Sprint To Begin Capping Mobile Hotspot Users at 5GB


As talks of the iPhone 5 circulate, the cutbacks at Sprint just keep on coming. Take this leaked document from SprintFeed displaying Sprint’s future plans to cap mobile hotspot users with a 5GB limit starting on October 2nd. Customers who opted to pay $30 a month for the mobile hotspot feature on their device will be hit with a $.05 per MB overage if they go over those 5 gigs. What’s weird is you can still use your phone to suck up all the data you want. You know… for viewing pr- YouTube videos and such. It’s almost as if Sprint is pushing their customers to root their devices. Season of Change? More like the season of suck.

[Via SprintFeed]

Chris Chavez
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  1. i read the title, and the first thing that came to mind was “SPRINT iPHONE!!!!”
    but yeah, i guess it’s the lesser of two evils for sprint /:

  2. As a Sprint customer all I can say is…. I don’t like where this is headed o_O

    1. you mean getting ready for Metro or Boost? haha

      1. uhhh no. There are way better options available

        1. i love my rooted boost mobile

    2. They were already capped at 5GB. This isn’t new.

      1. Obviously it’s new if it starts on Oct. 2nd and I think you’re referring to the cap on mobile hotspots devices (MiFi’s). This is for phones. =/

  3. So much for ‘unlimited’ it looks like =

    And they were gonna be my option if T-Mobile got eaten, too.

  4. Wish they would just do it to Iphone users :(

  5. Here is the beginning of the end of unlimited data on Sprint. All the other carriers always follow the big 2..

  6. Well, nice job trying to fool consumers as being the last great hope for wireless. I suck as much as AT&T and TMO

    1. TMO owns

      1. Just like Sprint, not for long. =p

        1. lol. As long as the merger fails I will be happy

          1. I wouldn’t count on that.

  7. This happens to all carriers that get the damn iPhone. Screw apple

    1. Tmo doesn’t have the iPhone, and the iPhone they had was the AT&T versions which only had 2G, basically a data capped iPhone. So…?

      1. the caps only started after att announced the purchase of tmo its been fishy to me since the beginning

  8. Umm, I’m fairly certain that Sprint has always done this, just like all the other carriers. They all treat the wifi hotspot feature the same as an external hotspot device.

    1. nope, the hotspot via the PHONE was unlimited.

    2. wrooooooooong

  9. I TOLD YOU SO B***HES. I told you Sprint would follow all the other networks and they are.. People were ok with paying $10 Smart phone with 4G at first, people are ok with $10 for all Smart phones, People are ok with tiered of premier customer, people are ok with no tearly grades, People are ok with no premier customers, People should be pk with 5 GB data cap.. I think Dan Hesse is leaving Sprint in the near future and he wants to boost his resume with all the changes he has made to Sprint since he took over, first by hooking people with all the benefits than getting their base build up and now start taking away at least charging people for everything…Bait and switch.. HAHAHA. Oh Mark my word about Hesse leaving with 2 years

    1. T-Mobile FTW

  10. hotspot was never unlimited

    1. Yes, actually it was if you are (were) using your PHONE as the hotspot. It was (is) only the dedicated hotspots (i.e. MiFi, Overdrive) that cap at 5gb.

  11. I call to sprint and they told me that no restriction on data if you are pay for the hotspot that was they told me

    1. Doesn’t start until Oct 2nd =/

  12. Metro is good enough is you have coverage but if you are like most folks where they travel even a little bit, its not a good option. They even provide 3G every where let alone 4G. Virgin and boost are ok but there are lots of bugs in their service since they piggy back on Sprint and Sprint always gets priority

  13. This better not happen to internet…or i will be really pissed!

  14. Ha everyone on sprint was saying things like this would never happen and now look what is happening. Sprint will do just like at&t and verizon did. Soon they will get rid of unlimited data.

  15. I’m disappointed to see all this news about Sprint. I just switched over to them from VZ being grateful for unlimited data. 5GB I don’t even get close to though so no big deal. I was just sick of their spotty coverage where I lived. Sprint is actually better.

    Oh well, hopefully legislature comes through stopping how tyrannical these carriers are becoming.

    1. Not as tyrannical as an idiot politician I’m afraid.

  16. I can see how this sucks for some customers. But I’ve got no reason for mobile hot spot. When I’m home I’m connected to FiOS WiFi, and my laptop stays put on vacations. I only average 2.5GB a month, so if they start messing with the “unlimited data” then I’ll be pissed. Tiered data plans suck.

