Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich UI Got You Down? Check Out MIUI’s Lockscreens! [Video]


If the recently leaked pics of Google’s next iteration of Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich didn’t quite “wow” you the way you thought it would, I figured I’d ad a little sunshine to your day by showing you a UI that might. It’s called MIUI and recently the ROM has been updated to now allow for completely themeable lockscreens complete with moving parts and backgrounds. Exactly what some developers have been coming up with is nothing short of stunning and it’s a testament to the versatility of MIUI. Just take a look at this video and watch the beauty and splendor of MIUI’s theme engine. (Protip: Turn your speakers UP)

As seen towards the end of the video is h_zee13’s Colors theme which has a distinctly wonderful “Google feel” to it. Honestly, I have to admit, seeing those leaked images of Ice Cream Sandwich was a bit of a let down. But here’s some food for thought, if Ice Cream Sandwich adds an open and versatile themeing engine (similar to what we see on CM7 and MIUI) just think of all the wonderful things the Android community can think up. Wouldn’t matter if Ice Cream Sandwich looked like MS DOS. And that friends, is the true power of Android — its awesome developer community.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I wish I could just use the Lock Screen, not the whole OS.

    1. Maybe we can when Ice Cream Sandwich is released! :D

  2. 1st….looks nice!!!

  3. I can’t wait for samsung to release kernel source so I can do this with my epic.

  4. Miui with ADW is the best ROM out there. I switch between this and CM7 about once a week. MIUI theme engine is AMAZING.

  5. ugh the only thing that got me down with the miui on my ns4g was nto being able to use 4g! and im in a city that has it, so i want to use it!

  6. I’ve been using MIUI for 2 weeks now, it’s pretty awesome. With Launcher Pro Plus because the stock launcher doesn’t have a app drawer. The lockscreens are awesome, I’m using the one posted and a sense look alike that I customized a little.

    1. Can I ask why your Music app has a gmail icon? :p and also where did you get that lockscreen theme? Is 4 apps the maximum amount to put in the tray?

      1. Haha I actually just saw that, my bad modding the lockscreen, it’s a music app/icon originally. I’m not sure if you can add more, probably if you can code ;)

        Here’s a lot of lock screens available with screenshot :

  7. MIUI and Sense3 are the only skins/roms/non-stock android look I like.

  8. I just wish the app to SD worked on my original Droid like the rest of the roms but for some reason you seem to have re-partition the SD card, other than that I think its the best out there.

  9. Waiting for the Xperia Play to get unlocked and this ROM to become available for it.

  10. Hey, that’s the lockscreen I’m using right now! I changed the wallpaper though cause I don’t know that chick.

    1. Me too my girlfriend would kill me lol

      1. The girl in that wallpaper IS my gf.. o_O

        Awwww who am I kidding. (forever alone)

  11. You shocked me into love

  12. I seriously doubt that leaked ICS is real. Ive been wrong before but everything you see is way too easily faked.

  13. Miui with LP for Nook Color is the best!

  14. Can this be run on the thunderbolt?

  15. NNothing new here..

  16. Sorry, that definitively didn’t make me go “wow”.

    That’s just aesthetics to me, useless.

    MIUI looks like iOS. I don’t want my Android phone to look like an iOS device, sorry.

    1. MIUI looks nothing like iOS. If by “it looks like iOS” you mean “it looks very clean, smooth, and overall the best UI on any Android ROM” then I can see exactly what you mean. And aesthetics is very important, its what you look at everyday every time you use your phone, I’d rather enjoy what I’m looking at, but that’s just me.

    2. It’s nothing like iOS. It takes elements from iOS granted, but when you get right down to it, the only difference is the launcher, and the solution is to install another one.
      I don’t know where people get the whole “The entire rom is like iOS” or “X copied the interface of x” everything really does look the same across all platforms…
      Just use LP, and problem solved.

    3. Try using it first. Just because it has a doc and aesthetic icons doesn’t make it like iOS. It’s a whole new experience for Android.

      1. I have used it, offcourse it’s still Android, but it just borrows too heavily from iOS for my liking. I’m talking more about the menu’s and settings and how those operate, and the whole four icons on the bottom, and how all icons are also squared colors, etc..

        Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple stops suing Samsung in Europe, and sues MIUI instead.

    4. Try installing launcher pro or adw ex. I hated it before too until then.

    5. i totally agreed…. why would i want my Android to look like iOS…. Android is Android and iOS is iOS….period……….if you like the iOS look just get the freaking iPhone and get the real iOS thing if that what you want……..i’ll stay with Android… and i want my phone to look, feel and works like Android………. i love my Nexus S with Gingerbread and can’t wait to get my hands on the next Nexus device with Android Ice Cream Sandwich……… sorry but this MIUI thing is not for me…

    6. No it doesn’t look like iOS.
      I have used MIUI for a long time, and comparing it to an iPod Touch (which I have to sell btw), it looks completely different.

    7. Yeah? Have you tried it? Or did you watch the YouTube video and make a decision that you decided to post? It’s shows the real power of customization and Android. Try it first, then decide.

  17. I tried MIUI on my phone and it was very slick and nice to look at…but very unstable. My phone rebooted everyday. So now I’m back to using CM7 and hoping they release a more stable MIUI rom for my phone soon.

    1. There are weekly builds of Miui that have bug fixes, add-ins… Things change all the time. Plus, if there is a known bug causing issues, Miui Devs will pop up a fix mid week if needed…

  18. I have been running miui since the last froyo build and really like the rom. As some have stated, it can have iOS looks but it does not have to or it can have just about any look you want. Everything in the themes can be changed from the lockscreens, wallpaper, icons, colors. There are themes that are downloadable with lots of choices — from those with chinese themes, those that look like iphone and those that are android and everything inbetween. It allows the creation of folders on the home screens so you can organize your apps into usuable groups of your choosing. It has it’s own backup feature built in, My favorite feature is the notification shade, it has toggles for most adjustable functions such as power off, reboot, screen brightness, wifi, gps,data, silence, etc. sort of like a power control widget with a lot more things on it and in the notification shade pull down.

    As for stability, the rom is updated every Friday. Some weeks it is quite stable, while other weeks they may add a bunch of features and it may be less stable. :) That is what nandroid backups are for, to flash back to a previous build until the bugs are fixed.

    The also have a stable build that is being updated monthly if you don’t want to do the weekly builds. Weekly builds in english are available at or visit the miui site at

  19. that song is awweesommmee!!!

  20. It took me a while to get over the iOS-style look, but once I did, I realised that it’s a really snappy ROM.

    And as for my lockscreen. It’s a puzzle lockscreen and can be found here:

  21. The lock screens are nice, but once you are in MIUI it looks like iOS and that is not good IMO. If I wanted that look, I would buy an iphone.
    Please MIUI, use your fantastic creativity and energy to better use, really good android interfaces that are NOT iOS rip offs.

  22. I’m using miui since the froyo releases and its awesome!
    Put launcher pro and a wp7 skin over it and I love it!

  23. Anyone porting this to Evo 3D? :)

  24. I see a lot of potential here.

  25. I’m confused… I use several roms but if I were to use a miui ROM and then install launcher pro or ADW wouldn’t that just negate any changes Miui has? What else do they change in the rom besides the lockscreen? The app drawer would change with adw or lp, what else would be different?

  26. That was a terrible fake attempt at an ICS leak. Suprised none of you degenerates can tell the difference, including the author.

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