Acer Iconia Tab A500 Receiving Android 3.2 OTA Update August 25th


Acer announced on their Malaysian Facebook page that they will be releasing the 3.2 OTA update for their Iconia Tab A500 on August 25ht. Apparently, there was a minor setback due to a few policy changes from Google and that’s the reason for the delay.

Dear Fans, due to some policy changes from Google where Acer has to comply, the A500 Honeycomb 3.2 OTA update will be postponed to 25th August, we apologize for the dissapointments and upsets but we will be bringing the final and stable update to all of our A500 fans asap! Please be patient guys :)

First time I’ve heard of Google crackin’ the whip. Hopefully this isn’t just limited for Asian markets and this OTA will be pushed out stateside as well. Either way, it doesn’t look like all you Iconia Tab users will have to wait much longer to get your taste of Android 3.2 Honeycomb.

Thanks, Andrzej!


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  1. I’m confused. Were they not going to update it but Google made them? I have an Acer A500 and if that was the case I’d be very disappointed. in Acer. The Tablet is great so far but if lack of support is an issue I might take the thing to ebay or craigslist shortly.

    1. It says the release was *postponed*. That means they were going to release it anyway, and sooner then the 25th, but new requirements from Google has caused a delay.

      1. Ok I had google translate the original post and It was confusing. I’ll trust that others better than me can actually read other languages other than english and espanol. Thanks I will go on loving my A500

  2. I loved my Acer Iconia until the 3.1 update bricked it Acer’s support is the worst, a bunch of call center reps telling me over and over that Acer has no input or control over updates, and they wish they could help me but its all Google’s fault. I returned it and got a Galaxy Tab 10.1

  3. I can’t read that…

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