. However, I would really like to see larger sensors.

      • Dean Archer

        If photos of you catching some random scene of your drooling baby while your out and about with enough pixels to properly post process that string of slobber into something beautiful on a mac or PC is important, stop relying on your phone and carry a dslr with you. Or hop in your delorian and shoot 15 years in the future when wallet sized devices may give you the demanding quality that only a top shelf point and shoot or dslr today can provide.

  • Aaron s

    Just remember that rumor that there might be hardware keyboards versions, maybe not just this nexus. It would be nice if htc could come out with a nexus like the first one and blow this out of tbr warer, and maybe give the option of downloading htc sense if wanted

  • Jason Crumbley

    Again with no SD card slot. What is the deal with the past two Nexus devices not having this? I won’t buy a phone that doesn’t have one.

  • the realness

    no farren it is not the same screen as the bionic.. neither one of those motorola phone have amoled… n this is still going to b the best phone out

  • Jessie Boggs

    Really not impressed. In no time at all the device is going to be outdated by other more powerful devices. The specs are too similar to the Galaxy S II to really want me to WANT this device. I will wait for better specs and 4.0

    • Andrew

      What did you expect? the rumors always pointed towards a 1.2-1.5 dual core phone, and they chose TI, so the processor shouldn’t have been a big surprise.. Remember the nexus S was released with a single when everyone was going dual core

      • Jessie Boggs

        I know that. I was never impressed with the rumored specs. Just stating my opinion on the device.

        • ratnok

          I agree with you Jessie. I felt the same way about the Nexus S last year. I’m still going to sell my Sensation 4G and buy a Galaxy Nexus.


          Because no fragmentation with ICS and Jelly Bean will be coming out in the Spring. I hate waiting for major updates. Pure Google all the way.

  • Farren

    this dude from google in the white suit looks and sounds like peewee herman

  • http://Nowthatwhatwealreadyknewisconfirmed... wu_wei_lion

    Now that what we already knew is confirmed… Does Verizon have an exclusive on the US? Is there support for T-Mobile and AT&T bands in the European version? Gotta admit facial recognition is kinda kool.

  • Fixed

    This phone is half for you half for google. I’m sure 5 MP is best for making you happy AND for saving bandwidth needed for constant data collection and uploads at an optimal level. Since google is experiencing you now.

  • bob

    Watching the live stream. Wtf is up with the jaggidy nasty looking fonts and icons on ice cream sanwich??? It looks awful!!! Like something someone slapped together in their basement.

    • Dean Archer

      Its called a low res video stream.

  • Ian Smith


  • Alvaro Gil

    With such a small sensor less megapixels are a plus. I’m so frustrated with junky low light pictures because of high number marketing. Il take a 2MP camera that can actually take a decent shot over an 8MP piece of junk.

    • Greg512

      Quite frankly, all these comments about how MPs do not matter speaks of the ignorance of the commenters here. There are many variables to take into consideration when evaluating a sensors quality, size and resolution being just two. Without getting into too many details, a 10 MP APS-C sized sensor from three years ago has worse image quality than a 12 MP or even 15 MP APS-C sized sensor of today. Why is this the case? The underlying technology of image sensors has improved dramatically over the years. So when people say a 5 MP sensor must be better than an 8 MP sensor because of the virtues of larger pixels, they fail to take into account the advancements in sensor technology. Sure, the Samsung 5 MP sensor could be of the latest sensor generation and, hence, have superior low light capabilities compared to that of a higher pixel-density sensors, but will not know this until the Nexus’s camera is thoroughly tested. Until then, we have to admit that the Nexus’s sensor could very well be worse than that of other phones with higher resolution sensors. Saying lower resolution is better than higher resolution is just a silly as saying higher resolution is better than lower resolution.

  • SuperTomcat

    Ok, just give me the Android 4.0 for me Galaxy S2 and I will be happy until the Galaxy s3…

  • Josh W

    if its still the hottest ish in july and the Galaxy S2 on sprint doesnt have ICS ill get it just really wanna see that HD screen in person

  • 3rd_input


  • the realness

    please watch the conference people… engadget is on point right now with every minute

  • Justin

    Wow.. I’ve been waiting to use my upgrade since before the thunderbolt.. this is a severe disappointment. I keep refreshing hoping it will change or verizons version won’t be junk.. but nothing is posting. There is nothing about this phone that has me hooked anymore, let’s wait for the vigor announcement. Samsung, f%&* you.