  17. Starting to wonder if i should just set the money back go to h20 wireless and then pay off my etf and leave sprint or maybe just go back to pagers or bite the bullet and go to cricket this dont bode well cause i burn though more data then any tired data plan.

  18. cant wait to work for verizon. sprint is getting stupid.

  19. I find it hard to believe that they can actually tell the difference in the data request to even be able to tell if it came from the phone or from the device connected to the phone. Also what about usb tethering with software like PDAnet that does not even require ROOT to use. The only way I see this actually happening is if Sprint updates the WIFI Hotspot app on these devices to track this data seperately.

      1. Cann’t be IPs…the phone would only have the IP, the phone then works like a router issues IPs to the devices connected to it

  20. The hell with Sprint. Now I hope the ATT merger goes through and puts them out of business.

  21. Will this allow us to dodge the ETF if we have had the plan since it changes for current subscribers too?

  22. I cancelled my hotspot… :)

    1. Root and use it for free!

  23. So people can leave Sprint since the CEO literally said he’d never do that. On public TV too.

  24. I rooted today and immediately canceled my hotspot service because of this.

  25. Now I’m just going to use the root enabled wireless hotspot feature. Screw you Sprint, I’ll use that extra 30 bucks elsewhere!

  26. Hahaha here we go, fucking iPhone did i tell guys how much i hate apple? sprint pretty soon people going to stop filling sorry for you, you just becoming one of them too, oh well straight talk it is.

  27. You know this has been crap…you know the data ive blasted out my E4G was outrageous. i even did force roaming hacks on to use VZW 3G…4 months straight i ran 5GB on roaming and 4-5 on Sprint 3G….6 months after i stopped doing that becuz my phone magically stopped roaming, they decide the want to rag on me for 24,000Kb of roaming. This is just hypocritical crap…now that the iPhone is coming to them i guess sprint wants to start warning and threatening ppl over data usage. I spoke to a rep and told her, if this is what you guys are gonna do then dont advertise as unlimited, dont show on ppls bills on line and on paper that Sprints unlimited. Its contradictory, becuz if your gonna start threatening ppl then start making 3G caps, Roaming Caps, and 4G caps very clear on paperwork and on line. dont use the word “Unlimited”

  28. Unlimited Data is Sprints biggest selling point. Take that away and there really aren’t any other major advantages to being a Sprint subscriber. I think it would be a big mistake to take away unlimited data. If they do I’ll pay an extra $15/month for better speed and coverage. I’m with T-mo now and will be switching to Sprint because of true unlimited data the At&t buyout. If they decide to go away from unlimited my stay with Sprint will be a short one

  29. the beginning of the end… I knew there was a reason I didn’t upgrade yet

  30. I typed to web chat and was told this wasn’t true. I’ll keep that for my records however. When do they plan to notify customers 10/2/11?!

  31. Give me unlimited everything or we will find a way around it. 5 gig is not enough. 30 a month for hotspot is a joke without a cap, let a lone a 5 gig cap. If I am paying 30 a month for hotspot I would cancel my internet at my house which is unlimited and 15 mbps. 30 a month is already high price for shitty slow speeds, oh and sprint’s shitty spotty wimax “4g” sucks in Denver. I have a 4g sprint phone and have used about 3 mb of throughput on the 4g network. It constantly disconnects and connects as I am driving right down the interstate through downtown Denver. If Sprint really puts a cap on data, there is no reason to stay with Sprint. At that point I will give Verizon my business for another few bucks a month and enjoy much better coverage and speeds, oh and a real 4G network. Right now I am happy with sprint because of the cheaper bill and no data caps. They change it and they will continue to loose customers. That is the only 1UP they have on anybody.

  32. And so it begins. Next thing you know Sprint will have all tiered data plans like everyone else. If Im gonna have to be on a tiered plan, I may as well switch to VZW when my contract is up and have a real 4G network. Wimax is crap compared to LTE and I havent seen a new 4G rollout from Sprint in months. I only get 4G on my Evo if I travel

  33. As soon as Sprint tries to throttle my speeds I’m headed to Verizon, unlimited data and no throttling is the only thing keeping me with Sprint because it definitely isn’t their 4G coverage which is none existent in my area.

  34. i dont believe it unlimited data will be their only defense once att swallows tmo

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