    • Dean Archer

      Look at my reply to the user above, taking this phone at face value is sad, look into what builds quality tech.. Had they just flung in their current 8mp camera, the device would have had poor image quality that what this new 5mp sensor and lens can provide. Additionally, a 1.5 processor at this time, is not only not needed, especially with optimized software like ICS but it would be costly and drain even more battery life. If you want a phone with poor battery life, poor camera quality, but better numbers, by all means, opt for the razr, it’ll give you just that.

  • solemnservant

    Galaxy Nexus = Samsug Galaxy SII S. A lot of these features are already on my epic touch.

  • moises1204

    screen too big.

    • Don_SoLow

      I don’t understand… What’s wrong with a big screen if the phone’s form factor is still that of a 4.3″ phone?

      • Ian Smith

        But it’s not! It’s TALLER then the Infuse and only more narrow by a few MM. This thing is going to be MONSTROUS! Regardless I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve put it in my hand.

        • Don_SoLow

          I wasn’t actually saying the Nexus was that of a 4.3″ phone but if there was a phone that had a 4.65″ screen with the form factor of a 4.3″ phone… Wouldn’t that be better than a 4.3″ screen on 4.3″ form factor phone?

  • clay cooper

    OK, so the specs on the phone don’t ‘wow’ me, but the new OS so far does. Will probably get this anyway for ICS then.

    I do like the 5mp camera. Quick and high quality without wasting storage space on extra megapixels I will never need. I don’t make posters.

    Will be kinda disappointed in the gpu IF the proc is the OMAP 4460. All the extra clock speed in the aged sgx540 will be eaten by the 720 display. Makes me sad for gamers… Would love a shiny new Exynos 4212 or at least an OMAP 4470.

  • Sgs Captivate

    Disappointed. SII or SIII for me. Nexus line is just current fone with latest o.s. Doesnt charge forward like it should. Samsung makes a killer processor yet does not include it in their flagship? 5mp? What happened to raising the bar?

    • Dean Archer

      Why? The sensor in the camera will likely out perform any 8mp phone camera on the market, one of the only phones that can shoot that fast.. And with an OS optimized for duel cores, a processor over 1.2ghz is over kill, would raise the cost of the phone, and lower battery life.

  • wakkoman

    iPad released: LOL OMGZ you APPLE sheep!!! It JUST ruNS the SAME OS and IS JUST A BIGGER IPOD TOUCH – Android fanboy

    ICS announced merging tablet and phone OS: Sweet Google! You’re so innovative!!!! – Android fanboy


    iPhone 4 released: LOL 5MP CAMERA!!! HAHAHA STUPID APPLE IDIOTS – Android fanboy

    Galaxy Nexus released with 5MP camera: If you know anything about cameras, the Megapixel count doesn’t mean that much – Android fanboy


    I could keep going on and on and on and on….

    • jroc74

      No need to go on, we can see you for who you are…

      • Greg512

        He has a pretty strong point, even if his argument is poorly stated. I remember more than a few people around here putting down the sensor in the iPhone 4 and laughing at how the iPad is just a large iPhone/iPod Touch. Plus, much of the commenters here seem to think the processor in this phone is fully acceptable, ignoring the fact the GPU in the iPhone 4S is leagues better than the one in the Nexus. If the roles had been reversed, people here would have been all over the iPhone’s lack of processing power. The Nexus isn’t a bad product, but it certainly isn’t impressive. The phones that come out first half of next year will be far superior.

        • ratnok

          I STILL laugh that the iPad is nothing more than a giant iPod Touch and doesn’t even come close to the functionality of my Asus Transformer. The GPU in the iPhone 4S has not been tested vs. the Nexus, so you have no idea of what you’re talking about. Plus, ICS has hardware acceleration support now, so we’ll see how the software and hardware work together in the coming weeks. The Nexus has a 20% faster dual core CPU and twice the RAM.

          You have no point. Stop feeding trolls.

          • arthur mendez

            What makes you think that an outdated, single core GPU can match up to a newer dual core GPU made by the same company? I wish you were correct, but I highly doubt that the graphics performance of this phone will even come close to that of the Mali 400 or SGX 543 MP2.

          • Greg512

            The iPhone 4S uses the same GPU as the iPad 2, but is slightly lower clocked. The iPhone 4S currently has the most powerful GPU available in a smartphone. It is faster than the Mali-400, the GPU found in the Galaxy SII. The Mali-400 is more powerful than the SGX540 found in the Nexus. How do I know that? The SGX540 GPU can be found in the Galaxy S as well as in other already tested devices. Yes, the one in the Nexus is higher clocked, but even a doubling of clockspeed (and, hence, processing power) would not put it within shooting range of the iPhone 4S’s GPU. Also, more RAM doesn’t necessarily mean faster. That is highly dependent on the OS itself. Higher clock speed should make for a faster CPU, I didn’t claim otherwise. As for the Transformer/iPad comment: doesn’t matter to me, but your Transformer is just a large Android phone. Don’t even mention the dock, because is is next to useless. See, I DID have a point and I DO know what I am talking about, you didn’t and don’t.
            Here is a link to an iPhone 4S benchmark:


          • Don_SoLow

            There is no doubt that the GPU is DEFINITELY better than the one in the Nexus Prime

          • jroc74

            They are using a different gpu in the Prime and RAZR. There is doubt for right now.

            I believe the one in the 4S and iPad 2 will be better. But looking at early benchmarks of the RAZR, it will be better by a lil bit….in at least 2 browser benchmarks

        • arthur mendez

          Good job pointing that out, no one seems to be mentioning the all important GPU. This is one of the first times I’ve seen Android fans act as ignorant as Apple fanboys. Samsung and Google really dropped the ball on the GPU.

          • Greg512

            It is also the first time Android hardware is in someway inferior to Apple hardware. A fanboy is a fanboy know matter what cause they support and will support that cause no matter how ridiculous their stance becomes. If people just looked at things objectively instead of emotionally, the world would be a better place. That being said, my Incredible is looking a little long-in-the-tooth and I have to decide whether to get this phone in December or wait until next year to see what the new batch of phones deliver.

          • arthur mendez

            This still looks like a solid phone in many ways. The phone is definitely one of the best looking devices I’ve ever seen.

          • jroc74

            I dont know…Anandtech did early benchmarks and while its didnt do better than the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, its was a mighty close 2nd….passing the GS2 in the 2 tests they did.

        • jroc74

          Its just the fact that this has gone on for years.

          When Android phones had higher screen res than the iPhone 3G, 3GS, pro iPhone, Apple folks said the higher screen res didnt matter.

          When the iPhone 4 had the highest screen res….its was an amazing thing and used as a thing to look down on Android phones.

          Its one big fanboy cycle. I call him out cuz he claims he isnt an Apple, iPhone fanboy. Its sure hard to tell..

    • Philip Leung

      You seem bitter. The reality is that both Samsung and Apple fanboys are just as bad as each other. Buy what works for you.

    • Don_SoLow

      I actually agree with you on the camera part… I was actually the same way…. until I saw how shitty the EVO’s camera was compared to the iP4 lol. But the other stuff is just nonsense. ICS merging the tablet and phone OS doesn’t mean it’s going to be so similar that it actually looks like its just “a bigger Android phone”.

  • Ben R

    This phone has a better screen and ICS. The RAZR has better everything else. This really sucks. 2 Phones that could have been revolutionary (droid-1-esque) except there are horrible botches that make both seem weak. Nothing cutting edge to see here.

    They took the cool name away from the phone too! Pass.

    Unlock the razr boot loader so the dev community can make something decent out of your almost awesome RAZR. ICS can be on there by the end of the week.

    Sad day for android.

    • Dean Archer

      Why? The sensor in the camera will likely out perform any 8mp phone camera on the market, including that razr (which by the way, with its low rez screen and dedicated navigation buttons, wont fully utilize ICS), one of the only phones that can shoot that fast.. And with an OS optimized for duel cores, a processor over 1.2ghz is over kill, would raise the cost of the phone, and lower battery life.

      • Ben R

        The razr is going to have way better battery life. A super amoled qHD screen, while less pixels than the GN, will still look amazing compared to other phones. Besides nfc, the RAZR crams better tech into a smaller, and way more durable package. The design of the RAZR is one of the best in years imo. Great support vs great hardware is what it comes down to. Plus we still don’t know how bad verizon is planning to nerf the GN. If they lock that bootloader I am taking RAZR all the way.

        • Don_SoLow

          Well you can also keep that disgusting Motoblur that it comes with and the shitty cameras that Moto makes.

  • Guillermo Landos

    Going to have to wait another 5 months for the Galaxy S 3. Specs suck, the sharp phone has way better specs IMO. I can wait for the update or a better phone. LMAO @ the face recognition #FAIL

    • ratnok

      What “Sharp phone?”

      • Guillermo Landos

        Sharp AQUOS 104SH

  • Contact


    • Dean Archer

      Why? The sensor in the camera will likely out perform any 8mp phone camera on the market, one of the only phones that can shoot that fast.. And with an OS optimized for duel cores, a processor over 1.2ghz is over kill, would raise the cost of the phone, and lower battery life.

  • Jouten

    Looks like it will continue to just be my Sprint NS4G and AT&T iP4S now…

  • TheWenger

    I would take this on Sprint even if it had the LTE radio that’s obsolete until Sprint gets their LTE working. PLEASE!!!!

  • vinnyjr

    I find it very comical that all the I-Phone robots were allowed to watch Google and Samsung debut their new phone. I sure as hell didn’t watch the I-Phone sleeper. PS the 5MP camera is not the typical camera, this takes better pictures then any 8MB camera, including the I-Phone. The phone isn’t as big as a typical 4.5 inch phone due to the way the glass was installed. This is a bad ass phone. The phone fits nicely n your hand, very suprised.

    • Jouten

      Of course it’s not your typical 5MP camera! I wouldn’t expect to see anything less posted in here. I know that the 5 MP camera on my NS4G is not typical and that it’s better than the 8 MP camera on my iP4S. I’m lying, but I know that it will make you feel better seeing it posted in the comments… ;-)

  • cityboytech

    You forgot Wifi Direct, that’s a pretty exciting feature

  • Brian S.

    i wish it had BOTH LTE and HSPA+ chips, so this way i can use the same phone on any carrier. but good job guys! im going to have wet dreams tonight

  • SirSpammenot

    WHY MUST WE CHOOSE? No FM radio? I walk everyday and listen to my local NPR re-transmitting the BBC news. No level of quality headphones can make low-bandwidth streaming audio sound better. It starts out as crap.

    I have been praying for an FM radio (which the carrier locked GS-II has) so I don’t have to time shift a (read: wait for it get posted usually after the walk) podcast to get decent audio. Argh….

    • ratnok

      Then get the Sensation XE.

      • SirSpammenot

        Nice! NFC?
        I am ready to switch to buying the phone outright and get cheaper plans. Is it carrier branded? Or can I switch to TMobile and then to AT&T with just a SIM like the Nexus (and still get SOME form of 4G?)

        Smaller screen is actually a plus to my small, small hands. But it is a lesser screen to the Nexus, ya? Choices… ;)

  • CT

    After this announcement and specs confirmed I decided to get the S2. Called T-mobile and contract was due and an upgrade and replicated a deal from a retention rep from last week. Paid $104+tax each for two Galaxy S2’s, no upgrade fee, free overnight shipping and was able to stay on a value plan. My monthly family plan is $105 tax inclusive for 5GB /data for each phone. Hope this helps someone on the fence between the Galaxy Nexus and the S2 as the future of a Nexus on T-mo is unclear and the price for S2 now is hard to beat. It’s going to be free if you are due for an upgrade and need only 1 phone.

  • WhiskeyOnTheRocks

    Im a little bit disappointed that its not USB 3.0. That would have been nice and fast for uploading.

  • sremick

    Another lost sale due to no MicroSD card slot. I can live with 5 Megapixel vs 8+MP. I can live with no FM radio. But MicroSD has been a basic feature of all my phones for the last 6+ years and there’s no way I’d give it up. It’s saved my butt more than once due to phone hardware failure, and it allows me to add more storage as time goes on and needs increase. Having to buy a new phone to get more storage is Apple’s jerkish attitude. Shame on Samsung for copying this.

  • DYNK

    Omg apar from the HD screen…..and having stock ICS right now what is good about this phone then the gAlaxy S iI???
    Usb 3.0 ->2.0? 8mp -> 5mp

    …I am a little disappointed. Will wait for the Galaxy S III as it will beat the crap outta this like it always does. Galaxy S II> nexus S

    Don’t even get me started on the gpu…what a let down that was….my gAlaxy S II is better for gaming..

  • durgimstingetium

    it this specs is for real?
    I don’t think so

  • Darkcyber

    The ONLY thing I find ok with this phone is 1080 video. Everything else is simply a joke. Only a 1.2 ghz dual processor, backing way up with only a 5 mp camera and a junkie 1.3 mp front camera. What does anyone find exciting about this?

  • joe t

    LMao i love reading these comments of disgruntled Android fan boys trying to say 5mp is better than 8, deep down inside all you android fan boys can’t help it but support there device of choice… i was considering switching to android, but just doesn’t top the iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s blows this out of the water.

  • Perfectionist Atheart

    wtf does it have a 5 mp